As performed by David Blaine, Derren Brown and more. This is the "touches" routine the pros use.

3 Way Coloring Book POCKET Royal Effect:The magician takes out a mini coloring book and as he flips through it, he shows them images of black and white line drawings. He then says a few magic words and flips through it again to reveal the images magically colored in! Then to top it off, he flips through the book one last time and r
In stock. $2.81
Mouth Coil (12 coils) 50 Ft each By Bazar de Magia - Trick Contains 12 paper mouthcoils, each 50-feet long.
In stock. $6.75
Bounce No Bounce PRO presented by Dan Harlan (2 SETS OF BALLS) A trick so good, you can do it anywhere from a bar to a family show. Now, even on the largest stage. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
In stock. $39.95
Mac King LIVE (Instant Download) The world's BEST comedy magician came to Penguin LIVE! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
Peanut Butter and Jelly PRO presented by Dan Harlan (Download + Gimmicks) ALL NEW PRO PRESENTATION. The family-show trick pros swear by. HILARIOUS, visual & easy-to-do.
In stock. $79.95
Magic Coloring Book by Vincenzo Di Fatta Magic - Trick Magic Coloring Book by Di Fatta MagicWith this magic coloring book, the magician will be able to take the audience by surprise and show them a book that starts out BLANK...and MYSTERIOUSLY has black and white drawings and then just as MYSTERIOUSLY every image is in FULL COLOR.Featuring wild animals
In stock. $4.50
Pizza Paddle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Rob Thompson - Trick One of the biggest challenges for kids magicians is finding powerful CLOSE-UP effects for children. The Pizza Paddle is the newest, best solution we've ever seen. With nothing more than the simple paddle move (learned within minutes on the instructional video) you'll be able to interact with kids up
In stock. $25.00
Mouth Coil 50ft (12/Rainbow) by Premuim Magic - Trick A slim version of the classic mouth coil which is so popular among magicians. This slim version is easier to hide in hand or in mouth.These are made up of tissue paper and therefore handle carefully to avoid wetting and tearing during performance. There are 12 coils in a pack and each coil can be us
In stock. $9.00
Mouth Coil 25 Ft by Cresey (Multicolor) Available in both 25' and 50' foot lengths, these are the most popular Cresey mouth coil. The bright colors show up great even from a distance. Each package contains 12 non-reusable coils.
In stock. $15.00
The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Black by Bond Lee - Trick Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.Shipped directly from Hong Kong.It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.The best appearing can you will ever
In stock. $41.25
Devil's Hank Pro - Black (corner version) by Sumit chhajer The Devil's Hank is a magicians utility accessory. It has been in the industry for decades because of its extremely simple and effective way to vanish, exchange or produce small objects.A handkerchief is shown freely on both sides. The four corners are gathered to form an improvised bag, and the obj
Out of stock. $14.96
Silly Wand trick - Silly Billy An 8" wand turns into a twisty, silly wand that is 28" long. Comes with a booklet of 100 gags and bits of business that you can do with the wand. Use it like a trouble bit, spell letters and numbers.Silly Billy's favorite bit is to hand it to your child helper. It stretches out and everyone laughs.
In stock. $11.25
M.P.H. by Joshua Jordan (Instant Download) This will "fry" your spec'tators'!
In stock. $45.00
JUMBO Inflatable Wands - Silly Billy  Easily inflate this jumbo (2 feet x 3 inches) self-sealing magic wand without the need for a pump, and you have a great giveaway for kids shows. Package includes 10 wands and a booklet with Silly Billy's own hilarious routine. Kids love it! Great giveaway item!
