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UltiMonte by Harold Cataquet Harold Cataquet's Ulti-Monte is Three Card Monte with a sock-em-in-the-jaw finale that'll have them screaming for more!
Out of stock. $14.71
Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas A fabulous strolling trick that requires no table and packs a lot of magic and fun into a really great routine. Highly Recommended!!!!
In stock. $15.00
Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas (DVD + Gimmick) A hyper-deceptive, ultra-refined, multi-phase routine. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $30.00
The Drop'N Project by Michael Eaton (DVD) Four baffling, visual, killer effects from the mind of Michael Eaton.NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
DST by Luke Dancy and David Regal (DVD) SIX eye-popping and astonishing card effects, using an extremely versatile, and DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE TECHNIQUENOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $24.95
The Money Card by Shaun Robison (DVD) The Three Card Monte plot is easily one of the most commercial routines in all of card magic. It would be hard to find a more magical card routine that only uses three cards.Shaun Robison's take on Three Card Monte takes an already commercial routine and makes it easier for the spectator to follow a
In stock. $26.25
Refill for Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas & Kozmomagic - Tricks One Refill for Stand Up Monte.No instructions included.
In stock. $12.00
DiaMonte (DVD and Cards) by Diamond Jim Tyler - DVD Traditional three card monte routines are confusing. Half of the time your audience gets mixed up as to which card is which. And remember what the Professor Dai Vernon once said, "Confusion is not magic!"Effect: The magician fans three cards face-up to show one red Queen sandwiched between two Joker
In stock. $25.00
Euro Color Monte Royal Show three cards; one with a blue spot and two with a red spot. Explain that this is a game for gambling, and whoever finds the blue spot wins a euro, but if that person is wrong, he must forfeit a euro. Then explain that you were once taken by this game, and show how you were taken, losing three eu
In stock. $5.25
Mirrors by Diamond Jim Tyler, DVD Mirrors have a lore that date back to ancient times.  Legends that surround the looking-glass are said to lure and/or repel spirits.  Fortune-tellers use this mystical apparatus to read auras and make predictions.  Stage magicians have used smoke and mirrors for hundreds of years to a
In stock. $26.25
Simplex Monte Red (DVD and Gimmick) by Rob Bromley and Alakazam Magic - DVD The Three card Monte/ Find The Lady Is a scams that's still used by con men and grifters on the streets the world over. Simplex Monte takes this classic street hustle to a new visual level that has never been possible before. Rob Bromley has created a gimmick which turns this once challenging routin
In stock. $28.99
Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas Vol.2 by Garrett Thomas - DVD by L&L Publishing CHINESE SURPRISE - Garrett has taken Fred Kaps' classic coin routine and added a surprise ending that will hit any audience hard. After several visual transpositions of a silver and copper coin, the audience will swear that more than two coins are in use. This is confirmed as the performer's hands a
In stock. $26.21
Miracle Monte (With DVD) by Andy Nyman and Anthony Owen - Trick Andy Nyman is one of the co-writers and creators of the acclaimed Derren Brown TV specials and series'. He recently co-wrote and co-directed Derren Brown - Live, Derren's sell out UK tour. He is respected as a performer and teacher of mentalism and magic the world over and is one of a handful of Bri
In stock. $18.75
Improved Jumbo Backstage Monte by Devin Knight - Trick Now made better than ever in high-quality plastic coated cards, with a new and more deceptive gimmick. Designed with the professional in mind. The magician offers to teach the audience a simple card trick. To make it easy to see, he uses a fan of 3 jumbo playing cards. Two of the cards are red seven
Out of stock. $14.96
Extreme Possibilities Volume 1 by R. Paul Wilson - DVD A collection of killer material from one of magic's most creative minds. These brand-new DVDs feature some of Paul's favorite close-up effects and stand-up routines. R. Paul Wilson's classical approach combines old and new methods to produce incredible magic for every situation and for every level o
In stock. $26.21
Greater Magic Video Library Vol 49 Bar Magic - DVD Imagine the fun performing behind the bar as a magic bartender. You'll need to know more than a few card tricks though. In two hours, Eric Mead, Bob Sheets, and Scotty York use their years of experience to show and tell you how to be a success behind the bar. They reveal some of their proven, favori
In stock. $22.50
Find The Lady by Paul Gordon - Trick A really funny and magical take on Color Monte. Paul Gordon's Find The Lady is both magical and unique. The spectator is urged to follow, watch and find the lady - The Queen.After some magical byplay the Lady is found. But, boy - this isn't any ordinary Lady. No sir!Top-Quality Speical Cards Supplie
In stock. $7.50
Bammo Monte Monster Reloaded by Bob Farmer - Trick Two Replacement Sets of Special Bammo Monte Monster Bicycle Cards. Streamlined method for the classic Mike Skinner routine. Additional Monte history, tips & techinques.
In stock. $3.71
Simplex Monte Blue (DVD and Gimmick) by Rob Bromley and Alakazam Magic - DVD The Three card Monte/ Find The Lady Is a scams that's still used by con men and grifters on the streets the world over. Simplex Monte takes this classic street hustle to a new visual level that has never been possible before. Rob Bromley has created a gimmick which turns this once challenging routin
In stock. $28.99
Refill for Stand Up Monte Jumbo Index by Garrett Thomas & Kozmomagic - tTricks One Refill for Stand Up Monte (JUMBO).No instructions included.
In stock. $12.00
Blind Sight by Kreis Magic - Trick Effect 1Three poker chips ($10, $50, $100) are placed face down on a table. A spectator freely switches position of the poker chips, and then puts one of them into the brass box without seeing the value on the chip face and puts the lid on. Now two chips are left on the table. The spectator is asked
Out of stock. $18.75
Flim Flam by Paul Gordon - Trick This Four-Card Monte card trick is fun, entertaining and has two great KILLER climaxes. Ideal for standing/strolling - Fast reset - Ends clean Includes 6 cards and instruction sheet.
In stock. $16.50
Standup Monte (Jumbo Index) DVD and Gimmick by Garrett Thomas and Kozmomagic -DVD Finally Released On DVD!This will be one of your favorite tricks to perform! In The Hands Wildcard Effect that makes sense to real-world audiences. Garrett Thomas' Stand Up Monte includes eight or more transpositions or transformations. Draw them in with an intriguing story about games, gambling, sc
In stock. $30.00
Bammo Monte Monster by Bob Farmer Monarch of Montes - Sultan of Swindles - Lord of the StingsSeven visually stunning monte phases, all different.Do it surrounded, completely in your hands, without a table.Perfect for walk around. Resets Automatically.If you can fan three cards, you can do this Trick!Includes 3 x Special Bicycle-back
In stock. $15.00
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