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Rudy Coby LIVE (Instant Download) One of magic's brilliant minds and celebrities came to Penguin for an incredible 4 1/2 hour LIVE event SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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Secret Illusion Show by Andrew Mayne - Book The Secret Illusion Show is a guide to big stage magic effects that cost little or no money and can be put together in a short amount of time. The Secret Illusion Show is a collection of effects that can be performed individually or as a whole evenings show. The Secret Illusion Show is about the exp
In stock. $9.00
Surya's Device by Sorcery Manufacturing - Trick Surya's Device is the next evolution in ITR technology, this is not to be compared with any other ITR release from the past. This takes IT to an entirely new dimension, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Unlike the ITR that depended on an external anchor point, this device is self-contained an
In stock. $59.95
Illusiontech by Andrew Mayne - Book Learn how to build illusions for $1 to $10,000 by understanding basic illusion principles. Andrew Mayne's newest book features several new creations along with re-worked classic illusions that help teach you how to think like an illusionist. In the first installment of the series you'll discover the
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Bravura by Paul Daniels and Luis de Matos - DVD PAUL DANIELS REVEALS THE ACT THAT MADE HIM A STAR Paul Daniels is one of the world's leading magicians. A star of stage and television. Now he reveals his professional act in a DVD set that will be a landmark in magic publishing history. This is essential viewing for anyone wanting to become a profe
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In stock. $18.75
The Floating Ball (DVD and Gimmick for Ball) by Luis De Matos - DVD AN AMAZING ILLUSION FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER ONE MAN OPERATIONNO MOTORS OR ELECTRONICSNEW 100% ORIGINAL MOVESEASY, SIMPLE AND QUICK SET-UPSTART CLEAN, FINISH CLEAN9 PHASE ROUTINE "When I saw Luis' original routine and method I was stunned. You really can't believe the control Luis has created."- PAUL
In stock. $40.00
The Social Media Magician by Dan Sperry - Book Millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of dedicated online followers spanning every major social network including numerous fan made and moderated fan sites: Dan Sperry has literally become a viral celebrity though his constant interactivity with these fans.Now for the first time Dan
Out of stock. $23.40
At the Table Live Lecture Series - Season 1 - DVD At the Table Live Lecture Series Season 1 starts with 5 heavy-hitting lectures, on 5 amazing DVDs. Each lecture is jam packed with magic that has been tried, tested and proven make you get noticed. With names like Michael Ammar, Daniel Garcia, Jason England, Alex Pandrea and Jon Armstrong, how could
In stock. $37.46
SPYPAD by Mark Elsdon - Trick FULL 52 PRODUCTIONS proudly presents Mark Elsdon's "SPYPAD".Brilliantly designed to deliver a clear, full-view peek yet remain completely innocent in appearance. The SPYPAD is the all-new tool for modern mentalism developed specifically for under-fire use by one of the UK's top professional TV magic
In stock. $40.00
Unreal by Joshua Jay and Luis De Matos - DVD THE BEST OF MAGIC FROM THE MIND OF JOSHUA JAY Joshua Jay is a performer, writer and creator. In Unreal he performs and explains some of his finest effects. Practical, tried and tested routines that amaze audiences and confound magicians. The album also includes his professional theatre show recorded
In stock. $150.00
At the Table Live Lecture October 2014 (5 DVD set) - DVD The month of October is the month of magic! Why should you be there? We have FOUR reasons! Even better, how about FIVE? John Archer, Joshua Jay, Caleb Wiles, Nick Einhorn, AND Mark Calabrese! John is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. This guy was officially the FIRST person to fool Penn &
In stock. $37.46
Hug by Nefesch - DVD HUG by Nefesch HUG is the new "Thumbs up, Go like this" opener taken to a whole new level of visual madness. "HUG is a DVD with a collection of 6 effects. 5 of these effects are new, fresh and astonishing body illusions that you can perform anytime anywhere. In February 2008 I decided to perform HUG