In stock. $11.25
Super Sized Silly by David Kaye - Book Big News! Announcing the long-awaited brand new book from Silly Billy. It's called Super Sized Silly. That's because it weighs in at an impressive 400 pages! It contains 75 lessons to make you a better kid show magician, plus 150 routines by 100 different magicians. With 150 routines, you can create
In stock. $60.00
Kid's Party Magic by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD INCLUDES ACCESS TO 3 ONLINE TEACH-IN VIDEOS AN INCREDIBLE BOOK FOR CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINERS Kids Party Magic is a practical book of magic for children's magicians. It contains entertaining and many original tricks that you can add to your show right away. Included are themed tricks around Easter and
In stock. $9.99
Colossal Magic Coloring Book by Danny Orleans - Trick This is big! It's really big! - and when you're doing kids shows, bigger is better. That's why Danny Orleans has performed his Colossal Coloring Book routine in every kids show he's done for the past 30 years. Now he's made it available to the magic community. This is a professional prop for profess
In stock. $44.95
Solari's Miser Miracle by Bob Solari - Trick Supplied with a stainless steel mini coin pail, a giant size half dollar coin 3" in diameter and a normal half dollar incorporated into a special gimmick. The illustrated instruction sheet explains the routine and walks the performer through the two 'moves' involved in working the effect. Performer
In stock. $29.95
No Tear by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD The classic No Tear torn and restored newspaper now comes complete with a full instructional dvd. EffectShow several torn pieces of newspaper, read a joke from each piece. In the blink of an eye the pieces restore into a full newspaper.The paper can be shown both back and front, this looks amazing.
In stock. $18.75
Rising Wand by Alan Wong - Trick Classic magic wand that rises or jump out of your hand on command.Easy to do and perfect for supply to magic class for beginners.
In stock. $2.96
Bring Back the Schtick (2 DVD Set) by Quentin Reynolds - DVD Possibly the most valuable DVD you will ever own if you perform or are planning to perform magic in your shows for children. You want to develop a well-structured show that is so much fun to perform, even if you've never done a show in your life (so well structured that even with a nasty dose of flu
In stock. $26.25
Vanishing Crayons by Mr. Magic - Trick This is a nice little trick that goes very well with children. It is best done in combination with any coloring effects like Coloring Book, Coloring Happy Birthday Silk etc.EFFECT: The magician shows a box of wax crayons. The crayons can be seen through the cut out window on one side of the box. Wit
In stock. $2.96
Sponge Magic Wand from Magic by Gosh You know about sponge balls and sponge rabbits. Now, here's a Sponge Magic Wand! Imagine your audience's surprise when you announce, "For me to do my greatest magic, I'll of course need my magic wand." You then bring out (or produce) your giant Sponge Magic Wand! Perfect opener! Then, use the Sponge
In stock. $18.75
Professor's Nightmare (Instant Download) A powerful classic in magic is now available instantly! Ordinary ropes change lengths right before your spectator's eyes!
In stock. $5.95
Appearing Candle (White) - Trick A slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians.
In stock. $11.21
The Rising Cane (Multi-colors) - by JL Magic - Trick Rising Canes is a FUN and EASY way to perform miracles that get fantastic reactions from children all the way up to adults! A small coin purse is shown to the audience. The purse is opened and out comes a GIANT cane! The magician makes a magical gesture and ANOTHER GIANT cane is pulled out of the co
In stock. $22.46
Kids & Family Magic Shows Made Easy by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD Born into a showbiz family, Royle made his stage debut as Flap the Clown at age 3, and performed on Gandey's Circus. To date, he is rapidly approaching 40 years of experience performing for children's parties and family-friendly style events. His father, Tizzy the Clown, has over 60 years' experienc
In stock. $20.00
David Kaye LIVE (Silly Billy) (Instant Download) One of the most astonishing children's entertainers in the world came to Penguin for an amazing 3-hour live event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
Shrinking Glove by Samuel P. Smith This makes a wonderful warm-up routine for young audiences.You begin wearing a pair of knit gloves. Remove the gloves, give one to a child. Then say the magic words, and the glove has shrunk! A very funny effect and a wonderful, magical happening right in their hands!As part of the Sammy Signatures
In stock. $9.00
