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Daniel Garcia Project Vol #1 by Daniel Garcia - DVD
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Paul Harris presents the Daniel Garcia Project! Daniel Garcia absolutely fries the most discerning spectators, using the best of both classic effects and real-world technique updated with some new stuff that only Daniel could have created.

Volume 1

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Starts where most All Backs Routines end, and then goes two climaxes better.
  • Personal Safe: Coins across-into the spectator's hand. Plus a killer finish: the last coin changes places with the spectator's ring which actually vanishes from their hand.
  • Twisted: Instead of wasting time on minute handling changes for the bill switch, Daniel improved the effect. Now you wave your hand over the bill, and it visibly changes to a hundred.
  • Ego: How many card effects have one great new move? This one has two! You find the card the spectator's thinking of with the fastest card change you've never seen. If you don't have an ego, this will give you one.
  • Third Degree: Use this only if you're prepared to really freak people out. You find a selected card by burning a cigarette through the deck-it stops on the selection.
  • Rubber Made: A banquet of visual impossibility with a borrowed ring and two ordinary rubber bands. Daniel's killer routine has three phases and half a dozen visual miracles. Then the climax-you hold both rubber bands in your hands and openly toss one at the other, where they link, untouched, in midair. Unlink the bands and hand them for examination.

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AMAZING... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
The DVD Case and Menu:

The DVD Case is nice, and has a very modern feel to it. It looks very clean and sleek. The menu is very easy to work through as well.

The Quality:

All performances were shot on the street for live people in HD. The Explanaitions, while bieng high quality, are also shot from two angles. Niether angle is particuallarly up close, but it can still be learned from.

The Music:

What is odd is that all the music is by Daniel Garcia and he CAN'T SING! I liked the lyrics a lot though, and he is a great guitarist.

The Effects:

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

It says it goes two climaxes better, and it doesn't lie. This has a really killer ending and a great middle. Daniel Garcia is one of those who can take a routine and make it turbocharged. Oh, and another thing. It is super easy!!!


Personal Safe:

This routine has you borrowing the spectators ring to go into a sort of odd, modified coins accross that includes a ring. It happens in the spectators hands, which really freaks them out. I like the moves in this one as well, and I think you will too.



A bill switch, Garcia style! This is kinda what inspired Greed; it has the same move. This is really neat, and for those of you who like to look into bill switches, you could buy it just for this. It is very magical as it gives the illusion that you don't touch the bill as it changes.



This is the whole reason I bought this DVD. To get Ego. You can see a performance here:


I don't agree that the Ego Change is original though; I have seen it many times before. But in terms of structure and practicallity, this effect was all it was made out to be and more. I love this routine.


Third Degree:

This is super, super cool. If I wasn't super afraid to touch a cigarette, I would use this. Not only is it really cool, but it is really visual as well! The illusion of the cigarette burning thru the deck is perfect, and it completely floored me when I saw it. If you will touch a cigarette, you will use this!!!


Rubber Made:

Another routine that completely Floored me when I saw this. It is really awesome and the performance is hillarious!!! A ring visaully links onto a rubber band. Then for the ending, one rubber band is just tossed onto the to the other where they link.



This DVD is really, really good and entertaining. You will definitly feel you got your moneys worth. I rate this DVD a 5/5.
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Love this DVD Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
I love the Daniel Garcia Project DVDs. They are phenomenal. They are well produced, the music is excellent, they all have extras like bloopers and you get to see Daniel out on the streets or in bars performing his effects for real people, not some canned studio setup.

DVD 1, I will say that I didn't care for every trick. However, if you are a coin guy you will perform personal safe. The ego move is a knack to get the timing down, but once you do it is a highly visual change. Finally, Satisfaction Guaranteed could have been sold as a separate effect. it is truly awesome.
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Official B_Magic review! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2010
Hi! This is your official PenguinMagic reviewer, B_Magic.

These DVD's are Daniel Garcia's crowned jewel. You gotta get them. They are WELL worth it.

I will warn you, Daniel Garcia's effects are not for the feint-of-heart. He will make you work, and work hard, to execute many of the things that are in here. Some of the effects are downright difficult to do, in fact, some of them I still struggle with after having these DVD's for years. However, there are some less difficult effects to start out with, and the moves and sleights you learn here are invaluable. The effects he shows you in these DVDs are miracle-status, and will have your audience dumbstruck!

With practice and patience these DVD's can be a HUGELY beneficial resource for you and will take your magic to the next level. They are fun to watch as well, as Daniel is a genius and has a very entertaining demeanor about him. You will enjoy these DVDs, so just buy them already!

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Got to get em all. Got to get em all. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
The methods that he shows are great especially the ego change, I get excited when new moves are discovered.
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Great Serie Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
The first reaction that I had when seeing the cover of the dvds was: another DVD of “street magic” :-(

But after seeing the demo, is fascinated seeing this young person, presented overwhelming ideas.
And definitively Daniel Garcia has been made a name in the world of the magic; I believe that this is his first series of videos, but you can be sure that you will not lose money if you acquire another one of his dvds.

In this series of videos you will learn dozens of tricks with items suchs cards, coins and rubber band, among others articles, each one of the effects explained in a clear way.

My recommendation is to pay attention in the form in which Daniel presents his effects since he is unique and original, cannot be said that he tries to be like another magician, since definitively he has his own and amazing style.
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it's pretty cool Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
I like it and I use a fair number of the effects taught in the DVD and they're fairly easy to perform the teaching is great and nothing is left out.
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