In stock. $33.75
Easy Build Illusions book Paul Osborne Ideal for the illusionist who doesn't have much time to create a miracle. Paul Osborne's book features hundreds of new ideas, tips and techniques to help the weekend builder who is faced with that last minute show opportunity - and on a budget! Productions, vanishes and mutilations are all covered i
Out of stock. $24.96
Zombie Tim Wright, DVD Tim Wright who performs as Skilldini is one of the acknowledged masters of the classic Zombie routine where a silver ball balances on the edge of a scarf and then comes to life as it floats, jumps, vanishes, and appears while it interacts with you.Techniques and concepts discussed:Cloth Selection, Z
In stock. $22.46
At the Table Live Lecture August 2014 (4 DVD set) - DVD AT THE TABLE presents the lecture line-up for the month of August. Bringing to you 4 world class performers on 4 amazing DVDs. From some of the best looking sleight of hand magic to FISM winning champions, there is something here for everybody. AT THE TABLE proudly presents to you Karl Hein, Kostya
In stock. $37.46
HEADLINE! (DVD and Gimmicks) by Murray Hatfield This will be the most Talked-About routine in your show!The Magician has a volunteer select a card which is then lost in the deck. The magician tries to find the card but appears to have trouble. Just when it looks like the card is lost for good - both the NAME of the CARD and the NAME of the SPECTA
In stock. $80.00
Phil Van Tee is El Ropo 2 Disc Set by Phil Van Tee Black Rabbit Series Issue #3 - DVD Phil Van Tee - also known as the zany "El Ropo" - has performed over 16,000 shows in 40 years, was nominated for the "Parlour Magician of the Year" Award by the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in 2012, and is the 1st Place Winner of the Magic Castle's 2009 Strolling Magic Olympics. In thi
In stock. $39.99
Misers Delight Pro X from Mark Mason - Trick Several brand new features have been added to the Misers Delight bag. Along with all the usual features, you can now make the lights cascade in and out of the bag. Plus the new incredible electronics will allow you to remove all 12 lights one light at a time. This looks FANTASTIC You have to se
In stock. $159.38
At the Table Live Lecture January 2015 (4 DVD set) - DVD A new year is upon us, and with it comes a BRAND NEW format for our already famous At The Table Live Lectures! Join in the EXPERIENCE as we invite YOU to sit at the table with us as you Skype in to talk with your favorite magicians! We are kicking off the year with a crazy January lineup as we welco
In stock. $37.46
Reel Magic Episode 38 (Andi Gladwin) - DVD Feature Interview - Andi Gladwin: Josh Jay talks with Andi about switching careers, the ethics of stealing magic, and what makes him unique. Columns: Bill Wisch - Wisch on SlydiniBill shows us Slydini's "Mixed." Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home)Garrett discusses options and strategies for the "Cl
In stock. $12.00
Chop Cup Balls Red Leather (Set of 2) by Leo Smetsers - Trick Set of handmade, unique chop cup balls. Each set consists of two 1 inch baseballs, one featured with a magnet. Red leather with white stitching.
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At the Table Live Lecture December 2014 (4 DVD set) - DVD December is here folks! That means 4 new lectures at 1 amazing price. It's called the VIP Membership. For only $49.95, we are giving you all 4 of this month's lineup for the price of 2! For a little over $10 per lecture, watch live and interact with your favorite performer, OR download and watch at
In stock. $37.46
At the Table Live Lecture February 2015 (4 DVD set) - DVD February is going to be a special month for the AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE. With an all new look and feel coupled with the names we have in store for you, being a VIP Member has never sounded so sweet! $49.95 will give you access to watch and learn from heavy hitters like Matthew Wright, Jeff McBride a
In stock. $37.46
hard sponge something nothing blue by Goshman Sponge words that are perfect for any magician...For whenever you need to throw out "something or nothing" literally. This prop is going to be a great addition to your bag of tricks. Each word is 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" and they are hard sponge so they will hold their form.
