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Signature Invisible Deck by Scott Alexander
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This is Scott's killer Signature Invisible Deck routine that has been a staple of his show for over 20 years. Only in this version you can actually GIVE THE DECK AWAY at the end. Scott tipped some of the secrets on his live lecture but you get it all here!

Many spectators are hip to the Invisible Deck since it is splattered all over shopping malls, magic stores and even some discount dollar stores. You will not only floor laymen who are not familiar with this deck, but you will devastate those who think they know what you are doing.

Plus Scott includes tips on handling a standard Invisible Deck for those who have problems with the math, and especially spreading the selection. This is a real world workers version of the classic that will leave everyone not only laughing, but completely blown away. Comes with DVD Training, Sharpie and The Invisible Deck. Simply add a regular deck and your signature and you are all set.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 21st, 2019
Did anybody understand what the effect was about from watching the trailer and reading the description??

I can't believe I decided to put $65 into the worst video trailer ever for a product that didn't have any reviews.
I guess I was just too curious...

So it's an invisible deck and your signature is on the back of the chosen card, being the only signed card in the end.

Can it fool magicians like it says?
No, unless performed with insane mad skills, which Alexander doesn't have. But even then...
So you'll need to dig somewhere else to make your dirty moves look invisible in front of magicians. I recommend work from Shawn Farquhar or Giobbi for more credible switching techniques.
And besides that, Scott's handling of an invisible deck is atrocious, so the tips given for those who have problems with it are useless.

Now for the laymen,
Will it work? Yes.
Will it be stronger than the normal invisible deck? I don't know!
Will they be more 'blown away' with this than the normal invisible deck just because they receive and keep a deck with their chosen card having your signature on it?
I don't know either... Everybody likes getting a free deck of cards, but I mean in the end, who really cares about YOUR signature anyway? Their involvement with it is minimal.

Comes with a 23 minutes DVD, an invisible deck, and a sharpie. No joke!

In order to perform this effect more than once, you will need to learn how to make your own invisible deck (which is thaught), because if you want to do the advertised effect, you will give 'it' to your spectator afterward. Then you'll have to supply a new deck along with a replacement of the chosen card everytime you will perform it again. And also have to buy the product of your choice for making it.

If you give your spectator the deck at the end, they might at some point later realize that the chosen signed card has a little something odd to it. Which I don't feel comfortable with at all.

Now was it worth the excruciating price?
Not for me. It's the kind of thing you would expect to pay $20-$25 max. Really.
Let's say you pay your invisible decks $10, was the concept and the black sharpie alone worth the extra $55?
No. It was not. I'm really sorry. Darn overpriced.
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