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Twisted by Andrew Mayne - DVD
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A borrowed bill is signed on both ends by a spectator and then ripped in half. The magician attempts to put it back together but accidentally restores the bill in a mis-made twisted state with half the bill facing the wrong way! The signatures are plainly visible on either side! He finally restores the bill back to its original condition.

Twisted allows you to perform both a torn and restored and a mis-made bill effect using a borrowed bill that can be signed by a spectator. It's easy to master and can be performed anytime anywhere.

*Special Bonus: The Remixed Bill - Learn Andrew's quick and easy mis-made bill effect where you give away a twisted bill!

Featuring clear step-by-step instructions including performer point of view angles.

Presented in Widescreen.

Running Time Approximately 26min

"Twisted adds a whole new dimension to the bill change. Now it's visual! You create an impossible object and then fix it right before their eyes. And the ability to do it with a signed bill fooled me!"
- Joshua Jay

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Great T&R! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for Twisted by Andrew Mayne - DVD)
The Basic Effect:

A borrowed bill is signed by the spectator on both ends of one side of the bill. The bill is ripped in half. You press the ends of the bill together, and when you open them they are restored, MISMADE. Their signature is still on the bill, but the bill is twisted. You rip the bill again, fold it, snap your fingers, and it's completely restored ready to be handed back to the amazed spectator.

The Remixed Bill:
This is the bonus effect on the DVD. A borrowed bill is crumpled, and then ripped in half. You put the bills in your hand, and when you open your hand the bills are restored, MISMADE! You then give the spectator the mismade bill.

The DVD:

The DVD is very high quality. Andrew first introduces the effect. He then explains, in detail, how to make the gimmick. He then teaches the effect. Then there is an over-the-shoulder explanation. Then there is a review of pictures explaining the steps. He then performs and explains the bonus trick. There is also performances of many of Andrew's other effects.

The Gimmick ~Twisted~:

The gimmick for Twisted is extremely clever. It is a on time deal. Make it once, never do it again. You will, however, have to adjut the gimmick every six or seven performances. If you don't, the effect won't work. The adjustment is super simple. The gimmick does not require you to cut any bills. It's a clever gimmick that you'll be impressed with. No TT is used in this effect.

The Gimmick ~The Remixed Bill~:

There really is no gimmick for this. You do need to prepare a bill for each performance, however. The prepared bill is not hard to make, and won't take too long. No TT is used in this effect.

The Teaching:

The teaching on this DVD is excellent. You will not have any questions after you watch this DVD. Andrew goes over everything more then once, and you can follow along with him. He makes the gimmick while explaining it, and performs the effect while explaining it. You couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


These effects are extremely practicle. Twisted is better for walk-around, as the re-set is instant. The Remixed Bill isn't because you need to make a new bill every time, but you never lose money doing so. The Remixed Bill is better if you really want to impress someone, like a potential client. Giving the mismade bill to them is awesome.


Overall, I really like this effect. It is going to go into my restaurant routines. I encourage people to get this. I give it a 9/10.
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Good thinking Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for Twisted by Andrew Mayne - DVD)
This is a great routine with a simple gimmick that you can carry all the time in your wallet. Anytime you have the gimmick, you can borrow a dollar, have it signed, tear it in half, restore it the wrong way (which unfortunately the spectator cannot examine), tear it again, and restore it back to normal. Then you can give the bill back and your clean.

It sounds great, and looks pretty close to that. There are some moments in the routine that I think could be improved upon however. I don't want to expose anything, so I won't say what it is exactly, but to me it seems like some of the actions used in the routine don't match up to what you would really do in the real-world. That's all I'm saying. You will have to do a little tweaking, in my opinion, to make this look the best it can be.

The production value of the dvd is very nice, as it was shot in HD. Andrew's explanations are very clear and he takes you step-by-step as he makes the gimmick and explains the routine.

One feature that I really liked was that Andrew included a special part on the dvd where he has divided the mechanics of the routine into a slideshow type thing with pictures and titles of each step. This way, you can go back to the dvd and not have to watch the whole thing again. You can just watch the short recap and it will refresh your memory easily.

I was happy with my purchase and I think you will be too. Recommended.
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Very Nice Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 16th, 2011
(This review is for Twisted by Andrew Mayne - DVD)
First of all I'm going to add to the chorus of people saying that Twisted by Andrew Mayne is a very cleverly-thought of trick and gimmick.

As the trailor shows, the trick is very visual and you can imagine the reactions of an audience who just watched you rip their signed bill in half and restore it backwards with both signatures still in plain sight.

The handling is actually very easy and can be adjusted to your style so it's ideal for the street magic setting.

David Blaine liked the trick and so do I. Well done Mayne.
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