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1. Orders over $10 get: ($5 value) - Twins by Brother John Hamman presented by Michael Ammar: Tell a compelling story while IMPOSSIBLE things happen. Everything is examinable and uses ordinary cards.

2. Physical orders over $30 get: ($15 value) - The Top-of-Box issue of Penguin Magic Monthly! Learn 5 tricks with the secret included gimmick from Shaun Robison, Jason Dean and more, plus how to change people into penguins with Franz Harary!

3. Orders over $50 get: ($20 value) - Follow the Leader presented by Roberto Giobbi: An incredibly powerful yet EASY-TO-DO card trick with ANY DECK that will make you look like a sleight-of-hand EXPERT.

4. Physical orders over $75 get: ($30 value) - Winter Star Playing Cards: A beautiful new classic-style deck of cards with a holiday theme, featuring elements of pine trees, presents, snowflakes and of course, stars.

5. Orders over $100 get: ($40 value) - BJ4 by Hanson Chien: The strongest version of jumping rubber-band EVER.

6. Orders over $125 get: ($50 value) - Sleeveless in Seattle by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt: The most MIND-WARPING trick to ever hit a coffeeshop.

7. Orders over $150 get: ($60 value) - The Intuition Test by Larry Hass: A diabolical prediction where your spectator makes ALL the decisions.. they even choose the prediction!!

8. Orders over $175 get: ($70 value) - Manhattan Transfer by Max Maven: They can lie OR tell the truth. You find the card every single time. You don't even need to see the cards. Easy to do, impossible to figure out.

9. Physical orders over $200 get: ($78 value) - TIES: The Invisible Elastic System: Levitate objects with confidence, this is the secret weapon pros use. Includes 10 TIES and a 2-hour instructional video FULL of tricks.

10. Orders over $225 get: ($88 value) - The Modern Mindreader by Hewitt presented by Richard Osterlind: A showpiece Osterlind's been perfecting for 40 years. Read the minds of your entire audience with this 20 minute act that fits in your pocket!

11. Physical orders over $250 get: ($188 value) - Glider Back Playing Cards (Black): Limited to only 500 decks, the ultra rare collectible edition of one of our most popular decks of all time.

12. Orders over $275 get: ($198 value) - Heads Up by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan: Have your spectator mix some coins so even THEY don't know what is under their hand. Somehow you know with 100% accuracy!

13. Orders over $300 get: ($208 value) - ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 06: Semi-Automatic Card At Number: From complete randomness comes one of the most fooling card miracles we've ever experienced. A masterclass for pros and serious enthusiasts.

14. Orders over $325 get: ($218 value) - Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt: A 2-phase voodoo trick where whatever you draw on one sleeve appears on the other. Completely examinable at the end.

15. Orders over $350 get: ($228 value) - Pivotal Peek by Ryan Schlutz: This is the peek the pros use, immediately after getting fooled by it. Secretly learn what card ANYONE picks.

16. Orders over $375 get: ($243 value) - 8-Bit Coin Magic by Tom Crosbie: Sit down, or these 4 visual tricks will knock you on your butt.

17. Orders over $400 get: ($258 value) - Take Note by Seamus Maguire presented by Atlas Brookings: The best NEW method for reading minds in years. Fools pros and amateurs alike.

18. Orders over $425 get: ($273 value) - Kill Bill by Ari Bhojez presented by Dan Harlan: A torn and restored card using a signed borrowed dollar bill.

19. Orders over $450 get: ($293 value) - Bulldog by Joel Dickinson: groundbreaking new method. A card in full view SINCE BEFORE THE TRICK is the card your spectator SIGNS DURING THE TRICK.

20. Orders over $500 get: ($323 value) - Visions by Marc Salem: One of the most successful mentalists in the world teaches TWO of his most powerful effects.

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Wednesday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!


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