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Tool by David Stone The most powerful gimmick since the thumb tip! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $34.95
WINDOW by David Stone (DVD + Apparatus) NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED! The BEST card through window we've ever seen. HIGHLY recommended.
In stock. $69.95
Nestor Hato by Jean-Luc Bertrand and David Stone - DVD (DVD) This is one of the smartest and simplest gimmicks that can be added to any deck of cards.
In stock. $37.50
CLOSE UP: The Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone (397 pages) The professional close-up manifesto. Full of the wisdom David's picked up over years of doing magic.
In stock. $22.50
Basic Coin Magic - Vol.1 by David Stone - DVD A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Nine full routines you can use in real-world and professional conditions. More than 15 basic techniques!Multiple Awards winner ( Diavol Award 1995, Gold Dove Award 1996...), the french magician David STONE performs nine routines in this dv
In stock. $27.30
Real Secrets Of David Stone - DVD More than 120 performances in almost 2 years. The last one took place at the most attended convention: Blackpool, where 700 magicians witnessed the outstanding show that built David Stone's fame, making him one of the worlds best magic performers today. This film is so much more than a lecture, it's
In stock. $29.96
Coin Magic - Vol. 2 by David Stone - DVD The French magician David Stone is back... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic and 9 brand new routines, including one of the wildest Flurry routine ever made and 25 moves and sleights you can do anywhere, in any stand-up conditions. No expense has been spared : professionally produced and fil
In stock. $27.30
Cell by David Stone - Trick In Collaboration with Mickael Chatelain Signed card in your cell phone! Cell is a gimmick that allows you to produce a signed card in the battery compartment of your cell phone. The "Kennedy Box" (Mystery Box) for the magicians who don't want to carry a box in their pocket. You receive a DVD and the
In stock. $38.96
Splash Bottle 2.0 (DVD and Gimmicks) by David Stone & Damien Vappereau - Trick Splash Bottle is a gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by Damien Vappereau and Jean Mark 16 years ago, David STONE uses Splash Bottle in his professional repertoire. It has earned him repeated standing ovations. In Splash Bottle 2.0 DVD David STONE performs and explains his professional ro
In stock. $49.95
StoneX by David Stone & Jeanluc Bertrand - DVD EXTRAORDINAIRECOMPLEXSEXYMAXIMUM More than 3 Hours of PURE MAGIC!Shot Live In Paris and Blackpool FISM 2012 Stone's Complete Entertainment Magic Master Class INCLUDING: Misdirection - Credit Card Magic - "Clipper" The 4 Coins Loader - Bottle and Iron Production from the spectator's jacket - Visual T
In stock. $35.00
Yannick Chretien by Jean-Luc Bertrand and David Stone - DVD Visual tricks and tricks using simple methods for real world situations Aces production, sandwich, transfer, open travelers, Reset, matrix, open prediction, color changes, card to pockets... And finally introducing the MUSCLE Vanish, and Incredible coin vanish, no sleeve, no pull, no gimmick...Leave
In stock. $31.50
The Real Secrets of Magic Volume 1 by David Stone - DVD Basic Professional Close Up MagicAmazing Impact- Capture and entertain the audience- Easy to do commercial magic- Operate in tough conditions- Tips and advice to startROUTINESHermes One Coin Routine Hallucinations Ghost Watch Out Bonneteau Hierling ATM Flash Card Crossed Cig Clean Cards Coin Glass V
In stock. $39.95
Reel Magic Episode 30 (David Stone) Feature Interview - David Stone:David Stone talks to Kozmo about being influenced by the film "Rocky" and doing the impossible. Columns:NEW! Jon Armstrong - The Kaufman Sessions pt. 1Part 1 of the Session with card master Richard Kaufman. NEW! Social Media SchoolRachel Armstrong and Tiffany Hindman
In stock. $12.00
The Real Secrets of Magic Volume 2 by David Stone - DVD Make A Living With Close Up Magic.More Tips & Advice- Manage The Audience- Guarantee Your Tips- Resell Yourself After Each ShowROUTINESFrench Kiss Sam Card Cash Card Cigcoin Duncan Reset Mulberry Misglass cocOOn Billswitch Ringbox Sousbock William Guess Card EncoreTHEORYThe Breach Of The Table B
In stock. $39.95
Live at FFFF David Stone, DVD EffectSneak into one of the world's most exclusive close-up conventions, Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic, and watch David Stone present the lecture that won him the Most Valuable Person award in 2003! Learn all the sleights, subtelties and finesses that have made each one of these routines a mainst
In stock. $22.46
Close Up The Real Secrets of Magic Autographed by David Stone - Book Signed by David Stone!Become a First-Rate Close-Up Performer with this indispensable Guide. A Goldmine of Hints for the Pros The real secrets of professional magicians are NOT their routines! If you want to be a pro, you don't need another book of tricks; you need a guide through his world of profes
In stock. $37.50
X Rated Lecture Notes David Stone These notes contain five of David's routines from his 2001 lecture tour. Contains:Moorea Straw - You borrow a straw and place it under your chin. Suddenly, you push the straw through your throat, opening your mouth to show the straw inside! Removing the straw it is is seen to be completely normal. R
Out of stock. $9.00
David Stone's Words (English Version) by So Magic - Trick A member of the audience is given a "Word-Search Puzzles" book, opens it at any page, finds a word in the puzzle and visualizes it in his mind. The mentalist concentrates for a moment and reveals the thought-of word!This effect can be repeated as many times as you wish, always with a different word.
In stock. $78.00
Light My Fire Lecture Notes by David Stone David Stone's Improvised Cigarette Routine In this 20 page, fully illustrated booklet, David reveals: No Smoking #1 and #2 - Two handlings for breaking a cigarette in half and restoring it. Light My Fire - The magician borrows a pack of cigarettes, and after a series of vanishes and reappearances ma
Out of stock. $9.00
David Stone's Words(French Version) by So Magic - Trick Un spectateur prend un livre de mots mls et l'ouvre n'importe quelle page. Il visualise un mot dans la grille et le mmorise. Quelques secondes de concentration suffisent pour que le mentaliste devine le mot choisi ! Mais l'exprience ne s'arrte pas l... Grce au David Stone WORDS vous tes capable d
In stock. $78.00
Cocoon Lecture notes David Stone The Stone Drop - A coin invisibly flies through the air and visually appears in the palm up, empty right hand! As purely stunning for magicians as it is for laypeople. Card in 4 Coins - The magician removes a playing card from the pack and holds it between both hands. When he opens his hands the ca
Out of stock. $7.50
pal #1 David Stone video Basic Coi Volume One - Basic Coin MagicIn this video, nine routines are performed by David Stone in a journey around Coin Magic. All the effects are fully explained, including the inner secrets used by the greatest magicians around the world. These are more than explanations, it is a real magic course for beg
Out of stock. $22.46
pal #2 David Stone video Coin Magi Volume Two - Coin MagicDavid Stone Is Back!Follow him through a progressive explanation of nine brand new routines! Accompany David in more than 25 detailed techniques you can use and perform in front of anybody, anywhere. Compulsory for the amateur, necessary for the professional, and valuable to a
Out of stock. $22.46
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