Evaporation by Louie Foxx - Trick Evaporation - A Totally New Way to Vanish Liquid"It's time to throw away your grandpa's milk pitcher, and get ready for Evaporation! This is brand new method for making liquid disappear!About a year ago I began creating Evaporation out of a need to make some liquid disappear. Evaporation's uniquie g
In stock. $35.00
Silk to Rabbit by Alan Wong - Trick Show a white silk, tuck it into your hand and change the silk into a rabbit! Very easy to do and funny to watch! Comes with one rubber rabbit and a small white 100% silk handkerchief. Rubber Rabbit Dimension Approximately 2 x 2 x 1 1/2(5.08cm x 5.08cm x 3.81cm) Silk Dimension Approximately 8 x 8 (20
In stock. $10.00
Smart Cubes (Large / Stage) by Taiwan Ben - Trick You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the second column of cubes exactly the opposite. You cover one of the columns and instantly the cubes match the other column. The audience can see both columns o
In stock. $206.25
Wonder Orchestra (Piano / Loud) by King of Magic - Trick This is a whole new system and shape evolved from Handysounds, which has been a big hit around the world.How do you play music without musical instruments?Nowadays it's not so hard to find apps for it; however, you will have an ability to play music with everyday objects without apps if you were a m
In stock. $17.62
Blink Thumb by Himitsu Magic - Trick Blink Thumb, is more than just another thumb-tip.With this prop you will be in control of the lightFeatures:Bright LED Light No DELAY Rechargeable Easy to carry and concealNOTE: This product's charger is a STANDARD USA 110 plug and for all overseas vendors you will need to check your local regulatio
In stock. $29.96
Sponge Bread (four slices) by Alan Wong - Trick Sponge Bread by Alan Wong This sponge sandwich bread looks so real you will be tempted to eat them! Wide range of magic applications and here are just a few great ideas and lots of comedy: Make them appear and disappear and change places Do a 3 bread repeat routine Do a flying bread routine (as flyi
In stock. $18.75
Rubber Chicken by Loftus The Original Rubber ChickenRealistic. 19" long by 3.5" wideStretch Your Laughs
In stock. $5.70
A Trip to The Circus by George Iglesias & Twister Magic - Trick Inspired by Master Magician Mr. David Copperfield and the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederic Culpit from England.George Iglesias brings us now his kids version, after the success of the launching of "A Trip to Cancun" the adult version. Now George bring us this v
In stock. $85.00
Production Umbrella (Multi-Color) by Mr. Magic - Trick The Multicolor Umbrella has different colors printed on the cloth. The product does not have a switch button which means it will be opened automatically as soon as it is pulled out. A truly interesting product that can easily be used for any magic performances.
In stock. $11.21
Zipper Change Bag Ickle (Red) (RED) EffectWith the Ickle Pickle One-Handed bag, the secret move can be done so quickly that your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it`s vanished or changed!
In stock. $30.00
Paddle Magic (with gimmicks) by Keith Fields - Trick This DVD contains 3 paddle routines including what some have called 'The best Paddle trick in the World!' This routine alone is worth the price of the DVD and will quickly become one of your favorite close-up tricks and you'll always carry it with you. Easy to do and brilliantly routine to provid
In stock. $15.00
Frosted Appearing Straw by Lloyd Mobley - Trick Super sized 8 ft straw! Perfect for any production!
In stock. $24.38
Appearing Cane (Metal / Black) by Handsome Criss Taiwan Ben Magic - Trick This is the best cane on the market today. Materials, craftsmanship and smooth action sets this cane apart from the rest! Each cane is hand inspected before going out.The package includes the Appearing Cane with online detailed Instructional Video.Video Contents:How to prepare the Appearing Cane Met
Out of stock. $33.75
LIAR (DVD & Gimmicks) by Robert Baxt - Trick The lie detector is a classic comedy premise that can now be done by anyone, singlehandedly, with a supplied gimmick that's extra loud for extra laughs!Robert Baxt shows on this DVD how to easily and inexpensively make this gimmick into a security metal detector looking prop, along with examples of
In stock. $49.95
Chinese Sticks by Di Fatta - Trick Chinese Sticks by Di Fatta MagicThis item is one of the cornerstones in magic, a timeless classic. Chinese sticks suit any kind of performance and any kind of audience, although this illusion has the best outcome when performed in front of children it is still a great tool to have in your magic kit.
In stock. $7.46
Appearing Candle (Red) - Trick A slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians.
