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Moving Violation (With DVD) by Jay Sankey
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It looks like something out of science fiction movie! The performer opens a small wallet to show a business card featuring a hypnotic printed pattern with a small hole near one end. Then slowly, very slowly, the hole impossibly melts its way across the entire length of the card! The visual impact is incredible! And then the performer HANDS EVERYTHING OUT FOR EXAMINATION! The card, the wallet, EVERYTHING! It takes 10 seconds to reset this mind-blowing effect and the extremely clever gimmicks do all the work for you! You can even perform the same stunning effect with your own business card, a playing card or a dollar bill! Deadly easy to do, it's the perfect walk around trick you will do everywhere! And remember, EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED! Comes complete with wallet, gimmicks, specially printed cards and instructional DVD featuring a variety of handlings and effects including "The Classic Handling," "One of Six," and the "Ultimate Business Card Giveaway!"

"GOOD LORD!! This trick ROCKS!!!! My girlfriend got home an hour after I started playing with it and she was floored by it. I'm taking it to the streets tonight. I can't think of a better way to hand out my business card!" - Thommy R.

"Jay's stuff is always strong, but MOVING VIOLATION is one of the best tricks he's ever released! The 'ONE OF SIX' handling is exceptional." - Mark M.

"Jay's video demo freaked me out so I had to buy it. Then I got it in the mail and was even more impressed. Super smart trick! I love it!" - Kelly B.

"Sankey is a freaking genius! From the moment you have a spectator freely select the card you are so, so far ahead of them. 'Moving Violation' is a wonderfully commercial, extremely easy-to-do thing of beauty." - Tom C.

"I did it last night for a guy with a 20 dollar bill. When I handed him the bill and he saw it was a REAL HOLE he looked like I hit him with a shovel! Great effect." - Sam S.

"The gimmicks are awesome, but it's the handling of the trick that I really admire. Another home run from Sankey." - Trevor L.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
Another Moving Hole. Some people swear by this one, some people swear by Mike Close's, it all depends. I have to say that when I saw the demo for this, it didn't fool me, but when Jay said that it can be completely examined, I was fooled.

So, on with the review!!!

DVD, Case, and Menu: The DVD case is nice, with a hypno pattern on the front. The DVD has the same hypno pattern, and the menu is easy to work through. It has 6 options to click on and it runs for 30 minutes.

Gimmick(s): The box came with two hypno cards, and the gimmick which I won't go into here. I do have to say though, Jay went for quality and quantity here; everything he gives you will last for years, and then you have many more refills to do the effect for more years with! The gimmicks are great and very, very clever. It also comes with a showcase wallet for your business card, which is a total bonus because I needed one because I just got some bussiness cards.

Difficulty: This effect is super, super easy to do. This is as close to self working as a trick can be.

Reset: Reseting this takes about... 5 seconds tops?

The Trick: It is a moving hole; way more visual than any other I have seen. I like the method, which is very versatile, and very clever. Watch the video here: http://www.sankeymagic.com/detail.aspx?ID=48067.

Price: Look at it this way; 18.50-10.00 for the awesome showcase wallet= 8.50 as the DVD price. And you would pay a whole lot more for the gimmicks anywhere else. Trust me, it is worth it.

Handlings: The DVD has multiple handlings, including the Playing Card Handling, Dollar Bill Handling, Bussiness Card Handling, Signed Handling, and the Six of One Handling. All are great but my favorites are the playing card and the bussiness card handling.

Notes: Some of you are thinking that this wouldn't fool anyone. Trust me, it does. It FRYs people. I have tried this many time so far, and it is awesome! Remember, you guys are performing for laypeople.

Overview: I rate this a 4.5/5. Buy it, even if you think you know how it is done, for you will not be sorry with the quality or quantity.
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