Naked by Pablo Amira (DVD + Gimmicks) Their THOUGHT OF card appears within a completely BLANK deck. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
card close-up dvd elmwood street
Pablo Amira LIVE (Instant Download) Minimal Mentalism -- Impromptu (and near-impromptu) routines, techniques, and ideas that play super-strong. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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esp mentalism pablo-amira penguin-live psychological
Polarity (Blue) by Pablo Amira - Trick Injecting a thought into someone's subconscious is a feat to remember, but let's take this card trick a bit further. Ask your spectator where a specific card is in the deck. Naturally, they won't know because they have just thoroughly shuffled it. You announce that subconsciously they already know w
In stock. $19.95
Poker Face by Pablo Amira - Trick A COMPLETE SELL OUT AT THE BLACKPOOL MAGIC CONVENTION 2013! Pablo Amira is world renown for his direct approach to mentalism and so when he approached Magicbox with a rather unique idea we were more than ready to listen. After several months in development Magicbox are happy to announce the imminent
In stock. $21.56
chip gambling mentalism poker
Polarity (Red) by Pablo Amira - Trick Injecting a thought into someone's subconscious is a feat to remember, but let's take this card trick a bit further. Ask your spectator where a specific card is in the deck. Naturally, they won't know because they have just thoroughly shuffled it. You announce that subconsciously they already know w
Out of stock. $19.95
card walk-around street mentalism
Mysteries Anywhere by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book Imagine if you could perform powerful mentalism anywhere, just with a few borrowed objects. Imagine no more. Mysteries Anywhere is a compendium of solid mental experiences that you can perform in any situation, without prior preparation. Effects: 1. Perfect Coin,maybe: A miracle in the purse of your
In stock. $15.00
Impromptu and Colorful Prediction by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book Are you able to know beforehand the outcome of random events or influence on them? If you wanna learn new existing ways to create precognition experiences, this Book is for you. Effects that are tested in the real world and probed as effective and meaningful. Contents:First Experience in Precognitio
In stock. $22.50
Pareidolia by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD Tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as interpreting marks on Mars as canals, seeing shapes in clouds, or hearing hidden messages in reversed music. Utilize this phenomena in your favor for your performance. "Pareidolia" is a routine that will allow you to
In stock. $15.00
iMind by Pablo Amira video DOWNLOAD iMind is a new routine that will allow you to create Impromptu Mentalism with ANY phone.Get names, words, PIN codes, memories and MUCH more.Read minds with this direct method anywhere!No preparationNo iOS needediPhone & Android!Opinions:"Awesome man. The effect is STRONG and the method is devili
In stock. $18.00
NADA by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD What if you don't have ANYTHING? NADA? No pen, no paper, no cards, no phone, no wallet... Just you, your participant and an audience.You have the opportunity to create memorable and direct mentalism! Propless mentalism allows you to create mentalism literally with nothing, just your performance and
In stock. $40.00
ACAANasta eBook DOWNLOAD by Pablo Amira Do you dare to try it? An ACAAN that finally makes sense! A thought of card... A thought of number... and most important, a routine that makes sense! ACAANasta is an approach from Pablo Amira's repertoire, inspired by the handlings and bold thinking from the master performer Chan Canasta. So many ti
In stock. $20.00
acaan card download ebook
Minimal Wallet by Alan Wong & Pablo Amira - Trick Imagine if the legendary "Sight Unseen Case," used by top professionals around the world, created like a quality, minimalist, completely functional, and normal-looking slim wallet. We are pleased to bring you the Minimal Wallet with full blessing from the original SUC creator, Mark Strivings. With t
In stock. $74.95
peek suc wallet
5 Miracles with ESP Cards by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book Zener Cards were designed in the 1930's by Karl Zener in association with J.B. Rhine for use in experiments. In 1947, Mr. Rhine published "The Reach of the Mind", where he shared his discoveries in "Scientifical Parapsychology". In 2010, a mentalist performer put in print 5 routines with just 5 ESP
In stock. $15.00
2 Thoughts by Pablo Amira - eBook DOWNLOAD 2 Thoughts is Impromptu Mentalism that can be performed with borrowed materials. 2 Participants, one using his conscious process and the other using his unconcious motivations. Just 2 pieces of paper and a pen will allow you to achieve mindreading and precognition with a fun and interesting theme. F
In stock. $15.00
Universal Peek Device (UPD) by Alan Wong and Pablo Amira - Trick Pablo Amira and Alan Wong have joined forces to bring to the magic and mentalism community the "UPD", a new product that will create amazing and direct results for your performances.The UPD (Universal Peek Device) will transform your normal wallet into an amazing tool for casual and professional per
In stock. $29.96
mentalism peek street walk-around wallet
Test Conditions Prediction by Pablo Amira - eBook DOWNLOAD Test Condition Prediction, a perfect way to conclude your show.At the end of your show you ask the birthday boy or the person that hires you to join you on-stage.He brings a book and an envelope and you recapitulate that a few days ago when you met him, you gave him a security envelope with somethin
In stock. $49.99
Free Wallet by Pablo Amira - eBook DOWNLOAD From the brilliant mind of the prolific Pablo Amira comes another beautiful methodology for apparently reading the minds of just about ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and ANY TIME. "Free Wallet" is such an innocent utility item, that elegantly allows you to accomplish very stealthy predictions in a most natural f
In stock. $15.00
download mentalism wallet
Chromatic Chair Test 2.0 by Pablo Amira - ebook DOWNLOAD The "Chromatic Chair Test" is a routine that will allow you to have great revelations and predictions with simple props and best of all, solid thinking. This routine features the "Karma Force", a direct technique that in the correct hands can be a killer way to create the impression of completely fr
In stock. $20.00
chair-test download mentalism pdf prediction
Safe Bet by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD Safe Bet is not only a "named card in wallet" that you WILL use, but is a mini course in communicational skills for mystery performers. Imagine using a simple procedure, in which your participant will feel that his choices were 100% free, still you are able to predict his final decision.Normal walle
In stock. $10.00
Neo Coffee by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD "For anyone who wants to learn a reliable and easy reading system then I highly recommend this."- Art VanderlayNeo Coffee is a new fun, light reading routine that can create a great mysterious moment of psychological introspection for your participant and audience.With a simple script, a visualizati
In stock. $15.00
B'Cards by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD "Pablo has put together an assortment of various routines, presentations and subtleties using nothing more than a stack of business cards. Many of the routines are completely impromptu. There are ideas that you can easily always have on hand or can create on the spot with just a pen and your busines
In stock. $40.00
Insane Cube Act by Pablo Amira eBook DOWNLOAD "Insane Cube Act" features 3 effects that are completely modular and pocket space friendly that is sure to be added to your repertoire.First, your participant rolls a regular casino die and places it inside the black container. You can instantly know the thought of number. (No transparency as the ol
In stock. $25.00
USD - Universal Switch Device by Pablo Amira and Alan Wong - Trick Himber Wallet meets Minimalism. If you perform Magic or Mentalism, you know that a low-tech, nothing-to-break solution is always the best. Pablo Amira and Alan Wong bring you an easy and elegant solution with the USD. The USD (Universal Switch Device) is a slim, playing-card-size holder, made from r
In stock. $24.95
packet switch wallet
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