Marked Deck (Uday's) by Uday - Trick Deck of bridge size card with secret markings on the backs which tells you the name of the card.
Out of stock. $3.00
card close-up gambling marked-deck mentalism parlor stage street
Accordion Cards By Uday by Uday - Trick Holding the first card of a pack you can jerk the first 26 cards up and down.
In stock. $4.50
card close-up street
Rainbow Deck by Uday The magician displays a pack of cards which all have different back designs. He removes two cards for himself, then hands the pack to a spectator. The spectator may deal as many cards as they like onto the table and the magician places one of his cards face up at that spot in the deck. This process
In stock. $3.75
Confetti Wand by Uday Confetti Wand Comes With: Wand, 5 sets of 6-different colored confettiPackaging: Boxed The magician picks up his magic wand and with just a wave in the air, a lovely shower of paper confetti shoots high into the air!Includes 5 packets of each of the following colors of confetti: Purple, Blue, Fuschi
In stock. $16.46
close-up production stage street wand
Milk Magazine by Uday Milk Magazine Fake Comes With: Gimmicked and instructionsPackaging: Plastic Wrap The performer displays a magazine or newspaper and folds it up. He then proceeds to pour liquid into the magazine, yet when he turns it over the liquid doesn`t spill out! In fact, when he opens the magazine up and flip
Out of stock. $1.50
Mummy Mystery by Uday (Plastic) The magician displays a small "coffin" and three plastic mummies-red, yellow and blue. He then turns his back and a member of the audience places any mummy into the coffin, then hides the other two. The magician turns around and instantly knows which mummy is in the coffin!
In stock. $3.75
Uncanny Hanks by Uday Uncanny Hanks Comes With: Ribbon, silks and instructionsPackaging:Plastic Wrapped The magician displays three different-colored silk handkerchiefs tied several inches apart on a stiff ribbon. A member of the audience is invited to call out the color of any one of the silks, and the chosen silk visib
Out of stock. $6.00
Devil's Handkerchief by Uday Looking for an easy way to vanish a medium sized object like a spectator's watch, coin, or key? The Devil's Hanky is the perfect solution.
In stock. $7.02
Paper to Hat by Uday (Wizard) Two pieces of tissue are torn and restored to create a Wizard's hat! Includes enough material for 10 performances.
In stock. $6.00
Drooping Flower by Uday (Cloth) The magician displays a tall flower in his left hand and apparently takes an invisible thread from his pocket. He ties one end of the thread around the flower and holds onto the other end. When he gives the thread a tug, the flower bends towards him! Many possible uses.
In stock. $11.25
Ball Holder by Uday (Metal) This is a must have! Simply use the safety pin (included) to attach this small versatile ball holder to any clothing. The holder can hold balls up to 3 inches in diameter.
In stock. $2.25
Clear Force Bag by Uday So simple and yet so powerful. Your spectators will never suspect this innocent looking bag. Give them what looks like a perfectly fair choice and you're already ahead of them.
Out of stock. $2.05
Flying Coins by Uday The magician shows two plastic cylinders and places 4 coins in each. The coins fly from one cylinder to the other, one by one right in front of the spectator's eyes!
In stock. $2.25
close-up coin
Dancing Cane by Uday (Deluxe) Light wooden cane, which packs in two pieces for easy carrying. When assembled the cane floats and dances in the air all around the magician.
Out of stock. $13.50
Pip Card by Uday (Jumbo) Pip Card Delux - Giant Comes With: Specially made jumbo card and illustrated instructions.Packaging: PlasticWrapped Imagine showing a giant card with one pip. Turn it over and show six; turn it again to show two, agin to show five, again to show three, etc! Great for stage acts!
Out of stock. $10.50
Coin Penetration Tube by Uday Coin penetrates through a solid plastic sheet secured between two plated tubes.
In stock. $6.00
beginner coin penetration
Coin Escape Puzzle by Uday A coin is placed into the slot in the plastic disc. Ask someone to remove it. They wont be able to do it and within seconds you have the coin out.
In stock. $2.25
Chain Release Handcuffs by Uday Magician's hands are chained and locked. He escapes within no time.
In stock. $28.50
chain escape handcuffs
Finger Trap by Uday Fingers are pushed into a plaited plastic tube. It is not possible to release the fingers from the tube easily.
