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InKa by Robert Hass
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In the world of magic, new multi-dimensional secret weapons are a hard thing to come by.....UNTIL NOW! With magic's newest jaw-dropping piece of technology, you will be able to assassinate your audience, leaving them mentally destroyed.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to assassinate your audience employing this latest piece of technology. You will need the following apparatus to complete your mission.

  • Your secret weapon.
  • 32 page Operations Manual full of various ideas, tactics, and explanations using your new weapon of mental destruction.
  • Your mark.
You will read the Operations Manual and will be equipped with all the knowledge required to carry out your mission successfully. There is no need for extensive training. This apparatus requires little skill to use effectively. It is simple to master, yet the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Are you ready to begin your mission?

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for InKa by Robert Hass)
When I first heard about InKa, Robert Haas, And even Magic Enhancer, I didn’t believe it. I saw the add and said ‘Wow. This is really cool. I wonder if it looks as good.” So I went on to www.magicenhancer.com and looked at the video. I instantly knew… I didn’t want it. So a few months later, I was at the “Magic Fun Day” convention in New Jersey. And guess who was there. Yup. Robert Haas. Him and his booth. I walked up and asked to see this trick performed live. I was completelly wrong about it. It is one thing that you cannot take from the video. when you see it live, It’s an entirelly different thing. you get to see it performed 10 inches away from your face and it looks so darn visual.
There have been lots of insanely visual effects, but none just as visual as this. I saw it and was ready to pull my wallet out. There is not one effect I use just as much as InKa. A few things you can do with it, are make signiatures vanish, Appear, business cards switch places in crazy fair conditions, go David Copperfield style and even… tear the signature right off the back of the card, Which is taught in great detail inside the book provided. If you thought WOW was visual, you have no Idea what visual is. InKa redifines visual.
InKa is a new idea never before been done. It is a crazy unique tool that can be applied to anything. You can apply this to almost any trick you want. You can be in a restaurant setting, do a few things with a signed card, then make it visually vanish off the card.
When you order InKa, you receive the tool required to make any miracle happen 5 inches from their face, A very detailed, Professionally made 32 page book with over 15 unique tricks and tips for you to use and incorporate into any trick using this tool including a mini lecture on creativity in your magic. All tightly squeezed into a baggy. In fact, the book supplied is so big that when it is laying down on the table, It is almost entirely opened because how big it is. Just something to throw out there.
On Robert’s website, This is up for sale for the measly price of dollars. If you have 25 dollars this year to spend on one thing, This is it. It is without a doubt the best item I have ever bought from anywhere, And I would happily buy it again just to support him for creating such a unique and original prop for the magic world. I’m sure there will be other items to use in conjunction to this trick. Just because how good it is.
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