In stock. $11.21
Auto Appearing Neck Tie by Sumit Chhajer - Trick Are you looking for a unique magic trick which is completely visual and instant!.....This is it ... AUTO NECK-TIEJust Imagine, you have the possibility to magically produce a Neck Tie.Just imagine if you are on stage, forgot to wear a neck Tie, and magically produce it!Don't panic if you don't know
Out of stock. $14.96
JL Wand by JL Magic - Trick The JL Wand is a worker's dream. It is easy to assemble and disassemble with durable finishes which are thoroughly thought out to be both rugged and functional. Very adaptable; this wand can be made to different lengths of 20cm or 33cm. Easy to carry with you. Properly weighted for ease of handling.
In stock. $26.21
Fire Book by Tora Magic - Trick Produced and Designed by Tora Magic CompanyAn astonishing item! Can be used both in grim or funny programs. Open an ordinary text book, while reading a certain page, suddenly, the book is on fire with huge flames on end. The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the book to put it out. You may claim t
In stock. $29.96
Kids Show Masterplan by Danny Orleans and Vanishing Inc - Book Danny Orleans' new book is destined to become the modern-day guide to performing magic for children.Combining his classroom experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher with over 40 years of performing magic for children in schools, museums, libraries, private parties and theaters, Danny Orlea
In stock. $50.00
Throw Streamers Multi (30 Head / 10 pk.) by Alan Wong - Trick These are utility throw streamers for stage performance at an affordable price yet comes packed with a big load.Each throw streamer contains 30 heads of weighted coil each measures over 15 feet in length. Will add instant climax to any shows as your opening or closing effect. Also good for any child
In stock. $29.95
David Kaye LIVE (Silly Billy) (DVD) One of the most astonishing children's entertainers in the world came to Penguin for an amazing 3-hour live event.
In stock. $29.95
Hare Raising Experience from Magic by Gosh Two large (5.5 inches tall) sponge rabbits are shown to the audience. A volunteer selects one of the rabbits, which is placed into the volunteer's hand. The other rabbit is placed in the magician's pocket. After a pause and some funny business, the volunteer is asked to open her hand. Out pops two r
In stock. $5.62
Kennard Box Mystery by Mr. Magic - Trick This is a classic close-up item you would love to use in your show!A brass ring is placed on the floor of a small wooden box. The front and back doors of the box are closed. A mini magic wand is placed in the slotted holes existing on the side walls of the box with the ends of the wand protruding ou
In stock. $14.96
Card Fountain X (Remote) by W - Trick Cards flying in the air is one of the most classic images in magic. A strong remote signal and strong motor make this Cards fountain a utility that will last you a lifetime. This utility is great for ALL types of performers, from performing on the street to doing Kids Shows! Unlimited uses! CardsPap
Out of stock. $110.00
SPOTS Routine, Script & DVD by Bill Abbott - Trick "When I was 14 years old I saw Michael Ross perform at the anniversary party of a local magic shop here in Toronto. One of the pieces he performed was his original presentation and handling for the spot card that baffled me completely. Even though I had a version of the same prop at home, Michael se
In stock. $49.95
Color Change Dove Frame by Jaehoon Lim - Trick The picture of a dove in the black frame changes its color 3 times in a row. And as the last picture disappears the picture of the dove changes to a real dove.This is a considerably visual effective item that can catch applause from the audience.Included:Color Change Dove Frame.Gimmick(Including eve
In stock. $262.50
Professional Linking Ropes by Jeremy Pei - Trick A true reputation maker that looks like real magic! Jeremy Pei has created a fantastic routine that plays for all performers!Stage, parlor, close-up, Street, Anywhere! 4 high quality, colored ropes are used. This is a complete act that packs flat and plays BIG!!!
Out of stock. $29.96
Realistic Latex Dove - Trick Perfect for productions, vanishes, switches, etc. This is a very realistic looking dove! Looks good even from a very short distance!
In stock. $11.25
Color Changing and Vanishing Cane (Black to Red) - Trick Magician walks on stage with a Solid Black Cane in hand. He takes a silk and gently rubs it on the entire cane, and magically the cane changes its color from Black to Red. Then just as magically the magician makes the cane vanish!