In stock. $1.50
Robberproof Rope & Silks by Uday Magician shows a short rope, which he winds around his fingers. He then takes 3 silks of different colors, and places them along the folded rope. Now he unwinds the rope and finds that the silks are now firmly tied around the rope!
In stock. $6.00
Budha Mystery by Uday Any small item placed in the paper and wrapped can vanish or change to another object.
Out of stock. $1.33
Paper To Panty by Uday Comedy magic. Simple to perform. Great for kids shows. Great for parties.
In stock. $12.00
Linking Ropes by Uday Three separate loops of ropes link and unlink in the hands of the magician.
Out of stock. $7.50
close-up rope-trick street
Jumping Gems by Uday (Set) Watch the gem jump around from paddle to paddle. Each paddle stick is 3 1/2 inch long. Comes with a red felt bag.
In stock. $9.00
Vegas Production by Uday (Trick) An empty paper bag is shown.  When it is held upside down, a beautiful stream of colored mylar paper rushes down.
In stock. $30.00
Coin Safe By Uday (Brass) The Magician borrows a coin from a spectator and places it inside a brass container and puts the lid on. He challenges the spectator to take out the coin.
In stock. $1.99
Nylon Thread by Uday A large spool of 50 grams fine black nylon thread with many uses. Strong, yet invisible on stage.
Out of stock. $3.75
Flash Silk Wand by Uday The wand vanishes a silk.
Out of stock. $9.75
close-up stage vanish wand
Fountain of Silks by Uday The magician displays an 18-inch silk handkerchief, showing both hands empty. He places the silk over his left hand and when he whisks it away another silk has appeared! The magician then gently shakes his hand, causing more and more silks to continue appearing, blossoming out of his hand!
In stock. $24.00
silk silk-fountain stage
Cups And Balls (Aluminum) by Uday Three small balls placed under three metal cups magically jump from cup to cup, vanish completely and reappear again under the magician's control!These shiny chrome-finished cups are perfect for any Cups and Balls routine. Includes four hand-crocheted balls and velvet drawstring bag.Available in alu
Out of stock. $12.75
aluminum balls cups cups-and-balls
Chop Cup (Aluminum) by Uday EFFECT: You begin by placing a red ball on the table beside the empty aluminum cup. You then pick up the red ball in one hand and the cup in the other hand, showing both to the audience. You drop the ball into the cup from a good height and let everyone see it go in the cup. Turn the cup openin
In stock. $10.50
aluminum chop cup
Milk Jug by Uday The Milk Jug is a classic magic prop that can be used to visibly pour out a liquid and vanish it. With this Milk Jug you show the Jug to be full of milk. Visibly pour the milk in a paper cone and then vanish the milk from the paper cone.
In stock. $8.25
kids-show milk prop vanish
Wonder Box by Uday - Trick Any piece of currency (either a coin or folded note) is dropped inside the Wonder Box through the slit in the top. When the magician later hands the box to a spectator to have them remove the money, the spectator finds it impossible to open the box. When they hand the box back to the magician, he op
Out of stock. $2.25
Wonder Hank by Uday - Trick Make small objects disappear in an instant with this beautiful Wonder Hank. *note: this comes in several different colors and patterns of Fabric, color choice not available and may vary.  Dimensions Approximately 12" x 12" (30.48cm x 30.48cm)
In stock. $5.25
Wand 10in Uday This wand is an excellent addition to all of your on-stage and close-up magic acts. The wand is made of a synthetic so it is both light and resilient. In short this wand could become a very precious part of your act in more ways than one! The wand is black with white end caps. Wand Length: 10" / (25
In stock. $1.50
close-up stage wand
Wand 14in Uday This wand is an excellent addition to all of your on-stage and close-up magic acts. The wand is made of a synthetic so it is both light and resilient. In short this wand could become a very precious part of your act in more ways than one! The wand is black with white end caps. Wand Length: 14" / (35
Out of stock. $1.08
close-up stage street wand
Small Visual Feather by Uday The magician displays a plume of colored feathers with a small handle at the bottom. With just a wave of his hand, the plume changes to a completely different color! With just another wave the plume changes back into its original color! Includes three plumes.
