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Mysteries Anywhere by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book
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Imagine if you could perform powerful mentalism anywhere, just with a few borrowed objects. Imagine no more.

Mysteries Anywhere is a compendium of solid mental experiences that you can perform in any situation, without prior preparation.


1. Perfect Coin,maybe: A miracle in the purse of your participant. He takes a coin from his pocket and hides it in his fist. You can instantly create mysterious things with the coin and your participant, finishing with the revelation of the coin and the date. Borrowed coin, no classical methodology.

2. I.D.S. : This abbreviation is a mystery. This idea can build you a reputation as a mindreader. A way to create an impromptu in your face dummy billet, a very easy billet switch and a bold full billet peek, all combined to create a mental miracle.
(this effect appears also in the "Mindreading Lesson 12" by Kenton Knepper)

3. Chronoincidence: A Watch Routine that is very clean. One participant thinks of a time, another participant turns the stem of a watch. The two hours match. Nothing is written.

4. OHP: Predict the future in an open manner in your hands. One card is predicted in a loud voice, one card is turned over in the deck. Prediction is correct.

5. The Frankenstein Experiment: Three participants will be creating life, and you, astonishing moments of mindreading. Each participant thinks in different characteristics of this new creature, and you are able to reveal it. A kind of 4th Dimension Telepathy with an interesting presentation behind it.

6. Mysteries Anywhere New Ideas: New ideas for the effects in the book.

7. The challenge of Zeus: Imagine if you can challenge the Great Greek God ,save your life and give a mystery experience.

And 2 Essays about Mentalism and performance .


"Pablo, I like your material and I am proud of your work."
Nefesch -The mind behind the Pure Thing

"I am always honored when my work inspires performers to new and exciting levels. Pablo Amira's book builds upon reliable principles and expands them into new useful effects that can be performed anywhere. Much of it will look like real Mind Reading or hypnotic influence. My kind of thinking!"
Kenton Knepper - The Wizard of Words

"Mysteries Anywhere has some really exceptional material inside his pages"
Bill Montana - Master in Magick and Mysticism

Pablo has a wonderful creative mind, and he aims for an intense sense of realism in his work. Mysteries Anywhere is a great collection of some of his thinking providing real world routines that are impromptu. I particularly enjoyed "I.D.S." and "The Frankenstein Experiment", but all the work in this book is strong usable material".
Thom Bleasdale-Creator of the Tommy Pad and a very nice guy.

"Mysteries Anywhere is full of great routines and principles. One of my favorites is his IDS, a great utility item that can be applied to numerous routines. Great work Pablo!! I'm looking forward to "Mysteries Anywhere 2"!! "
Paul Carnazzo - Mr. "Pocket Mentalism Cards"

"Pablo has create some startling new effects, taking inspirations from many of the greats and adding a touch of psychological genius to each one to make it his own. Look out for anything this guy releases as its sure to be a big hit!"
Matt Townsend - A REAL Psychic

"Pablo AmirĂ¡ has concocted some truly lovely and meaningful magic in this book! I'm impressed!"
Ben Harris - Creator of Silent Running and other cool effects

"This is a great e-book. Pablo has some great ideas Get this NOW"
Alex Hinojosa- MagicCafe member

"OHP is an excellent effect. My kind of work"
Vinny Marini - The Godfather of Magic

"I have used IDS with great success. Its the sort of thing you save for just the perfect moment; yet you could do it with any pen(cil) and any piece of paper/card available!"
Carlos La Borde - "Mysteries Anywhere" Fan

Pages: 56 - Saddle Stitched

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Horrible! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 12th, 2012
This is about the worst booklet I have ever seen. It looks like Pablo had some half baked ideas in his head and barely got through a rough draft. It is impossible to follow his convoluted thoughts. I don't think it was ever proof-read. It's not just about bad grammar. The booklet doesn't even make sense. It makes me wonder about everyone who put their name on this so called "project", including Nefesch, Paul Carnazzo, and Thom Bleasdale. Kenton Knepper has his name on it, but I can't imagine he ever saw it. Worst of all is Titanas who produced it. It makes me question any purchase from any of these in the future.
3 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
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Clever & unique! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 25th, 2013
Since there are already so many great endorsements in the ad, I don't want to review the book so much as respond to the review that has been anonymously posted. First, if you are going to trash something, at least show some respect and use your name!

Anon, I think if you took the time to really read Mysteries Anywhere, you would have gotten past the language issues and discovered the gems within. And it would have become obvious that Pablo's ideas are far from half-baked nor is MA anywhere near a rough draft.

I absolutely agree that MA should have been edited better. However, that doesn't take away from the many great effects and ideas. It just makes for a little more effort needed on the part of the reader. I do believe editing is important and that is the only reason I'm not giving MA a 4 star review.

Along with excellent effects, the ideas Pablo mentions almost as asides are priceless. Take another look at "I.D.S" to see what I mean for just one example.

Anon, you should take the reviews, and who the reviewers are, seriously. To accuse them of not even reading the material is insulting to their reputations and obviously incorrect.

They not only read the book, they took the time to process the information within and think through its implications and many possible applications. MA achieves what it sets out to accomplish in providing you with strong effects you can perform anywhere.

I hope you will take my words to heart and read Mysteries Anywhere again. If not, you will continue to miss out by missing what is within.
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