In stock. $29.96
Twin Dice Towers by Joker Magic - Trick The magician has the spectator examine two tubes and eight colorful, big dice (there are two of every color).The spectator puts the dice into a gift bag, and after shuffling them, they draw one die at a time from the bag - alternating with the magician - and place them into each tube.While doing thi
In stock. $56.25
Cakes and Adders (DVD and Gimmicks Parlor Size) by Gary Dunn and World Magic Shop - DVD A Professional 5 minute routine that will both entertain and astound your family audience. Every child loves a Snake on their Birthday... Sorry did I say Snake? I think I meant Cake! Let the fun begin. The Snake just keeps coming back - provoking much hilarity and amazement from your audience until
In stock. $41.70
Multiplying Bananas (5 piece) - Trick With this effect the magician will be able to produce bananas from thin air.Then the magician can turn one banana into two, and then make those into smaller bananas...Included:2 Large Sponge Bananas3 Small Sponge Bananas
In stock. $22.46
Color Changing Rubik by Tora Magic - Trick This Product was produced and designed by Tora Magic Company.First, you show a Mixed Rubik's Cube to audience and put it in a box.Then, get The Rubik's Cube out of the box but The Mixed Rubik's Cube has changed into a Solved Rubik's Cube!Now, put The Solved Rubik's Cube inside the box. This time it
In stock. $112.50
COMEDY MAGIC TEXTBOOK HB by Roper & David Ginn - Book Over the space of 248 pages hardbound, author David Roper looks at comedy magic from every possible angle, backed by 20 years of research and experience, putting down his conclusions in theory as well as practical application. You'll learn not only how to mix comedy with magic, but you'll find dozen
In stock. $20.00
Sword Swallowing by Premium Magic - Trick This gimmick is a new twist on a age-old Sword Swallowing trick, performed by many street magicians over the years.This product will take your performance to the next level, you will shock and amaze your audience when you swallow a sword.The supplied Sword is made of stainless steel,and is a special
In stock. $19.95
Production Silk 16"x16" (Thank You) by Mr. Magic - Trick These silks are manufactured for various different types of magic shows.An imaginative magician will find new was to incorporate these into his shows. This Thank You silk is very colorful.
In stock. $7.50
The Incredible Growing Sponge Tomato by Under Magic - Trick Jumbo Tomato for your final routine with Sponge Tomatoes by Mag Malastruc, these tomatoes are created using Goshman Spongeballs.All the strength and versatility of the magic sponge now turned into tomatoes! This tomato resizes instantly and can visually pass as a normal sized Tomato or a Jumbo Tomat
In stock. $37.46
Beyond Look, Don't See: Furthering the Art of Children's Magic by Christopher T. Magician - Book If you are a children's/family entertainer this book is a must have!Delve into NYC magician Christopher T. Magician's proven and practical techniques for establishing more memorable magic presentations.You are cordially invited beyond the red velvet rope for an up-close and personal tour through the
In stock. $35.00
Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere (Ultra Soft) by Goshman Two foam rabbits are shown, the "Mama" rabbit is placed into a the spectator's hand, and the "Papa" rabbit is placed in the magician's pocket. Somehow, the "Papa" rabbit jumps into the spectator's hand! The two rabbits are placed back into the spectator's hand, and when the spectator opens their han
In stock. $2.06
SSS (2015 Edition) by Shin Lim - Trick *This is a retaught version of the original SSS. All the gimmicks are the same as in the original SSS. "That is the only use of smoke I've seen in a magic trick that was sincerely beautiful."- Penn Jillette S.S.S (Sleeveless Silent Smoke) is Shin Lim's signature effect that he uses in his 2 time FIS
In stock. $29.95
Metamorpho Spots by Mr. Magic - Trick Effect and Presentation: The magician (that's you!) displays an empty black can with white spots, and two silks - one black, and another white."This is a white silk dyed black, and this is a black silk dyed white" he says, "and this is my black and white transformation tank, which will make the whit
In stock. $18.71
Milk Jug by Uday The Milk Jug is a classic magic prop that can be used to visibly pour out a liquid and vanish it. With this Milk Jug you show the Jug to be full of milk. Visibly pour the milk in a paper cone and then vanish the milk from the paper cone.
