The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

> Psypher PRO by Robert Smith

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 25th, 2010
While the physical contents themselves are GREAT, the video advertises "better gimmicks, more gimmicks". There may be more gimmick material than what was provided for the first release, but it's still not very much material at all, so I would be prepared to buy more later.
The ad video shows how strong the effect is for writing on a notepad, which sold me immediately, but the DVD only spends 2% of the time talking about this and it doesn't provide any routines. If you're creative and know your way around mentalism effects already, this shouldn't be a problem. If you plan on using it with a deck of cards, it's a good buy since the DVD spends 80% discussing card routines. The wallet/business card effects on the DVD, however, are weak and very poorly performed in my opinion.

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Mar 09th 2015 2:55pm
I could not agree more, Robert Smith has created the means to change people's lives. You can peek any written information without seeing the writing, and without ever touching the writing. You have the ability with psypher to perform ANY mentalism effect you can imagine and Robert Smith is doing card tricks.
I use this with the invisible deck, so not only is the thought of card turned around the thought of card has never been said aloud. I use this with cold reading off a name. I do a number deviation with it with a "Psychological" explanation.
This is so simple, and so powerful that I am shocked by how ineffectively Robert performs with it.

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Jun 10th 2015 6:40pm
I agree with all the above.
I wouldn't say this is the best imp device out there
(probably John Rigg's stuff or the Tommy Pad are better),

However, with ANY imp device,
why the blazes would you ever do a CARD TRICK???!

The spectator can think of the first boy who kissed her,
the first person she fell in love with,
the hotel room number she stayed in when
on her vacation to Panama City,
how many men she's been with romantically...

And Robert Smith uses this to discover a playing card.
This is inexcusable for 2 obvious reasons:

1. There are a hundred better ways to discover a thought of card.
2. When you can discover ANY imaginable thought, it's criminal to restrict yourself to one of 52 playing cards.

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