Out of stock. $9.00
Big Ultra Feather Uday The magician displays a plume of colored feathers with a small handle at the bottom. The magician passes the plume behind his back and it changes to a completely different color! The magician may then repeat the effect changing the plume back to its original color.Includes three plumes.
In stock. $14.25
close-up color-change stage
Stiff Rope by Uday - Trick When a 3 ft. rope is extended horizontally through the hands, it becomes stiff and rigid. Instantly it can collapse into a flexible rope.
Out of stock. $4.50
Square to Circle by Uday - Trick Magically turn a metal square into a circle (and vice-versa) in the blink of an eye.
In stock. $7.50
Wooden Snapper Puzzle Uday This beautifully crafted puzzle will stump any crowd. The performer pulls the pointed piece out of the cylinder and it is appears to be snapped back into place by the rubber band inside. The performer then hands the puzzle to a spectator and the spectator pulls the piece right out of the puzzle! The
Out of stock. $2.70
Rose to Silk by Uday - Trick The magician displays a feather rose and when he "plucks" the blossom off the end it turns into a silk handkerchief!
Out of stock. $7.50
Shrinking Cigarette by Uday - Trick The magician places an ordinary (even borrowed) cigarette into a small holder. The cigarette then magically shrinks down to 1/10 its original size!
In stock. $4.50
Raibow Deck Uday The magician displays a pack of cards which all have different back designs. He removes two cards for himself, then hands the pack to a spectator. The spectator may deal as many cards as they like onto the table and the magician places one of his cards face up at that spot in the deck. This process
Out of stock. $3.00
Monkey For Ventriloquism by Uday - Trick Carry your own sidekick on stage with this monkey from Uday. Add a laugh to your act without the fear of being upstaged - hopefully!
In stock. $38.25
Micro Astrosphere by Uday - Trick A small ball floats in mid air, in front of and behind a small cloth held by the magician, without any visible means of support!
In stock. $6.00
Magician's Stand Uday This is a high quality production stand with infinite routine possibilities. It stands 33 inches stall and can be used in several different performance environments to produce or vanish small objects.
Out of stock. $99.00
Magic Bag by Uday - Trick The magician displays an empty paper bag to the audience, showing it from all sides (and inside!). He then shows both hands empty, reaches inside and pulls out a transparent box full of loose flowers! He can then repeat this two more times, each time showing the bag empty before producing another bo
In stock. $14.25
Hydrostatic Glass by Uday - Trick A small glass full of water is covered with a piece of paper and turned over, but the liquid doesn't pour out until you command!
Out of stock. $1.56
Gloves to Bouquet by Uday - Trick When you are through with your "White-Glove Routine," Remove your gloves, toss them into the air. BAM!The gloves disappear leaving a "spring bouquet" in its place!
In stock. $9.75
Flower on Rope Uday Take an ordinary rope and tie a knot in the middle. With the stroke of the hand, the knot magically becomes a "bouquet of flowers."
Out of stock. $7.50
Floating Matches by Uday - Trick The magician places an ordinary match onto the back of a playing card. When he bends the card down the match remains floating in mid-air!Very easy to perform.
In stock. $3.75
float kids match
Fan to See by Uday - Trick The performer shows the audience a fan of normal, poker sized cards. After overhearing a remark from the back of the audience that they can't see the cards, the magician waves his hand over the fan and they visibly change to jumbo sized cards!
In stock. $5.25
card stage
Dove Sensation Uday Dove Sensation Comes With: Gimmick, instructionsPackaging:Plastic Wrap The magician displays a cloth banner and then folds it in half, reaches inside and produces a live dove! The dove is placed back into the banner and when the magician pulls it open a white silk handkerchief flies into the air...t
Out of stock. $16.20
Dancing Butterflys Uday
Out of stock. $13.50
Cups & Balls (Copper) by Uday  These elegant copper cups make for the perfect Cups & Balls routine!
In stock. $30.00
close-up cups stage street
Cummerbund Servante by Uday - Trick Now, you can make formal-wear functional-wear. With the most natural of movements, make objects appear and disappear.
In stock. $7.50
Comedy Bra by Uday Two handkerchiefs are tied together and placed down the neckline of a lady's blouse. When the magician removes the hanks, they're seen to have a bra tied between them!
