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> Executive Clip by Chris Funk

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 8th, 2017
This is a utility item with a lot of great possibilities. The only shortcoming, in my mind, is that the fabrication of the gimmick is left up to us. It's a simple matter to do, but for the money, it should have been done by the seller.

That being said, it's a great gimmick that can help you do a lot of near miracles, so long as you know you have an arts and crafts project ahead of you when you buy it (an easy one, but still). Go beyond the usual effects that are possible with this, and you'll have a winner!

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Jul 15th 2017 4:13pm
I gave this a 1 star for the fact that it cost 40 bucks and requires me to build it. What a joke.

Bad form Chris, very very bad form.

I am done buying tricks from this guy until he learns how to sell completed gimmicks. I will pay full price for an amazing finished trick, I don't want to pay anything for a fancy black box with no gimmick inside, I can go to Walmart if I want to build my own gimmicks thank you very much.

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Jul 25th 2017 2:16pm
I'm not trying to be rude, but you are both clearly new to magic. A LOT of tricks involve a little "arts and crafts". This trick? One of the simplest ones that there is to do yourself and he did it do it is customizable. I have used this effect many times and it plays big. The cost? You just purchased the rights to perform it. You learned the secret and can now perform this in front of an audience. Not purchasing those rights is a HUGE mistake in the magic community.

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Jul 31st 2017 7:28pm
I must also agree with asterrett, I would not call this "arts and crafts" or "building" at all. You don't really have to "craft" anything, the skills required to put this together are about as complex as being able to put on a bandaid. If you can't do that, you should probably stick to self-working tricks.

I don't think there should be a correlation between the cost of a trick and how much effort it should take to set it up. Some effects are good to go right out of the box, some aren't. In this case, the Executive Clip is built in a way for you to customize and adjust to your liking, which means about 5 minutes of setup required. One time. After that you have one of the smoothest switching devices you'll probably ever use for this price.

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Aug 04th 2017 7:05am
I have been performing magic for 17 years now, I am not new to magic at all. I can bottom deal, second deal, and riffle stack so please don't insult me with comments like "you must be new to magic".

It is far more likely that you have a vested interest in this trick which is why you are offended by my comments.

When it comes to this trick it requires far more skill than you are leading on. I had a friend put it together as I didn't have time. And there is way way more skill involved than putting on a band-aid. After an hour of work it still doesn't work every time!

The bill often get's caught, leaving a line to show, we have tinkered with it now for at least a good 90 minutes and the results vary almost every time we use it.

I don't how much you make per hour but 90 minutes of time plus the $40.00 I spent have this trick costing me $130.00 dollars and it still doesn't work every time. If they would have sold me a working unit for $130.00 I wouldn't be complaining, but $40.00 and 90 minutes of my time is just rude!

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Aug 05th 2017 9:19pm
E_tothe_X, how is someone's lack of knowledge about you insulting? Don't be silly.
Just move on.
You felt the need to justify yourself to a stranger on the internet, whom you will never meet.
Just move on.
You've said your piece, if you hate the product so much, contact Penguin and do something about it.
Just move on.

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Aug 05th 2017 11:54pm
The lack of knowledge is not insulting the insult was insulting. I don't assume to know anything about you RaceBlakhart which is why I won't make any snide remarks about you (remarks like "you must be new at magic").

I have contacted Penguin and I feel the need to point out that people who advertise that they are selling a gimmick should in fact sell a gimmick, not instructions for a gimmick. If you are just going to sell instructions and only the material for the gimmick it should be pointed out somewhere before the purchase is made.

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Feb 14th 2018 12:20pm
Both of these points are valid imo.
I used to hate the arts and crafts.
Now, I realize my best props, are the ones I make.

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Feb 17th 2018 9:06pm
Of course it's about principles. But this guy went over the top with his whining. After years in the industry, he must complain an awful lot.

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Feb 21st 2018 8:20am
For the price - I am shocked that this is simply directions only.

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Apr 18th 2018 4:37pm
Are you paying attention at all Lifeson99? It's not "directions only" at all.

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