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Drawn Again by Danny Archer (Instant Download) Walk up to anyone and read their mind with only a pen and some business cards! Huge reactions and super easy to do. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $9.95
Danny Archer LIVE (Instant Download) One of the best commercial magicians around came to Penguin for an exciting 3-hour live workshop. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
3 Ball Routine by Danny Archer - Trick EffectA rubber ball is magically produced, which then vanishes and reappears. One ball magically becomes two, then three rubber balls. One at a time, the three balls invisibly travel across to the left hand, then all three balls vanish completely! This is the real work on the legendary 3 ball routin
In stock. $11.25
Out of stock. $4.95
GI Bill trick Danny Archer EFFECT: A toy paratrooper is tossed into the audience to select a volunteer. A bill is borrowed, signed and destroyed/vanished. The bill is found intact inside a backpack that the paratrooper is wearing!
Out of stock. $11.25
Big Bucks by Danny Archer - Trick EffectFour jumbo tens visibly change to four jumbo hundreds right before their eyes... Each and every bill can be shown freely and cleanly on both sides. Bills so large they can be seen by the biggest of crowds. Resets instantly. Tens to hundreds of patter possibilities. Dimensions Approximately 7"
In stock. $26.25
This That and the Other trick Danny Archer EFFECT: The four 4's are shown front and back and the spectator is asked to select one. The magician questions, "This one?" as he shows the word THIS printed on the back of the card! But what if they had picked that card? The magician shows that now THIS is gone and THAT has appeared! But what about
In stock. $11.25
Danny Archer's Essential Magic Classics (2 DVD Download) by Big Blind Media (Instant Download) Some of the greatest classic magic tricks of all time from Danny's own repertoire.
In stock. $35.00
In stock. $9.00
In stock. $9.00
Sneak Preview by Danny Archer (DVD) A devastating mentalism routine. You reveal the name of their favorite movies.Sneak Preview will quickly become one of your most performed mental effects...On a custom printed card depicting a movie theater, the spectator writes the name of ANY movie they want on the blank screen...Using your own bu
In stock. $26.25
Danny Archer's Essential Magic Classics (2 DVD SET) by Big Blind Media - DVD A 2 DVD teaching on some of the greatest classic magic tricks of all time plus the cream of Danny's own repertoire. Danny Archer is a total magic genius. He has performed more magic shows than most people have eaten ANY temperature dinners, and he has a fabulous relaxed performing style that people
In stock. $35.00
One-to-a-Hundred by Danny Archer Magic - Trick If you could only see this performed live! One of the cleanest, most magical bill switches you will ever see (and one of the easiest). It`s well explained with four pages of text and pictures. A classic of magic that should be in the performing repertoire of every magician.
In stock. $11.25
Working Alone video Danny Archer Fully Constructed Stand-Up and Close-Up Routines Danny Archer's acclaimed Working Alone Lecture filmed live! Over 90 Minutes Of Audiennce Tested Magic Danny Archer's marketed tricks are best sellers world-wide. These all-new effects from his lecture are fully explained. Danny uses simple props
Out of stock. $22.46
Eye Exam by Danny Archer EffectIt`s two... two... two tricks in one. You can perform it as a card revelation or a packet trick. Performed as a packet trick with the theme of a vision test, a four of a kind is shown. The spectator is asked which card was face down, they say, none. The cards are shown and the Heart is face do
In stock. $9.00

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