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Big Bucks by Danny Archer
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Four jumbo tens visibly change to four jumbo hundreds right before their eyes...

Each and every bill can be shown freely and cleanly on both sides.

Bills so large they can be seen by the biggest of crowds. Resets instantly. Tens to hundreds of patter possibilities.

Dimensions Approximately 7" x 16" (17.78cm x 40.64cm)

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Big Bucks Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 6th, 2016
(This review is for Big Bucks by Danny Archer)
The directions were confusing - still don't know how to do it. Should be a video tutorial for new magicians.
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Big Bucks - Our Take Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 16th, 2016
(This review is for Big Bucks by Danny Archer)
We ordered the prop simply for the giant bills...in fact, if we could buy the digital images, it would be even better!

We have a different method and presentation, but this is a nice piece for those who want to "get it and run with it"!
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Big Bucks Will Be A Big Hit In Your Show Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 16th, 2014
(This review is for Big Bucks by Danny Archer)
This is a true winner! I was stunned by the excellent quality and workmanship on the bills. Danny is to be commended, because he bought the rights to produce these from Dean Tellefson, the creator of the effect "Creative Finance", which I at one time used to do in my act in every show. That in itself was an excellent effect, which I performed on TV.
However, through personal tragedy in my life, I lost possession of the prop bills, and was devastated when I called every magic shop in the world, only to hear the same story: "We don't have them, and we can not get them anywhere." 

So on a hunch, I ordered "Big Bucks", and found to my delight that Danny had produced essentially the same effect, only with tens and hundreds instead of ones and twenties. The principle of the working of the effect is the same. And to boot, Danny included a WONDERFUL patter story that is shorter than "Creative Finance", but pretty much equally entertaining.

And again, the quality of the bills is   gorgeous! The printing and thickness is second to none! Once you get your hands on these and actually feel them in your hands and start practicing the moves so that you can cause the bills to change from tens to hundreds and back, your going to fall in love with the effect and want to immediately add it to your act! 

The whole thing like so utterly impossible! Because of the gargantuan size of the bills, your audience automatically KNOWS you're not hiding any extra bills in your hands!! 

(Which might be the first place their clever little  minds could go, but it's cancelled out by the size of the bills, so where does that leave their mind to travel for an explanation? Nowhere really! 

It just looks so dog-gone magical! It even FEELS magical in your own hands and to your own eyes, even though you know you know exactly what's going on. It's just a special magical feeling to be able to change the jumbo bills so smoothly and instantly. You'll do it in front of a mirror just to watch the effect as your spectator's see it.

As far as difficulty? It uses one basic sleight that most of us are familiar with. The difference is that you are doing it with these Brobdingnagian bills instead of cards. And you are doing it parallel to your body and  with the actual assistance of gravity, which I think actually helps.

If you are familiar with the sleight, I personally think you'll get this smooth in no time. If you are a newbie and do not know the sleight, it may take you longer.

Myself, I had practiced this for years with "Creative Finance", so for me it was a proverbial piece of cake.

One more thing I'll say about "Big Bucks": It has commercial EYE APPEAL to your audiences, and has the potential to be a  big hit in your show. When you pull out these colossal bills, every eye in the house will be on you!

I highly recommend "Big Bucks". Kudos to Danny for putting this on the market!

Quality props! Great patter! (also by the ever irrepressible Greg Wilson!) What more could you ask for? 
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