This is strong hypnotism you can be performing TONIGHT. The clever method makes it SO EASY.

Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman presented by Magick Balay (Download + Cards) The ultimate sandwich effect. No moves. No monkey business. Just pure magic. INTRO PRICE. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $19.95
card p3 sandwich
Four King Miracle (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Henri White - Trick From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle Two jokers are shown front and back. Visually, one at a time, the first two Kings appear in between two Jokers. As a finale, the final two cards also change into Kings. The Jokers have vanished from the packet! This leaves you
In stock. $19.00
card sandwich
Patrified (DVD and Gimmick) by Patrick Kun and SansMinds - DVD SansMinds presents the amazing Patrick Kun in action. This is a complete collection of Patrick's most updated work. Are you ready to be "Patrified"? Seven Killer Effects1. Be-Tween ProductionRub two jokers at your finger tips and a card visually appears in between the jokers. PK style! 2. PK DoubleA
In stock. $34.95
card color-change sandwich street walk-around
The Guardians by Thomas Riboulet (Instant Download) An awesome transpositon effect happening in spectator's hands !
In stock. $6.95
card download sandwich transposition
Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher - DVD Real Magic in the spectator's handsAs magicians, we project an air of mysterious, hidden ability. Our audiences are envious of this power, and their secret is that they wish they could do what we do. Search & Destroy gives them that opportunity - in a fun, entertaining, and completely self-worki
Out of stock. $30.00
borrowed-deck card dvd in-the-hands sandwich self-working
Sandwich by Oliver Smith (Instant Download) THREE unique sandwich routines PLUS three bonus ideas.
In stock. $6.95
card download sandwich
Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell and JB Magic - DVD One of JB Magic's best selling effects now comes with a step by step instructional dvd EffectA regular deck of cards are shown and shuffled, two cards are selected one is signed. Both cards are replaced into the deck. Two jokers are flipped face down onto the top of the deck. Without any moves the t
In stock. $20.00
backstage card close-up dvd sandwich street
RETRO-SANDWICH by Raphael Czaja (Instant Download) When the mentalist needs help from the magician in him.
In stock. $4.50
card sandwich
Sandwich Transpo by Charles Sykes (Instant Download) The best card sandwich rountine out there!
In stock. $6.95
card download impromptu sandwich transpo
Enamors By Aarsh Shah (Instant Download) Change any random sandwiched card with seemingly NO MOVE!
In stock. $3.95
card change download sandwich
Interchange Sandwich by Creative Artists (Instant Download) A new sandwich trick with a kicker ending
In stock. $3.95
card download sandwich
TableSandwich by Creative Artists (Instant Download) A new sandwich trick with a kicker ending
In stock. $3.95
card download sandwich
The Guardians by Thomas Riboulet video DOWNLOAD There's a reason some pieces of magic are universally powerful. For several years, Thomas Riboulet has performed The Guardians. The Guardians is unique because the entire trick is over before the effect has even started. This is a really beautiful well-constructed routine. Allowing you to be complet
In stock. $6.95
card download sandwich sleights
Subterranean Deceptions by Mike Pisciotta - Tricks "Mike Pisciotta is the hidden gem of the Magic Castle. Now, less hidden." - Max Maven This is AN ALL NEW DVD by the Magic Castle's Resident Bar Magician and TWO TIME Close-Up Magician of the Year from The Magic Castle, Mike Pisciotta! After years of pestering him, Mike has FINALLY agreed to release
In stock. $35.00
card-rise coins-across dvd sandwich
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