In stock. $8.25
A Tony Christmas Magic Show by Tony Chris - DVD Tony Chris presents his Christmas children and family magic show for schools and corporate events that has made him one of the most in-demand children's entertainers in all of Canada. In this DVD, he will perform 3 separate shows in front of live audiences in the school system and from his corporate
In stock. $26.25
Gag Bag Set by Ickle Pickle - Trick Effect:A bag is shown inside and out and then again and then again and then once more. Each time the bag is shown inside out the inside in a different design. Finally a banana or two or three are produced from the bag.
In stock. $45.00
Brown E's (50 piece) by Magic by Gosh - Trick A bag of 50 sponge E's! Perfect for any sponge routine or production!
In stock. $13.76
Trade Show Shells - Trick Simply the best set of shells on the market. The School for Scoundrels Street Shells are cast in museum-quality plastic resin in a natural walnut shell color for the look, feel and sound of real walnut shells. The shells are expertly designed by Whit Haydn, and include little-known features such a
In stock. $371.25
Egg and Dove Mystery (Two Egg) - Trick With this product you will amaze and shock your audience by turning an egg into a dove. You will leave the audience wondering how you did it...Included:2 Sponge Eggs1 Sponge Dove
In stock. $18.75
Magic Dave's Magic Class by David Williamson - DVD Award winning professional magician David Williamson teaches you amazing magic tricks that are fun to learn and easy to do! In this trick-filled DVD, Magic Dave shares the secrets of 20 astonishing mysteries with detailed, easy to follow instructions.Using ordinary objects like pencils, strings and
In stock. $20.00
Superior Hydrostatic Glasses by Steve Dick - Trick The Hydrostatic glass is a classic effect in magic and there must be 100's of marketed versions. We like the fact that this comes with a regular Drinking Glass (16oz) that is actually glass (not plastic).Many professionals like Bob Sheets and Alan Shaxon use it in their working repertoire because th
In stock. $55.00
Reel Magic Episode 37 (Asi Wind) In this issue:Feature Asi WindJohn Lovick sits down with Asi Wind to talk about art, magic and creating an impossible moment.ColumnsBill Wisch - OnSlydiniBill shows us an S.O.C. trick!Kainoa Harbottle - Coin UKainoa talks about how "A Whack on the Side of the Head" helped him get creative with a co
In stock. $12.00
Cakes and Adders (DVD and Gimmicks Poker size) by Gary Dunn and World Magic Shop - DVD A Professional 5 minute routine that will both entertain and astound your family audience.Every child loves a Snake on their Birthday... Sorry did I say Snake? I think I meant Cake! Let the fun begin.The Snake just keeps coming back - provoking much hilarity and amazement from your audience until th
In stock. $33.50
The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Red by Bond Lee - Trick Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.Shipped directly from Hong Kong.It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.The best appearing can you will ever
In stock. $41.25
The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Green by Bond Lee - Trick Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.Shipped directly from Hong Kong.It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.The best appearing can you will ever
In stock. $41.25
The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) White by Bond Lee - Trick Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.Shipped directly from Hong Kong.It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.The best appearing can you will ever
In stock. $41.25
Silk to Bottle Deluxe! by JL Magic - Trick Magician brings empty cylinder, empty bottle, wand and silk.Magician shows that the cylinder and bottle are empty to the audience, or so it seems...Now the magician puts the bottle into the cylinder, and then shows his audience a silk. Now the magician gives the signal and the silk disappears, Where
In stock. $93.75
Phil Van Tee is El Ropo DVD Volume 1 by Phil Van Tee Black Rabbit Series Issue #3 - DVD Phil Van Tee - also known as the zany "El Ropo" - has performed over 16,000 shows in 40 years, was nominated for the "Parlour Magician of the Year" Award by the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in 2012, and is the 1st Place Winner of the Magic Castle's 2009 Strolling Magic Olympics. In thi
In stock. $24.99
Vanishing Cane (Black) - Trick Magician walks onto the stage with a Solid Black Cane; he then magically makes it disappear.
