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Chain Thru Sword by JL Magic
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Here's a great effect for close-up magic - an impossible solid-through-solid demonstration!

Two cards, each with a hole in the center, are placed on a stand. The magician inserts a chain between the two cards and rests on the table. A plastic sword then goes through both cards and remains in place. To prove that the sword is solid and is impaling the cards, the chain is raised and lifts both cards in the air. NOW for the magic! The magician pulls the chain, and it appears to penetrate right through the sword!

Produces great reactions from spectators!

  • The cards and sword are made of excellent quality.
  • The chain is a normal chain - it can easily be replaced.
  • Easy to do.
  • Great for beginners! Suitable for ages 14 and above.

  • 2 Bicycle cards
  • 1 silver metal chain
  • 1 plastic sword
  • 1 base of small foam
  • And all you need to make this miracle happen!

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 27th, 2019
(This review is for Chain Thru Sword by JL Magic)
I was extremely glad to have found this version of 'Chain through Sword'-which is like a stage illusion in miniature. The other marketed versions use props which are plastic (the plates with holes), have 'cool' designs on them-and there's a kid version with cartoon characters on the plates. Just not the kind of stuff anyone would have in their pockets. I always appreciated the premise and effect-and consider making a version out of wood. More, the other marketed versions cannot be examined-This one can. The m.o. is so cleverly hidden all throughout, and will leave the spectator with props they can examine all day long! What I think truly helps sell this illusion, is when the cards, base, and sword get lifted and suspended by the chain-because all is so light weight. Once seen, it's a simple effect to remake or add window dressing to. Cards can be replaced with others; base can be a half of a cork, a matchbox; the chain can be another style; the toy plastic sword the trick comes with can be replaced with an actual cocktail sword-likewise, a classier metal cocktail sword. The entire effect, now more compact, can be easily carried inside a card box. Not something that other versions allowed. Now, besides the novelty aspect of the trick itself-the puzzle factor-there's an opportunity here to use the effect to tell a story. By using courtcards like a King and Queen, narrative possibilities begin to appear. Romeo and Juliet, a Sword which ends their earthly lives-and a chain, which transcends death and may symbolize the eternal love which is something that cannot be killed. A story, such as this, or any other, can add some depth and interest to a mini illusion that is too good to be passed off as a novel trick/puzzle. In any case, J+L has streamlined the gimmick, and all of the props-so that however presented, it now isn't using stuff that wreaks of 'plastic magic shop prop'. I left off a star because I think the price is a bit high considering how inexpensive the materials used are. The rethinking on props and gaff however, made the purchase worthwhile. Fine little mystery, this!
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