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Cards of Cairo by Docc Hilford
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An Amazing Journey Through Time, Revealing The Past, Present and Future

Docc Hilford's Cards of Cairo is a piece of apparent fortunetelling that's very easy to do and completely baffles any audience. Here's the effect:

The faces of three over-sized cards are shown to the audience. You explain that everyone will now take a mystical journey from the past, through the present and into the future.

You go on to explain that the journey began in the past when you wrote three predictions about a spectator and sealed them under plastic to the backs of each card. A spectator chooses a face-up card and when the card is turned over it reads, "You Will Choose This Card First" and it even goes on to say something about the spectator's future. Of course, everyone thinks it's just a joke and that all the cards say the same thing. But, when the second card chosen is turned over it reads, "This Card Will Be Picked Second!" The final card's prediction prognosticates that it will be the last of the spectator's selections, three for three!

  • Completely self-contained
  • Nothing is switched
  • Predictions really are sealed to the cards
  • Predictions were written before the show
  • No forcing-every choice is completely free!
  • Easy to do
Includes three cards, gimmicks, pen and detailed instructions.

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Description blatantly lies Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2010
(This review is for Cards of Cairo by Docc Hilford)
Please refer to the quotes in the description. It claims that the first card selected will read "YOU WILL CHOOSE THIS CARD FIRST" and the second will read, "THIS CARD WILL BE PICKED SECOND".

This is absolutely a 100% lie. Yes, this gives the general flavor of the effect, but this wording, which is presented as actual quotes, is not close at all to what the cards will actually say. The revelations are not clean at all.

I won't expose the method or the gimmick, but I will say that the wording of the reveals is very awkward, vaguely gets the job done, but sounds so unnatural, it either won't fool anyone, or will sound so odd, it'll be a distraction.

I'm accustomed to product descriptions taking liberties in what they choose to reveal, but when the marketing resorts to blatant dishonesty, this is offensive and unacceptable.
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