This pro gimmick will revolutionize your card magic.

EZB by Nicholas Lawrence (GIMMICK INCLUDED) The PERFECT opener. You won't believe your own eyes as the box VISUALLY melts away in plain view. INTRO PRICE ENDS WEDNESDAY. PRE-ORDER AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
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Split Second (Blue) by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds - DVD Imagine being able to pull out a SINGLE bill from your wallet. Give it a twirl. The bill turns into a full deck of cards!A perfect opener for any card routines. Wow your audience even before the routine starts.This is Split Second.Gimmick included. NOTE: Most currency can be used. This effect works
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Chain Reaction by Andrew Mayne - DVD EffectRip the centers out of some spare cards, give them a flick and in a flash they've all linked together in a chain of cards nearly as tall as you! Chain Reaction is a huge effect with visual impact. You can perform it up close or on stage anytime in your show. You can even use Chain Reaction to
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Half Full by Scott Alexander & Puck - Trick Half Full is yet another effect in Scott Alexander and Puck's line of powerful commercial magic. It is based on a long-forgotten trick called "Milkan," which was a favorite of Faucett Ross. Half Full is a versatile trick that can be a quick opener, or a full five-minute routine of comedy and audienc
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Freefall by Andrew Mayne (DVD) Make bricks, bowling balls, fish bowls even a hot cup of coffee appear from nowhere!Andrew Mayne presents his innovative technique for making impossible and unwieldy objects appear from impossible places.Bowling Ball - An updated handling on Andrew's Bowling Ball from Shopping Bag effect that makes
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Unboxing by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds - Trick Still looking for the perfect opener? Look no further. THIS IS IT!From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence, Unboxing is the ultimate visual box vanishing effect that leads right into your card effects. Start your magic with a bang. Wow you audience even BEFORE your routine starts.Words can't describe how
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Screwed Deck Paul Harris The magician "screws" two halves of a deck together like a pool cue, but's mis-matched!He gives it another twist and the deck becomes an ordinary, examinable pack of cards!Easy to Learn and Perform
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Five Card Opener (DVD and Cards) by Bill Abbott - DVD Introduction - From Bill Abbott"When I was in high school I was doing a lot of shows on the weekends and most of those shows were mixed audiences of kids, adults, teenagers and seniors. I needed an opener to get everyone's attention, hold their attention and keep their attention. The problem with th
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Skilled Deck by Nathan James After many years in the making, Nathan James has produced his Skilled Deck. This is a great opener, ideal for any card performer. Check out the real-time uncut video sequence above to see how effective this is. Some of the effects possible with Skilled Deck include: Cards rise from box, either verti
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