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Smart Cubes (Large / Stage) by Taiwan Ben
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You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them.

In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the second column of cubes exactly the opposite. You cover one of the columns and instantly the cubes match the other column. The audience can see both columns of cubes in exactly the same number sequence.

Next, you bring out a clear plastic tube and ask a spectator to place the blocks in the clear tube. You place your tube over your column of cubes and instantly they are in the same sequence as the spectators. No matter how you build the cube column the other will magically arrange itself to match it.

Whether it shows only the even or odd numbers forward, mixed, jumbled or just plain out of order the other column matches the hap hazard stack. The cubes from BOTH columns can be separated and the cubes shown as separate pieces.


  • 1 opaque tube
  • 1 clear tube
  • 12 individual numbered cubes Gimmicks
  • Variations Moves and tips
  • Complete Routine with Video Instruction
Special thanks : David Wu (2013 JAPAN CUP Close-up Champion)

DVD instructions will contain "one man routine" and "two men routine" step by step.

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A great finish for a old idea Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 2nd, 2014
I really hesitated to buy the smart cubes because of the price.
But now I am glad as it is for me the best version of the is trick. It doesn' t look like a kids show, it looks elegant. the cubes are great to handle and its easy to learn. The whole routine wroks fluid.
The DVD shows different routines and is well made.
If you have the possibility to perform ot with a little blacklight in front of it right below the table and a fitting piece of music this kicks it.
Its not for close up and you need sitting people 6 feet away from you.
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Classy Looking But Be Prepared for Breaks Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2017
First off, this looks nice and modern and not suspicious looking at all. I also like the clear tube as I don't see anyone else making this with that. I am taking off one star for:
1) My first one I received had 3 breaks in the support tube, it looked bad. There is a business card with an email contact so I emailed them about the problem and if they would send me a replacement grey tape I would try to fix it. They never responded. Penquin replaced this Smart Cubes.
The other star off is because:
2) I dropped one gimmick on a carpeted floor and it broke in two. I observed another gimmick that DIDN'T fall on the and it was halfway broken. I am attempting to epoxy them together again. The gimmicks are what I would call "dollar store plastic toy quality." This is unacceptable at this price point.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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