In stock. $14.96
Thought Bubbles by Tim Sonefelt - Trick What if your audience could see what you're thinking? Now they can with Wonder Imagery's Thought Bubbles. Someone makes a funny comment - the audience SEES you thinking "LOL!" Someone takes a photo of you - everyone SEES you thinking "I'm on Facebook!" You have someone pick a card - the audience SEE
In stock. $49.95
Flash Production Box (6") - Trick The magician shows a crystal clear box that is empty, and upon command a bunch of colorful flowers appear inside the box.Note: Flowers DO NOT come with this product. (Sold Separately)
In stock. $29.96
Jumping Stool - Trick The assistant brings a folding stool out and places it on the stage.The performer presses on one side of the stool with his leg, and when his leg is withdrawn the stool takes its shape... and jumps about 5-6 feet in the air. The performer grabs the falling stool and places it on the stage floor.Incl
Out of stock. $52.46
Appearing Broom by Wood Crafters - Trick The Appearing Broom is ONLY 4 feet long, so it makes it perfect for CLOSE-UP Production.
In stock. $24.71
SAFETY MAGIC FOR CHILDREN HB by K.Wagner & David Ginn - Book KARL WAGNER, veteran of over 10,000 school shows across the USA, has written the first textbook on performing safety message magic. Not only does Karl offer you dozens of kid show routines that are both FUN and FUNNY, but he teaches you how to inject safety messages (or ANY messages) into many stand
In stock. $20.00
CHILDREN LAUGH LOUDER (w/DVD) by David Ginn - Book Out of print for nearly 10 years, Children Laugh Louder is now back with some of David Ginn's best routines: the Color Changing Shoelaces, Silk Illusion, Popaway Wand, Comedy Bits with Audience Helpers, Trap Door, Magic Words, Purple Puppy Chow, Dog By That Name, Bowing Contest, Shooting Card Trick,
In stock. $15.00
LAUGHTER LEGACY HB by David Ginn - Book The most unusual patter book ever published in the field of magic and comedy. Created from Gene Gordon's comedy notebooks he kept (handwritten) for over 40 years, this new hardbound book features 1300 jokes, gags, one-liners, quips, and bits of comedy wisdom for use by comedians, magicians, clowns,
In stock. $20.00
The Breakaway Flower by Alan Wong - Trick A new comedy version of the classic breakaway wand routine now using a large red rose! You hold a large, long stem rose and hand it to a spectator and immediately it falls down, dangling around like it is wilted. You take it back and restore it to life by blowing onto it. Or ask spectator to blow on
In stock. $19.95
Bag to Blendo (Large / stage) - by Mr. Magic This is an excellent visual effect. The performer presents a solid colored bag from all sides. The bag is about 11" square. Now 4 different colored hankies are dropped into the bag. The bag is given a shake and in an instant it visibly transforms into a large silk foulard of the same four colors! As
In stock. $22.46
Mystic Cone by Mr. Magic - Trick This is a nice little trick that is used to produce, vanish or change: silk handkerchief's/ silk ribbons/ playing cards or similar items.You may use this product to make an handkerchief disappear or change color by just placing it in the empty cone. Rings of ribbon may get linked or produce a good n
In stock. $11.21
Cups and Drinks by Lucian - Trick Differing from the conventional water vanishing routine,"Cups and Drinks" can make liquid disappear and reappear without any chemical substances used in the process. Thus, you can demonstrate the magical effect unlimitedly according to your routine. Besides, the principles and manipulation of "Cups
In stock. $35.00
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 2 by Paul Osborne - book An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - All new props and routines are included:Bully CardsTrapdoorClown CameraOld Glory PourAwsome Can of CafristanRo
In stock. $18.75
Handy Sound 2.0 (Coin Sounds / Loud) - Trick HandySound 2.0 is a great sound device that is an improved version of HandySound Coin type that sold more than 10,000 units in around the world.The difference is its sound volume, so it is perfect for performances at huge venue or noisy space.Handy Sound 2.0 adds something a little extra to every pe
In stock. $11.25
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