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Paint Surprise by Devin Knight
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The most anticipated Devin Knight trick is now available. This trick has been one of Devin's most commercial effects. Magicians worldwide have clamored for Devin to release this. The wait is over.

Paint Surprise is one of the most unusual tricks ever created. Based on an early idea from John Moyer, Devin Knight has taken the borrowed ring effect to a NEW level.


Performer asks to borrow a ring from an audience member. You state you will MARK the ring so it can be identified later on. You bring out a can of black spray paint and begin to shake it, stating you will mark the ring with some black paint. The audience howls with laughter at this point. As you shake the can, they hear the metal ball inside the paint can mixing the paint, it's a loud clanging noise. Suddenly, the noise changes to a softer tingle!

What? Something is wrong. You look over at the ring, but the ring is NO MORE. In your otherwise empty hand is the metal ball from inside the paint can. Could it be the person's ring is now inside the can? You shake it again and everyone can hear the ring inside the can. No longer is the clanking sound of a metal ball heard inside the can.

Magician says not to worry, there is a hole in the can and he can remove the ring that way. Removing the cap, you point to the hole in the nozzle and say you'll magically dissolve the ring and spray it out of nozzle. Yeah, right.

Picking up a blank index card, you spray a small black circle on the card. You now vigorously shake the paint can. Not a sound is heard inside -- nothing at all. This part alone is very baffling to any audience. You state that the black circle contains the ring material and will now return it to the spectator. Whoops, they need to sign for their ring. You hand them a pen and say sign your name on the card right under the circle.

You state that when the paint dries it will revert back to the ring. The signed card is then waved in the air to dry the paint. You then fold the card into quarters and show it COMPLETELY FLAT. Suddenly the card begins to swell as though something is inside. You ask the person to hold out their palm and the ring falls from the folded card.

Hand them the card to unfold. The black paint circle has vanished but their name is still signed on the card. They can keep the card to show to their friends.

Baffling beyond words and one of the strongest effects in Devin's show. Something they talk about long afterwards. Comes with special paint can, supply of index cards, metal paint balls and complete directions showing you everything you need to know. Easy to do with no difficult sleight of hand.


  • NO Real paint is used (although it appears to be) so no paint fumes
BONUS EFFECT INCLUDED: This is from Devin's strolling work and he uses it in strolling gigs all the time. Show a quarter, have it examined. Take it back and it becomes soft and pliable. In fact you start to bend it back and forth showing how easily it bends. Finally you take the soften quarter and roll the quarter into a little metal ball which you drop into the person's hand. You use the metal paint ball that comes with this trick to do the above effect. Explained in full detail.

Makes a great lead-in to the Comedy Ring In Lightbulb!

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 6th, 2010
(This review is for Paint Surprise by Devin Knight)
This is a good stand-up trick for a smaller crowd. It does incorporate unique items, and with the right spectator can be a hilarious effect. The only downside of this effect is that is isn't crazy visual. It does use sound deception, which is a nice new angle in a performance. The fold up appearance of the ring isn't as good as it sounds, but there are other visual reappearance methods.
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