Out of stock. $6.75
Color Vision by Uday - Trick The magician asks a spectator to place a small die with different colored spots on each side into the box. The spectator is to remember the color of the spot on top and place the lid on top. Without opening the box, the magician can now tell the spectator which color the spectator chose!
Out of stock. $2.34
Coin Vanishig Pedestal Uday The magician places a borrowed quarter onto a small pedestal and covers it with a cap. When he lifts the cap the coin has vanished! He places the cap back onto the pedestal and when he lifts it up again there's a clear coin with the words "Thanks for the Quarter!" sitting on the pedestal! Note: Sold
In stock. $1.69
close-up coin vanish
Chick Pan Uday Effect:The magician shows a small empty pan and drops a lit paper inside. The pan is then covered by its lid. After some magical gestures, the lid is opened and inside appears a live chick!
In stock. $22.50
Chameleon Silk by Uday - Trick A multi-colored silk streamer is held by the performer. With a snap of the wrist, the colors instantly vanish leaving the streamer completely black!
In stock. $21.00
Carnival Ribbon by Uday - Trick The magician displays a handful of different colored pieces of ribbon. Suddenly, from the folds of the ribbon, the magician then produces a live dove!
Out of stock. $11.25
Card Castle by Uday - Trick The magician makes a fully complete card castle suddenly appear!26"x20"x9" - Castle is made from standard size poker cards.
In stock. $23.25
Blooming Blossom Deluxe Uday The magician displays a feather flower and plucks the blossom off the end. He then makes the blossom completely vanish and reappear again back on the stem! Many possible uses.
Out of stock. $6.75
Color Bead Separation Uday Two tumblers of beads are shown. Each contains a different color of beads. One glass of beads is poured into the other and shaken. The glasses are put behind the performer's back and in a second are brought forward to reveal that the beads are once again separated!
In stock. $16.50
Comedy Funnel Uday A liquid is given to someone to drink, and then the funnel is placed at the elbow of his bent arm. The other arm is held stiff and moved up and down like a pump handle. The liquid pours out of the funnel in a steady stream.
In stock. $40.50
Diminishing Cards by Uday - Trick EffectA set of five cards diminishes to the minimum size and then vanishes at the end.Four Card Sizes.Largest Card is a Standard size cardSmallest Card Approximately 5/8" x 1" (1.5cm x 2.5cm)(Please note: The trailer shows five different sizes.)
In stock. $7.46
Flower on Rope by Uday - Trick Take an ordinary rope and tie a knot in the middle. With the stroke of the hand, the knot magically becomes a "bouquet of flowers."
In stock. $7.50
Foo Can Uday You can pour liquid into the Foo Can and then turn the can upside down without spilling a drop!  Also, you can show the vessel is empty by turning it upside down, then produce liquid from it.
Out of stock. $26.52
Gag Bag by Uday - Trick EffectThe performer picks up a bag and shows it has one color on the outside and another color on the inside. He turns it inside out and puts an object into it. He now reaches back into the bag to pull it inside out and remove the object he placed inside from the bag. Astonishingly, when he pulls th
Out of stock. $7.80
Gambler's Box & Dice Uday In this clever effect, spectators select 3 out of 4 boxes and the performer shows a bag of tokens which match the colors of the boxes. When the people open their boxes, they find "hard luck" notes inside, and the 4th box which was left for the performer, contains the big prize! All of this is done w
In stock. $9.75
Obedient Ball Advanced by Uday This ball stops or drops only at the command of the magician. No other person can make it work.
Out of stock. $1.20
Patriotic Ropes - Uday EFFECT:The magician displays three colored ropes: red, white, and blue in color. With just a snap of the fingers, the three ropes blend into one!All 3 Ropes Tied Together: Approximately 64" (163cm)
In stock. $3.75
25' Rope Uday (White) Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician's rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue in both 25' and 50' length bundles. Instructions include 10 tricks and knots with magician's rope.
In stock. $6.75
50' Rope Uday (White) Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician's rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue in both 25' and 50' length bundles. Instructions include 10 tricks and knots with magician's rope.
In stock. $12.00
refill supply
Servante Utility Uday This Cloth has a secret. It allows you to vanish objects off tables as well as produce them.
