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We want to hook you up with AWESOME trick this Cyber Monday. This incredible deal ends Thursday Nov 30th 2023.  $5 lightning deals running ALL DAY, PLUS over $350 in great magic gifts you can earn.

This sale goes until Thursday at midnight, or until things sell-out.

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PART FIVE: Choose Five for $99. Add ANY five best-selling products to your cart from this enormous list and the price for all of them will magically become $99. Products range from $25 all the way up to $100.

PART SIX: TEN NEW PRODUCTS. Some of the best new tricks we've ever seen!

1. DragonScale - One of the most advanced pieces of magic technology ever made. Its patented design unlocks secrets that were simply unavailable before today. Prepare to know everything.

2. The Amazing Johnathan’s Knife Through Arm - Stomach turning reactions - this looks REAL. Yet it defies all expectations. The blade is SOLID, EXAMINABLE, there's no tube of blood behind it. Brilliantly designed to fool and last a lifetime.

3. Executive Pad by Dennis Alm and Dick Barry - An elegant switching pad that is a mentalist’s new Swiss army knife.

4. Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono - Inside your wallet... is another wallet! Inside that wallet there's a ZIPPERED pocket. Inside THAT POCKET IS THEIR SIGNED CARD. They can even pull it out themselves! The easiest AND most powerful CTW.
Vegan Leather: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/19228
Genuine Leather: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/19229

5. On the Rise by Casshan Wallace - Make a SIGNED card appear on a deck you aren’t even touching. And it's immediately examinable! As seen on Fool Us!

6. Magic For Everyone - The best gift magic kit ever. Under $20 and you get the exact same caliber tricks the pros use! Enough to put on a whole magic show. Only great magic, no filler!

7. Houdini King of Cards Classic Magic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle - The iconic King of Cards poster from the golden age of magic is now a large high-quality jigsaw puzzle. 16x22" with 500 pieces.

8. Thurston Classic Magic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle - The iconic Thurston poster from the golden age of magic is now a large high-quality jigsaw puzzle. 17x25" with 500 pieces.

9. Corbie the Penguin Plushie - Jaw-droppingly cute. Mind-blowingly huggable. Completely examinable, no magnets, electronics, wires, or secret mechanisms of any kind! It does use thread though.. lots of thread.

10. Santa's Sleigh Ride Deck - Retro-inspired 8-Bit holiday cheer on an animating deck of cards!


Get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for, over $350 in free magic gifts. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

1. Orders over $10 get: ($10 value) - Billoon by Mark Jenest presented by Matthew Johnson: The PERFECT party trick. Push a borrowed, SIGNED bill straight through an INFLATED balloon.

2. Physical orders over $30 get: ($30 value) - Transporter Card by Rizki Nanda: A jaw-dropping illusion you can carry in your pocket! Make the middle of your finger disappear in the blink of an eye, then restore!

3. Orders over $50 get: ($40 value) - One Shot by Sebastian: The perfect bar trick. A impossible routine that uses a shot glass to keep a prediction in full view AND protected.

4. Physical orders over $75 get: ($55 value) - Santa's Sleigh Ride Deck: Retro 8-bit holiday vibes on an animating deck of cards! Riffle the deck and the snow falls!

5. Orders over $100 get: ($65 value) - Out Of This Zip Code by Erik Tait: The spectator perfectly guesses which cards are red and black... FROM A SHUFFLED DECK. No switches! Intended for serious card enthusiasts, this one takes a little practice but is an absolute stunner.

6. Orders over $125 get: ($75 value) - Attraction by Dan Harlan: Fool even the most skeptical audiences with this showpiece with a borrowed deck. A masterclass in card magic.

7. Orders over $150 get: ($85 value) - Hole Hopper by Jay Grill: Transfer a hole to a signed card your spectator is holding! Looks like real magic.

8. Orders over $175 get: ($95 value) - Westview by Jon Armstrong: Despite GENUINELY shuffling and mixing like crazy, 2 halves find their matching halves in your deck AND YOUR SPECTATOR'S.

9. Physical orders over $200 get: ($103 value) - TIES: The Invisible Elastic System: Levitate objects with confidence, this is the secret weapon pros use. Includes 10 TIES and a 2-hour instructional video FULL of tricks.

10. Orders over $225 get: ($113 value) - The Knowing by Mike Powers: A trick that fools everyone, using a secret even advanced magicians don't know. 21 cards are dealt, then things get IMPOSSIBLE.

11. Physical orders over $250 get: ($213 value) - Mystery Deck: Each deck in this Mystery series originally sold for $100 each and is unavailable for sale. Each box contains an ultra rare collectible deck, encased in a deluxe shell.

12. Orders over $275 get: ($223 value) - The World's Toughest Card Trick by Will Fern: This fools everyone. Not only do you find a chosen card from a shuffled deck, you do it 100% behind your back! A true reputation maker.

13. Orders over $300 get: ($233 value) - Thought of Card Location by Dani DaOrtiz (Chaos Project Chapter 10): A thought of card revelation that feels like real magic!

14. Orders over $325 get: ($243 value) - Buried Treasure by Allan Kronzek: Using a secret move created by Dai Vernon and flown under the radar for years, turn a deck of cards into an UNFORGETTABLE treasure map experience.

15. Orders over $350 get: ($253 value) - The Final Boss by Mark Calabrese: An incredible card prediction where your spectator handles the cards! Eliminate cards until there is only one: THE FINAL BOSS.

16. Orders over $375 get: ($268 value) - Unmarked Miracle by R. Paul Wilson: A perfect miracle with a borrowed shuffled deck. IMPOSSIBLE to reverse engineer and fools everyone. You and your spectator read each other's minds.

17. Orders over $400 get: ($283 value) - Foolish Cheater by Woody Aragon: An utterly baffling, 3-phase, 8-minute full act using the most hilarious marked deck you've ever seen. It's as fooling as it is funny.

18. Orders over $425 get: ($298 value) - $185 challenge by Mike Powers: A bullet-proof secret allows you to offer up to $100 of your money to anyone willing to play the game. They make ALL the choices, and yet you always win. A miracle that gets attention like no other!

19. Orders over $450 get: ($318 value) - Rubber Exchange 2.0 by Joe Rindfleisch: A complete masterclass on the Rubber Exchange miracle, including TONS of contributions, variations and updates.

20. Orders over $500 get: ($358 value) - Modern Wonder with Carisa Hendrix and Kayla Drescher: Tommy Wonder's marvelous ideas modernized for today's audiences. Carisa and Kayla give you polished routines you can add right into your show.

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Thursday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!


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