Out of stock. $6.75
Illusion Paradigm by Paul Osborne - Book This book is designed for the creator, builder, performer and student of illusions. Andrew Mayne talks about creating illusions, Eric Olsen and John Uhern of EDS help you set up your own garage shop. Craig Dickens and Tim Clothier discuss building tips and Rich Hill gives you plans for a deceptive b
In stock. $39.95
Perfect Silk to Ball white(Automatic)by JL Magic - Trick Effect: A silk instantly changes into a ball right before spectators' eyes. New version allows for the silk to be handled free and independent of the performer's hands!Place silk on a table or over your shoulder, then watch as it instantly changes into a ball in your hand! Comes complete with Trick
In stock. $48.75
Rand Woodbury Has To Be The Funniest Magician by Rand Woodbury - DVD RAND WOODBURY - "Has To Be The Funniest!" - DVDThe guy who wrote the 'illusionworks' books has a secret talent and he shares it on this 'new' DVD. "This footage was never supposed to be released to the public!", says Woodbury. Rand's ability to interact with audience members is remarkable. Paul Osbo
In stock. $20.00
Big Magic for Little Hands by Joshua Jay - Book Kids love magic. They love to see it, and they love to do it. Enter Joshua Jay, who started doing magic when he was 7 and was named champion at the World Magic Seminar (the Olympics of magic) by the time he was 16. His Big Magic for Little Hands is packed with 25 astonishing illusions for kids ages
In stock. $14.96
Hobson Exposed by Jeff Hobson - DVD Jeff Hobson - known as one of the most successful comedy magicians in the world, bares all in this LIVE and REVISED DVD of all of his best effects and secrets that have made him a sought after entertainer for most of the Fortune 500 companies and shows around the world. Contents EXPOSED are: Silk in
Out of stock. $23.36
At the Table Live Lecture September 2014 (4 DVD set) - DVD 4 Lectures for the month of September. At $49.95 for the whole month, how could anyone pass this up? 4 jammed pack lectures for the price of 2 as a VIP Member! Let's take a small glimpse into this month's lineup: Darwin Ortiz: This guy has been banned in every single casino in the world! Ok that par
In stock. $37.46
At the Table Live Lecture Kostya Kimlat - DVD Kostya Kimlat brings a never before seen lecture to the At The Table Live Lecture Series. He performs and explains 3 great effects but spends the majority of his time talking about the REAL secret to magic: YOU! Learn how to get your audience to perceive you in a different manner. How to approach a
In stock. $14.96
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 2 by Paul Osborne - book An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - All new props and routines are included:Bully CardsTrapdoorClown CameraOld Glory PourAwsome Can of CafristanRo
In stock. $18.75
At the Table Live Lecture November 2014 (4 DVD set) - DVD November is the month of giving, which is why we here AT THE TABLE are giving YOU two AMAZING ways to enjoy the AT THE TABLE, Live Lecture Series! Become a VIP Member for ONLY $49.95! Or you can get all the lectures in the month AND the 4 DVD box set for only $75 with the V.I.P. Prime Member. As low
In stock. $37.46
Rope to Silk by Goshman A piece of rope seems to defy gravity by standing up on end...Then, in an instant, it changes into a silk handkerchief!
Out of stock. $4.88
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) by Paul Osborne - Book An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - Wristnosis, Giant Crayon, My Pet Frog, Ear Cleaning Machine, Insurance!, Magic Tables, Stratospheres, Poor Man
Out of stock. $20.96
Twister Thread by Twister Magic - Trick After the great success of Cup Zero in the market last year, George finally decided to release Twister Thread to the magic world. This is the same special thread George uses to perform all the effects in Cup Zero and that have been specially and exclusively manufactured by a thread company for Twist
In stock. $19.95
At the Table Live Lecture Karl Hein - DVD Karl Hein possess uncanny ability with a deck of cards. He is truly a seasoned performer who has entertained audiences from all over the world with his charming persona and super cool hat. Karl goes into great detail explaining the Heinstein Shuffle. You also learn full routines, advice, and tips. I
In stock. $14.96
At the Table Live Lecture John Archer - DVD John Archer: John is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. This guy was officially the FIRST person to fool Penn & Teller on the UK series: 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us'. (It's airing now in the US as well!) John has also appeared on award-winning CBBC network shows and even WRITES comedy for
In stock. $14.96
Illusion-works 4 - Insight, Ingenuity & Innovation by Rand Woodbury - Book Illusionworks 4 - Insight Ingenuity and Innovation This is a NEW book of original illusion concepts from Rand Woodbury. This is the first new book of original illusions from Rand in 19 years. 34 illusions, 145 illustrations, 100 pages (less than $1.50 per new idea) Woodbury says, "I love this book.