In stock. $15.75
Thimbles (set of 4) Uday Thimbles are essential props for any close-up magician. Uday offers a set of four brightly colored thimbles that will work for several rouines.Note: Color of thimbles may vary from those in picture.
In stock. $1.80
Wonder Glass Uday A glass full of milk is poured into another glass. But the glass is seen full. Magician asks a boy to suck his thumb. The milk in the glass found diminishing as he sucks. A comedy item.!
Out of stock. $3.75
Rabbit Paddle by Uday - Trick A plastic paddle has a top hat in black on both sides. Then suddenly a rabbit appears in one hat, then in the other.
In stock. $1.80
Spring Ball by Uday - Trick A compressible ball which can be used for vanish or production.
Out of stock. $4.05
production stage street
Nickel Squeeze by Uday - Trick Coins penetrate through solid brass block.
Out of stock. $14.25
close-up coin
Silks 18" by Uday - Trick This is a Fine Tabby Silk square. Also available in 9, 15, 24 and 36 inch squares in Red.
In stock. $6.00
Gamblers' Dice by Uday - Trick A flat circular plastic box has one die inside. The magician shows this, then puts the lid on the box. He tells the number which will be on the top surface of the die, then he shakes the box, opens it and shows he is correct.
In stock. $7.50
Grandma's Necklace by Uday - Trick Three large wooden beads are threaded on two strings, a knot is tied over the beads, yet they magically drop off the strings.
In stock. $6.00
Growing Glove by Uday - Trick A very nice accessory for Comedy magicians, Kid show performers, Clown acts or even MC's. The performer enters, formally dressed in tails and gloves. He pulls off a glove and drops it on the table. He then attempts to remove the other glove, but the glove seems to be attached to his shirt sleeve. As
In stock. $12.00
Rope To Silk by Uday - Trick A 16-inch rope is held in the hands, one end in each hand. Suddenly the magician pulls the rope between his hands and a 32-inch silk is seen hanging from his fingers!
In stock. $9.00
kids rope silk
Silk To Flower by Uday - Trick A 12" silk is held between the thumb and finger of each hand. When the hands are brought together, the silk is transformed into a beautiful flower which can be worn on your coat or costume. The flower can be made to jump from one side of your coat or costume to the other side to fly all around your
In stock. $5.62
Swallowing Sword by Uday - Trick A steel sword is visually swallowed by the magician and taken out.
Out of stock. $14.96
geek prop stage sword
Trick Deck by Uday - Trick Two blank cards and the 4 of Hearts and 4 of Clubs are shown, front and back. The two fours are placed into a unprepared envelope which is then sealed. The two blanks are dropped into an empty container. The performer causes the spots on the two cards in the envelope held by a spectator to travel to
Out of stock. $2.25
Buddha Mystery by Uday - Tricks An object vanishes or changes when wrapped in these papers.
In stock. $1.50
buddha kids
Mirror Glass by Uday - Trick Anything placed inside the glass changes in a flash! Includes one glass cup.
In stock. $4.50
Utility Tube by Uday - Trick A great utility prop to switch silks or other items.
Out of stock. $2.51
Rice Bowls by Uday - Trick Rice multiplies and changes to water.Includes Aluminum bowls, gimmick, and instructional DVD
In stock. $23.25
Fanning Deck by Uday - Trick This pack is capable of showing many different colors and patterns. Four cards are provided which have totally new patterns on them, different from the rest of the pack.
Out of stock. $3.31
card close-up color-change stage street
Nudist Deck by Uday - Trick Blank cards shown very clearly. A full deck of cards shown with the fronts and the backs of individual cards. Then a face appears on one card, but with no back. Then a back appears, without a face. Eventually, faces and backs are all fully printed on the deck.
In stock. $3.75
Svengali Deck by Uday - Trick With this deck you can force a card or perform dozens of tricks without any skill.
In stock. $3.75
card close-up street walk-around
Silk On Sash by Uday - Trick A sash is shown. Another silk is vanished. The sash is picked up by one end and quickly flicked in the air. The silk is seen genuinely tied on to the sash at the center !
In stock. $9.00
Star Paddle by Uday - Trick Plastic paddle is shown with a red star on both sides. The star than changes colors again and again total of four colors.
In stock. $2.21
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