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Pocket Space Plus by Tony Miller
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Pocket Space
by Tony Miller



A spectator cuts an invisible deck of cards. He tells you how many cards he cut off the deck. You remove a business card and a playing card from your wallet. The spectator takes the business card and turns it over. Printed on the back is all 52 cards of the deck. In a random order. With NO repeats! He sees what card is at the cut number. (You don't know-really!) HE turns over the playing card. It is the same card...

RESET? You put both back in your wallet (ungimmicked wallet). Next table? Different number, different card! NO Sleights, NO Gimmicked cards.

Plus, it takes up almost NO space and gets a great reaction.

"Think of it as a combination of acaan and card to wallet. I came up with it after playing with acaan. But I HATED all the dealing and extra decks and all the preparation and fussiness plus all the space they took up…

So I showed it to several people such as Jack Carpenter, John Mendoza, Chad Long, Jason Dean and Todd Lassen. They all gave Pocket Space a unanimous thumbs up. Plus about 100 people at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis. Everyone said bring it out... so I am...

I guess the only real problem is that it takes up almost no space and most magicians want a hi-tech gimmick. They won’t like this. The whole thing, instructions and all weigh less than an ounce. Those who are expecting a big box of shtuff will be sadly disappointed. But ****! It is a way fun effect!"
- Tony Miller

Includes 4 x Business Cards and instruction manual.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for Pocket Space Plus by Tony Miller)
A very clever idea, and genuinely baffling. Very easy to carry around. It's a nice alternative to standard card tricks, because it feels like it's all happening in the mind of the spectator, which makes it all the more difficult for them to deconstruct.

There's a bit of memory work required... even though the concept is simple, don't rush out and try to do it within 5 minutes of opening the package, because you really need to make sure you're comfortable with the setup. Any hesitation or fumbling will give away the method, or at the very least, plant seeds of suspicion. Once you can do this smoothly, you'll have an excellent little routine.
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Perfect and fuss free! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 17th, 2012
(This review is for Pocket Space Plus by Tony Miller)
I was talking to a really nice guy. It came up in a conversation that I feel he should have one magic trick to be used in his wallet. That's all.. just one! He's a really outgoing guy and he would LOVE it.
This effect popped into my head. You set up once while your practicing the trick, then leave all the props in there for your outing. Putting the cards away in the same spots (the business type card and the playing card that corresponds with the card on the business card handed out.) after performing for a laymen. THAT'S ALL. You leave your house with the wallet you use to hold money, licenses, debit cards anyway. Get more bang for your buck and items you use daily! There are no strings or crazy thick cards. Nothing abnormal. You won't even know it's in there until someone reminds you by saying "show me a trick" or "how about another?" Like the description says.. less than one ounce including instructions. You may want to purchase a certain wallet.. Which is no more than most. But I also prefer those kinds of wallets anyway. It allows more room and better oganization for all your money and business cards you collect from spectators and potential clients. But you don't need the extra room for this trick, and you may be able to modify your exciting wallet using paper money that's already there instead of the way the wallet is made. I already had the wallet that was suggested. All in all, HOLY COW this leave an impression! I once showed a old high school classmate and he was calling people from the street to come over and see it. And it's cheap for such a good effect and experience you create. Plus if you lose the business cards (like I did) you can make your own using your computer, printer, and the same principle. Only difference may be it won't look like a magic shop prop. Which is both a good or bad depending on your style. Thank you for reading!
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