Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

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This is an outrageous Cyber Monday for us. We're announcing one of the coolest tricks of the year today PLUS over $400 in gifts you can earn.

This sale goes until Wednesday at midnight, or until things sell-out. And based on black friday, we won't make it to wednesday.

PART ONE: New magic. Stargate by Roddy McGhie will fry your brain, it's that good. Create a transdimensional portal in your card box and stick your sharpie through it... then hand everything out!

PART TWO: We're giving you over $400 in free magic gifts when you shop today. The hand-picked gifts are down below.


PART FOUR: All Tarbell lessons are 50% off today, only $9.95 each! The best way to learn magic in the history of the world, at the lowest price it's ever been!

PART FIVE: An all new deal, Ultimate Choose Five for $99. Add ANY five best-selling products to your cart from this enormous list and the price for all of them will magically become $99. Products range from $25 all the way up to $100. Plus we added more products to the list TODAY.

PART SIX: 50% off on 2,000 products, many of which won't be reprinted.


$400 IN MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! Get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for, over $400 in free magic gifts. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

Orders over $20 - Gary Darwin was one of the most passionate magic teachers I've ever known, and he passed away this last year. He is synonymous with the words "magic club" in Las Vegas. He welcomed anyone who loved magic, and always had time for new magicians. MFMDVD is his introduction to the art he loves. Let his passion for magic inspire you, and after you watch it, gift it forward. He was an amazing man.

Orders over $30 get a brilliant trick from Josh Burch called My Christmas List in the brand new December issue of Penguin Magic Monthly! Limited Edition.

Orders over $40 also get a free soft case for your cards, Sockman's Original Playing Card Socks.

Orders over $50 also get a free pack of Loops by Yigal Mesika, the #1 wayprofessional magicians float stuff. ($40 value)

Orders over $60 also get a brand new Bicycle Elite deck in red. You need to feel these cards, they're the best card playing cards ever.

Orders over $70 also get The Classic Force by Paul Green. Do you do the classic force? You should be! And this is the #1 best way to perfect it.

Orders over $80 also get a best-of Tarbell DVD featuring personally hand-picked lessons from Dan Harlan. Take your magic to the next level, and master the fundamentals at the same time.

Orders over $90 get Very Best of Modern Coin Magic. This is the best parts of Bobo's "bible of coin magic", taught and demonstrated on video.

Orders over $100 get a free Heinstein Shuffle. You need a good false shuffle, and this is one of the best!

Orders over $120 get a free Balloon School with Joe Montella. This is the best balloon sculpting video we've seen. Joe's a master and he'll get you from zero to pro in no time. Literally, you'll be able to do gigs making balloon animals after watching this one DVD.

Orders over $150 get a free Self-Working Card Tricks DVD by Jay Noblezada. It has some of the all-time best card tricks you can do, and they're all self-working!

Orders over $180 get a free Hands Off by Patrick Redford. This is one of the best "any card at any number" tricks ever. Clever as heck and uses a normal deck!

Orders over $210 get a free infinity bend, one of the most innovative coin bends I've ever seen. It's genius.

Orders over $240 get Coin Under Watch by Oz Pearlman, a truly must-have trick where a coin vanishes and ends up under your spectator's watch. You will love it, and so will your audiences.

Orders over $270 get Triumph by Oz Pearlman. One of the all-time best card routines, taken to a whole new level. This is something of beauty to aspire to. Oz's Emerge Triumphant is the best version of triumph I've ever seen.

Orders over $300 get What Am I thinking by Marc Spelmann. One of the best mentalists in the world teaches you his favorite impromptu miracles. Practical miracles you'll be using.

Orders over $350 - Greed by Danny Garcia. The best money changing routine, and one of our all time best sellers.

Orders over $400 - Minotaur by Dan Harlan. This $60 2-dvd set is a treasure chest of creative magic. Probably the best collection of great magic you've never heard of.

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Wednesday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!


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