In stock. $37.46
rvPhotoCube by Steve Skindell You can obtain the rvPhotoCube by downloading it from the Apple App Store. The rvPhotoCube hardware works ONLY on later Apple Devices (Android and Window devices will not work). Apple devices include: iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, ipod 5th generation, ipad mini, and 3rd and 4th generation ipads, ipad Air. T
In stock. $249.95
Knife through Arm by Premium Magic - Trick Effect: The magician shows a large dangerous-looking dagger. He holds it in his right hand and strikes against his left hand. He moves it against his left arm as if cutting a vegetable. Then suddenly the blade penetrates the hand and blood comes out of the arm. This is a very disturbing illusion and
Out of stock. $29.96
At the Table Live Lecture Bizzaro - DVD In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro: The Optical Illusionist, strives to prove that "normal" is just the setting on a dryer. Bizzaro has performed from coast to coast and appeared on FOX, NBC, America's got Talent, and the Travel Channel's Extreme Conventions. He has
In stock. $14.96
Okito Glass by Bazar de Magia - Trick View ClipEffectThis glass is a Theo Bamberg (Okito) creation. It allows you to make many tricks, and may be used as an useful device in performing many effects. Because the glass has a tube inside, it may be used as a bottomless glass. At the same time, you may have liquid inside the glass, all aro
In stock. $16.00
At the Table Live Lecture Greg Wilson - DVD Greg Wilson finishes out the month with a literal BANG. He produces a bottle of champagne out of a folded paper bag, but don't let the party atmosphere fool you, Greg Wilson knows what he is talking about! He reaches deep into the depths of his personal magic journal and brings you material that he
In stock. $14.96
Growing Under Glass by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD Performed by Aldo Colombini. It's a sort of Cups and Balls routine, yet it is done with only one cup which is actually a glass. It's a Two In The Hand And One In The Pocket routine, using the glass instead of the hand.The glass has a paper cover yet things happen without cover and under cover. It is
In stock. $10.00
Dove Trilogy Bonus Pack including Unmasks 1&2, Behind the Seams, and Dove Worker's Handbook by Tony Clark - DVD Together for the FIRST TIME EVER!Unmasks I, Unmasks II and Behind The Seems DVD and The Dove Workers Handbook.A $130.00 value!Unmasks IThis one hour DVD will explain everything from how to feed and take care of your doves as well as how to train them to fly back to you. It will teach you many great
In stock. $58.50
Electronic Airborne (Bottle and Stemmed Glass magnetic) - Trick Effect:The magician holds a wine bottle in one hand and an empty wine goblet in the other hand.He begins pouring wine from the bottle into the glass then lets go of the glass.The glass magically stays suspended in mid air and then moves FURTHER DOWNWARD and then BACK UP again at your command as the
In stock. $187.50
Simple Showstoppers by JC Sum - Book This book is a fantastic introduction to the world of modern grand illusion but also contains inexpensive illusion ideas for experienced illusionists. If you have a theatre show, cruise ship show, charity show, talent contest or magic club performance where you want to stage a large-scale effect, yo
In stock. $40.00
At the Table Live Lecture Shin Lim - DVD Shin Lim joins us At The Table and brings with him the 2 FISM acts that are both magical and memorable. While Shin doesn't completely explain these acts, he covers some of the effects he uses. He also teaches you how to construct gimmicks, how to split cards, and how to use black art. Shin also perf
In stock. $14.96
At the Table Live Lecture Joshua Jay - DVD Joshua Jay: You all know the name! As a young lad, Joshua started dazzling the magic world with amazing effects, routines and theory! He has published numerous articles, DVDs and has authored a best-selling book! This lecture will include magic that has been in print before, plus all-new, never befo
In stock. $14.96
