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> Magic Rainbow by Juan Tamariz

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 31st, 2019
I just returned from Magi-fest where this book sold out in a matter of minutes. I was able to get a copy, in addition to seeing Juan's show and attending his worksop. No one, and I mean no one, thinks about magic in the same way as the Maestro. This book is much different from the older work by this title.
The book is filled with tricks, but more important, reasons for the tricks, philosophy of the magic, and the thinking that has mad Mr. Tamariz a wold sensation. This book is filled with real magic. In my collection, I have over 300 hard-bound books including all of the other work by Juan. This is his best (imho) and the performer, collector, lover of magic (the true meaning of amateur) will all be thrilled.
There are some books that are to be read once, some that are to be studied, and a few that are to be devoured slowly like a fine meal. This may be the finest meal you could ever get. Join the 150 people from Magi-Fest who couldn't get their wallets out fast enough. This is a meal that you can enjoy over and over.
The book is too good for this review to do it justice. It joins THE BOOKS OF WONDER, JOHNNY THOMSON'S BOOKS, and GREATER MAGIC as works that have a rare quality and lessons that transcend magic. Just buy it!

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Jan 31st 2019 3:17pm
Does this also cover what's in Magic Way and Five Points? Thanks!

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Feb 01st 2019 3:02am
No. Some of the same subjects are touched upon, but they are different books. Magic Way and Five Points deal with specific, equally interesting issues.

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Feb 09th 2019 5:10am
So he does provide effects in order to illustrate the theory?

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Feb 12th 2019 8:10am
Ahealy re-read the review theory is more valuable

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Feb 12th 2019 4:08pm
There are ideas and thoughts on certain effects to support the theories explained but it's not a book of tricks. It's about magic.

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