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Art Of Sleight Of Hand by Jay Sankey - DVD
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Art Of Sleight Of Hand
by Jay Sankey

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Learn the real secrets to becoming a master sleight-of-hand magician!

In the spring of 2005, Jay hosted a very special live show featuring 9 outstanding sleight-of-hand magicians. Taped at Toronto’s George Ignatieff Theatre by a professional 4-camera crew in front of a sold-out crowd, the DVD documents memorable performances byf Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders, Mike Skutt, Jason Maloney, David Peck, Wij, Allan Nackan, Colin Bartlett and Ray Chance.

Watching true pros do what they do best in front of a thrilled audience is an education in itself, but the “real gold” of this DVD is found in the DOZENS of intimate interview segments.

Take your own sleight-of-hand to the next level as each seasoned performer generously shares their invaluable thoughts on:

The Keys to Outstanding Sleight-of-Hand
Their Favorite Sleights
Philosophies on Practicing
The Importance of Timing
Advice to Beginners
What they Love About Performing Magic
And so much more!

And as a very special EXTRA ADDED BONUS Jay has agreed to include his classic “Locomotion” card effect AND his killer “Private Property” mentalist effect complete with full instructions PLUS THE SPECIALLY PRINTED BICYCLE CARD GIMMICKS!!

"Locomotion is my favorite card trick to do in the bars. You don't have to say a word. It only takes a few seconds, you just do it and the insane image at the end always HITS THEM HARD." - Peter C.

"I cannot tell you how much I learned from THE ART OF SLEIGHT-OF-HAND. There are plenty of dvds to learn more tricks from, but this one changed the way I think about ALL my tricks." - Charles G.

"I keep the Locomotion card in my pack all the time. It's always there when I need it. I guarantee you cannot go wrong with this one." - Malcolm G.

"Sankey's Private Property is the real deal. People seriously think I can read minds. It's a blast!" - Tom F.

"Thank you so much for ART OF SLEIGHT-OF-HAND. This is exactly what we magicians need, more food for thought.What I do need is inspiration to better myself and my magic. I found both of these and more in the DVD." - PJ P.

"I never felt comfortable trying to 'pull off' mental stuff until I started doing Private Property. In a way, it made a believer of me. And now I do hardcore mental stuff all the time." - Calvin W.

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Not instrucional but sweet to watch! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
WOW... This dvd is excellent. if you could buy one dvd this year, i recomend buying this.


Ok. The artwoork, i gotta say, was excellent. the front and back cover was actually wellmade. i know this isnt ver improtant but i was so impressed with it. but the editing was poor. very poor. this was the thingt hat really ruined it. you can clearlly tell that it wasnt looked at at all. they have a simple fade in image of the credits and title. and they didnt even bother to fix the sound. so i give this topic a 3/4


not looking so cool yet. the light and sound was buggin me the ENTIRE TIME. it was like whatchign a theory11 dvd. it was poor quality light and sound. the entire time, it got fuzzy and went back. that annoys the edited out of me. and the whole time, you could hear the camera rolling and it was fuzy sound and all. so this wasnt excellent either. but it gets a 3/4


ok. this was a great part of it. the questions were weird. they fit my mind. i have thought of these questions once before. all the magicians were really personal. but i know these questions arnt juyst me. i am possitive that these will fit everyones personality and style. thats what this dvd touched mainly on. if you do closeup,stage,street, thater ect. it goes into the greatest detail on each of these topics. and with all the opinions and facts, they work. so this got 4/4(i would give it a 10/4 if i could)


Ok. some of these magicians really botherd me. personally, the most annoying one was david peck. he was bragging in a way of how good he is and he tries to be funny and its not. he says that hes so good because he can practice his sleights in the car while hes driving. one of my most favorite on this dvd, was bill malone. he(and everybody else) had great style. but what i found was that there wasnt much sankey. it was mostlly bill malone and wij. wij has GREAT style. I really liked him. i didnt catch any of his sleights in his escellent chop cup routine. but one of the best performances i saw here was mike skutts sponge ball routine. he eats sponge balls one ata time and they fall out his back. then he eats them all in once and he spits out a giant sponge ball. an di like allan nackans crazy amans handcuffs patter ad nperformance. great part of the dvd. 4/4


yes. it did get some bad reviews, but thats little tiny dumb things. so i give it overall a 4/4 lol.



well. i know hoiw this trikc is done, but i have a very tiny budget. if you REALLY want to get it and be able to perform it the next day, buy the official trick on ebay. he only gives you one of each gaff. adn he doesent supply pencil, post it notes, or other gimmick needed to preform this. its a major part of it. but the effect is escellent and method is even better. it should only take about 10 minutes to setup and make a great case. you can keep all your cards in this deck as well. but dont put your fingers ont he front and press lol.


I am definetlly performing this on thanksgiven adn all my other shows. its so amazing even when you use such a basic sleight. its not a magician fooler, but why would you want to fool a magician. but its such a great tric. in my opinion, better than distortion. you touch the pip of a chosen card and just move it across the card. its such a great trick. and the gaff card is noticablly thicker than a normal bicycle card which is great. but it makes the major sleight harder to do but thats minor. a definet 4/4


the instructions are great for these 2 cards. you get a nice this sheet of instructions which surroudn the envelope that your gimmicks scome in. its nice and thich. the paper is really big and the print is nice and easy to see since my eys arnt so wonderful. but they are good. and they have pictures(which arent so easy to see) and thye are hard ro understand. but i would get this dvd just for these 2 tricks(which is why i did)

ok. so thanks fro reading my reveiw and taking interest in it. since you read this and took the interest in reading the entire thing, you are going to like this dvd. you read the whole thing so you want this and im sure of that. but be sure to save up about 5 extra dollars after buying this since you are going to need some stuff to make the gaff card case fro private property. im making mine tomarow after school. thanks!

Mark Tirone

" there is no need to try to be a great sleight of hand artists. most sleight of handn shound be performed in misdirection" wij

"when you walk up to an audience, there arnt any rules. be yourself and only bring yourself and humor" Jay Sankey

"there is no need to learn a pass. but to be able to, really makes you feel good about being a sleight of hand artist and really improves your confidence and performancees" richard sanders

"mirrors are the real work to performing" ray chance

"being able to feel good at a sleight and your perspective towards a sleight, really changes the whole experience for yourself and the spectatores" mike skutt

"dont overlook looks and just be yourself" allan nacking

"dont tey to imitate anybody, dont be someone else, just be you when you perform" bill malone

''performing a perfect sleight, will take a lifetime. its nearlly impossible. you are always studdyeing that sleight" colin bartelling
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