Illusionism by JC Sum - Book From the author of the internationally critically acclaimed Urban Illusions, Illusionary Departures & Equilateral books and the producer of the best-selling Behind the Illusions DVD comes a first-of-its-kind book dedicated to professional illusions and large-scale stage routines for mentalists a
In stock. $45.00
Escape Artist's Strait Jacket (xl) by Premium Magic - Trick This is one of the best classical escape effects performed by many renowned magicians and escapologists.The Strait Jacket supplied is perfectly made out of canvas for durability and the belts and straps that are necessary come complete with the jacket.Size: XL
In stock. $90.00
At the Table Live Lecture Mark Elsdon - DVD Mark Elsdon is bringing his lecture titled Creating Magic, which focuses on the skills and techniques needed for ANY magician to learn to create their own tricks. Want to be a creative machine? Read on... Using examples from his own repertoire, including full explanations of several marketed items,
In stock. $14.96
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) 3 by Paul Osborne - book The latest in the series of Kidtrix books! It features all new props and presentations for the family/children's performer. With a foreword by Bev Bergeron, this publication features an all new look at illusions styled and designed for the younger crowd, as well as other all new concepts that would
In stock. $19.88
At the Table Live Lecture Jeff McBride Part 1 - DVD Widely regarded as one of the greatest magicians alive today, Jeff McBride has done it all. From national TV performances to world records and starting the McBride Magic and Mystery School, Jeff has succeeded in every aspect of his career and will now be joining us for not one but TWO At the Table E
In stock. $14.96
At the Table Live Lecture Jeff McBride Part 2 - DVD The living legend Jeff McBride is back for another round At The Table! Having covered close-up magic and manipulations in his first lecture, Jeff now invites you into his private home for an intimate tour of his personal and hidden library that only his closest friends and students ever get to see!
In stock. $14.96
Glassy Briefcase by Tora Magic - Trick This product has been designed and produced at Tora Magic Company.At first the magician shows a glassy briefcase that is totally glassy and the audience can see into it easily.Then with a gesture the briefcase filled by USD bills.After production of bills; you bring the bills out and then you show t
In stock. $262.50
Owen Brother's Sub Trunk Schematics (large Scale) - Trick Have you ever wondered how to build your own Substitution trunk?Well, now you can get the schematics to create this amazing prop.The trunk can be examined by the audience before the effect is preformed... Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?
In stock. $10.00
At the Table Live Lecture Ekaterina - DVD This AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE with Ekaterina, will have a little bit of everything for everyone. Ekaterina, who appeared on the SyFy hit show, Wizard Wars, will be giving you an exciting class in cardistry, magic & showmanship. There will be something here for both the complete beginner as well a
In stock. $14.96
Bryce's Screen by Paul Osborne - Book Paul Osborne illusion plans are conceived with the builder,collector and performer in mind. We outline the working, construction and performing of each illusion. All plans are drawn on 15" x 20" paper using US Standard measurements, easily converted to metric measurements using a metric conversion c
In stock. $21.45
Trade Show Shells - Trick Simply the best set of shells on the market. The School for Scoundrels Street Shells are cast in museum-quality plastic resin in a natural walnut shell color for the look, feel and sound of real walnut shells. The shells are expertly designed by Whit Haydn, and include little-known features such a
In stock. $371.25
Storm Cannon (with Remote) - Trick This professional model snow-storm / confetti cannon will launch a huge fountain of "snow" or colored confetti enhancing any magical production or show finale.
