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Skits and Bits: Create Astonishing Stage Hypnosis Skits and Routines by Richard Nongard - DVD
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You know how to hypnotize people, but what do you do with them next? Unique, Hilarious and Astonishing Ideas for your Stage Shows!

Creating participant and audience response is no accident; there is an order and a method for creating a hilarious comedy stage show.

This two-DVD set is features actual Las Vegas stage show performance clips, with real people doing funny stuff - and detailed instruction/examples from "Speed Trance" creators, Richard Nongard and John Cerbone.

Packed with nearly 4 hours of info, these DVDs will teach you:

  • How to create a dynamic opening skit
  • Why the order of skits is important
  • How to use hypnotic phenomena to create mind-blowing comedy
  • How to do funny skits and dramatic skits
  • How and why classics like Martian language, hot/cold and hypnotic amnesia skits work.
  • See almost two dozen skits performed with real audiences and explained step-by-step in the classroom.
  • How to create original skits like Cerbone and Nongard
  • How to keep a show moving along with high impact astonishment
  • How to use powerful and funny show-closers and post-hypnotic suggestions to end on a high note
If you want stage hypnosis training or are considering a stage hypnosis seminar or class, this DVD is essential to your learning. You will know how to structure and perform a clomplete stage hypnosis show after watching these videos, and will enjoy the mix of classroom explanation with clips from live performances.

Includes valuable skit-creation ideas for street hypnosis performers, too!

Disc One Running Time Approximately 1hr 45min

Disc Two Running Time Approximately 1hr 12min

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I was hoping for a lot more Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 30th, 2012
I hope that anyone who buys this video has some experience as a hypnotist and a performer.

The clips from shows are just horrible and show no care or understanding of how to actually BUILD a routine into something great. It's as if the mere concept of a skit is enough. Concepts do not make something "astonishing".

All routines presented are basic at best, cliche' at worst and there was not a routine or skit idea that couldn't be found in any first time hypnotists show.

If you're a total beginner, use this for some ideas of what to do once you've got people hypnotized, but for goodness sake please have more stage presence than these guys and don't model their performances. Maybe it's just a difference of style.

On the plus side, I did hear then say a lot that I agree with in the video about taking care of people on stage etc. Just nothing new.

The audio feed focuses only on the performers, so the audience "may" be responding better than it sounds, but it did not sound like there was much response from the audience to the routines.

I'm a very experienced/seasoned pro, so I may be jaded. I figured if I got one good idea out of these DVD's it'd be worth the cost. I didn't.

Sorry for keeping my name anonymous - I'm well known in our community and I'm not trying to stir up trouble, just give an honest review of a product.
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