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Book Of Numbers Vol. 1 (Mestha) by Docc Hilford
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Contained within this tome are the detailed secrets of six mentalistic miracles. Beyond his original creations, Docc adds new presentations and method variations to the rich ideas of Ted Annemann, Henry Hardin, Orville Meyer, David Berglas and Al Baker. The combinations produce performance pieces that entertain with a 10,000 volt shock.

Bartender's Nightmare - The mentalist proves his third, or pineal eye can see through human flash and bone as easy as glass. The bartender holds any coin in his fist. There's no peeks nor force of the coin. While blindfolded, the mentalist draws an accurate picture of it, including the denomination and the date!

Crystal Vision - Two numbers, representing the month and day a person was born is written on the back of a business card. The card is folded and torn in half. The participant holds the side with t he month in one fist and the day in the other. The mentalist looks into a crystal ball and reveals details about the person's life, including his birth date yet he never looks at any part of the card.

Ghostotal - A person thinks of a large number. Another person thinks of a small number, then follows the group's instructions regarding adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing his number. At the end of the random procedures, the mentalist reveals both chosen numbers. The final climax comes when it's discovered that both numbers are identical!

Match-Matical - A completely new slant on a masterpiece. Three people choose a specific number of matches from a matchbook and hide them in their fists. The mentalist reveals all three chosen numbers in different ways. The first by automatic writing. The second by a bizarre burn on a paper. And finally, ashes spell out the last number in a very spooky manner. All with almost no preparation.

In-nile-lation - Docc found a new twist in the Nile. A person thinks of a number and without writing anything, keeps it in mind. There's no force, it's a free mental selection. People in the audience call out numbers that are recorded and added together. The total from the audience is the same number as the one which the person is thinking! There are no forces. There are no switches of numbers. All numbers are confirmed as being the ones given. In fact, anyone can keep a record of their own and add the called numbers from their seats.

Newmero! - Members of the audience call out numbers that the mentalist records on a board as a problem in addition. Everyone watches as the numbers are written down. He challenges someone in the audience to try to use a calculator and calculate the sum total faster than he can do it in his mind. Not only is the mentalist faster, but he proves to be more accurate! A prediction is opened and read. It gives a description of someone in the audience. The mentalist shows a chart wherein each numeral corresponds with a letter of the alphabet. When translated, the sum total spells out the name of the person described!

None of these effects requires difficult mental calculations. Many tricks have nothing to do with arithmetic of any kind. Those that do, are stunningly clever and brilliantly entertaining.

This is the first in three volume set. Volume 2, Qebhsennuf is close-up and parlor mentalism. Volume 3, Tuamautef is devoted to stage mentalism.

Pages 44

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Let me first address the misleading claims. In Ghostotal, we're told, "Another person thinks of a small number, then follows the group's instructions regarding adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing his number". No, this is not true at all. The person is following YOUR instructions, not the group's.

In "In-nile-ation" we're told the spectator "keeps their number in mind". This is not true... they don't keep it there at all... they tell you what the number is, and you hope no one else in the audience overhears.

In "New-mero", the claim is, "Everyone watches as the numbers are written down". Well, yes and no... at first they're watching... then later, not so much.

Aside from the effect descriptions being full of misleading claims, the routines themselves are full of ridiculously bold moves with the assurance, "Don't worry, you won't get caught". I'm skeptical. Just because an audience is too polite to tell you they saw right through one of these ridiculously bold moves, doesn't mean you didn't get caught.

The only things that keep this from being rated are 1 are Crystal Vision, which is an interesting idea, but not 100%, and Bartender's Nightmare, which isn't really a killer, but at least it's workable and the description doesn't misrepresent it.
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Impromptu surprises Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
What I like best about this book is that you only need to carry 2 or three small items pencil paper, a special item easily found at penguin magic. The effects play well and especially the birth date and business card(crystal vision) one with a business card this was the best one in my opinion.

Lot of hidden gems you can perform everyday...
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