Out of stock. $146.25
Appearing Everything from Box by Tora Magic- Trick This production will transform your stage act!Show an empty Box to the audience... and produce everything you like from it, like a duck, a small pet, sponge items and ...This brilliant hand craft is beautiful and easy to produce. Dimensions of box: 36 x 21 x 21 cm
In stock. $195.00
Equilateral by JC Sum - Book Are you looking for modern & practical illusions that play big and will impress in today's entertainment-saturated and competitive market? This new book features cutting edge illusions with vehicles, steel plates & boxes! The illusions detailed in this book include innovative solutions for m
In stock. $125.00
Building Your Own Illusions Part 2 The Complete Video Course (6 DVD set) by Gerry Frenette - DVD 'Building Your Own Illusions Part 2' by Gerry Frenette, Magic Makers Inc. Canada Part I of the course contains much needed information about tools, materials, and building techniques with some hands-on experience. After laying this foundation, Part II focuses much more on building! You will learn ho
In stock. $150.00
Turn Magic Into Money by Chris Burton - Book SummaryAfter having lots of magicians and hobbyist's asking Chris how to find bookings, Chris has decided to open up and share with you the seven proven methods he uses to get bookings throughout the years since the age of eighteen.With a fourteen-year track recorded of performing magic since writin
In stock. $11.21
At the Table Live Lecture Matthew Wright - DVD Matthew Wright is a character-driven close-up performer who has devised several remarkable close-up routines. In this AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE, Matthew will perform these amazing and original pieces, and then break it all down for you in precise detail. They are a combination of clever apparatus, new
In stock. $14.96
Shattered Reality by Lance Richardson - Book Shattered Reality illustrates the psychology of magic where the magician uses sight, sound and even touch to create the illusion of a solid mirror being smashed to pieces, then restored. In this unique effect, a framed mirror is inspected and touched by an audience member moments before the magician
In stock. $26.25
UHF Pro Amp by B Happie Entertainment - Trick There is nothing on the market like it!!Comes with: handheld wireless mic, 2 wireless transmitters, 2 headset mics, 2 lapel mics, speaker/receiver/radio/mp3 player unit, power cord, carrying case, arm strap.UHF 668 to 697MHz (crystal clear COMPLIANT frequencies)2 wireless channels plus a input for m
In stock. $449.00
Multiplying Table Lamp (white) - Trick A Beautiful Lamp and empty Tube is shown to the audience. You snap your finger and the lamp lights up! You cover the lamp and take the lighted lamp out of the tube. You snap your finger and a bright light illuminates from the tube. You lift the tube and ANOTHER Lamp has magically appeared!!! You onc
In stock. $450.00
Multiplying Table Lamp (Red) - Trick A Beautiful Lamp and empty Tube is shown to the audience. You snap your finger and the lamp lights up! You cover the lamp and take the lighted lamp out of the tube. You snap your finger and a bright light illuminates from the tube. You lift the tube and ANOTHER Lamp has magically appeared!!! You onc
In stock. $450.00
Illusion money box (With monitary notes) - Trick The magician show a empty box, with a magic shake, the box is filled with money or flower.The Illusion Money Box is a new product made by Jieli World Magic Limited.It can be transported in a small box, and it is made of wood so it is easy to assemble.Included:Illusion money box, instruction, and pac
In stock. $160.00
The James File COLLECTOR'S Edition (3 Book Set) by Allan Slaight - Book The largest work ever published on magic, let alone on the magic of one man. But Stewart James was a remarkable magician, as these three volumes attest. Volumes 1 and 2 of The James File contain nearly 1700 pages of Stewart James's magic, most of it previously unpublished. The third volume presents
In stock. $250.00
Escape Artist's Strait jacket (xxl) by Premium Magic - Trick This is one of the best classical escape effects performed by many renowned magicians and escapologists.The Strait Jacket supplied is perfectly made out of canvas for durability and the belts and straps that are necessary come complete with the jacket.Size: XXL
In stock. $90.00
At the Table Live Lecture Francis Menotti - DVD With an undisputable passion and love for magic, Francis Menotti is one of the best at taking magic as a craft and turning it into ART. Famous for his powerful presentations of magic, we can guarantee that anyone interested in improving their magic will learn something from Menotti. During this At T
In stock. $14.96
Chess Gambit by Devin Knight and Al Mann - Trick The effect reads totally impossible, yet it is accurate in every regard. One of the most unique and baffling magical effects on stage today. Direct from Devin Knight's own stage show and a limited release, this is based on a little known idea that Al Mann shared with Devin. Devin's original idea has
In stock. $112.50
Comedy Drink Trick by Paul Romhany - Trick Many professional magicians consider this routine to be one of the funniest bits of business in magic.Ricki Dunn, known as America's Funniest Pickpocket, closed his show with this routine for over 20 years knowing it would get the strong audience reaction he desired from a closing effect.Prior to hi
In stock. $262.50
Coin In Bottle (50 Cent Euro) - Trick A coin is borrowed from a spectator. The coin is then seen to penetrate a soda pop bottle and can be visibly examined inside the bottle. The coin is then removed from the bottle and returned to the spec for examination!
In stock. $14.04
Crystal Cube to Rubik and Dice by Tora Magic This item has been designed and produced in Tora Magic Company.And it's an amazing item!The magician shows an empty Crystal Cube to the audience.Then instantly the crystal cube changes to a Rubik cube.Then the magician puts the Rubik cube in an empty box.And then the Rubik cube changes to a white di
Out of stock. $135.00
Hamed's Vanishing CD Player by Tora Magic - Trick At first the magician puts a big stereo CD player on the table.Then he shows it's all sides to the audience. He puts a CD into it , so everyone can see a real CD Player.And then he covers it with a regular silk and when he removes the silk, the spectators surprisingly see that the CD player has been
In stock. $780.00
Vanishing Dove Cage by Tora Magic - Trick Yet another world classic from the Tora Magic Company. On the stage is seen a beautiful table on wheels resting on top of the table a large Dove Cage. The magician enters on stage and begins his performance by placing four doves into the dove cage. The magician covers the dove cage with a large velv
Out of stock. $975.00
Phil Van Tee is El Ropo DVD Volume 1 by Phil Van Tee Black Rabbit Series Issue #3 - DVD Phil Van Tee - also known as the zany "El Ropo" - has performed over 16,000 shows in 40 years, was nominated for the "Parlour Magician of the Year" Award by the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in 2012, and is the 1st Place Winner of the Magic Castle's 2009 Strolling Magic Olympics. In thi
In stock. $24.99
Flower Crystals From Frame (Two) by Tora - Trick You show an empty black frame that folds flat and has nothing hidden inside it.Yet, when you open the frame and reach inside, you produce a sturdy chrome box full of mylar flowers.The box has clear window panes on each side and the flowers inside glisten in the stage lights.You then show the box emp
In stock. $273.00
Change Bag Repeat (Red) by Vincenzo Di Fatta These soft velvet change bags are available with or without zippers.Available regular (for one change) and repeat (for two changes).We supply it in a full color packaging along with a full color booklet explaining many tricks you can perform.
In stock. $25.69
At the Table Live Lecture Dani da Ortiz - DVD We have seen Dani DaOrtiz MELT the minds of his fellow magicians during late-night sessions at conventions time and time again. With a mix of his unique approach to magic thinking, influences from names like Tamariz and Ascanio, and his unconventional and always massively entertaining presentations
In stock. $14.96
At the Table Live Lecture Jay Sankey - DVD Jay Sankey is an absolute phenom when it comes to magic. Arguably the most prolific magic creator in the world, he has already thought of it all and; then some! We could spend an hour just naming all of the ideas he has released over the years, and Jay himself promises to present hand-selected mater
In stock. $14.96
Creativity Boost (Empowerment Series) by Brian Watson - Trick Brian Watson's Magical Empowerment Series are unlike any other self help CD's available. They are created by a magician, for magicians!The Magical Empowerment series of CD's are crammed with over 20 years of knowledge in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and over 30 years experience in the magi
In stock. $24.95
Vapr by Will Tsai - Trick "You see the clouds in the sky? I made that with Vapr!"- Cyril Takayama The future of creating smoke from your bare hands is here. A precision engineered instrument, Vapr is the new standard for magicians, and special effects artists who need to heighten that magical moment with ethereal clouds of m
Out of stock. $179.95
The Flying Box Illusion - Trick A true marvel, the Flying Box Illusion is an astonishing and surprising way of introducing your assistant. This very ORIGINAL Flying Box Illusion with a unique approach to the classic levitation will certainly send your audiences into orbit. It's definitely not your run-of-the-mill illusion. Feature
Out of stock. $1995.00
Magnetic Guillotine (professional Version) by Wood Crafters - Trick This Beautiful looking guillotine stands six feet high and makes a great addition to any stage or parlor show.The large blade falls down through the neck of your spectator and out the bottom of their neck VISIBLY!This new Magnetic model is superior to Guillotines of the past. No false firing and smo
Out of stock. $542.10
Amazing Cages from Frame by Tora Magic - Trick The magician shows an empty plastic frame to the audience.And then he produces two dove cages from it! This item includes the plastic frame and 2 dove cages.The dove cages are wooden cube and their size is 20.6 x 20.6 x 20 cm.
In stock. $210.60
Appearing Dice from Empty Bag by Tora Magic- Trick This huge production will transform your stage act!Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and immediately produce three colorful big dices from it. Show the paper bag empty and produce three more colorful dices...filling your performance table! The Tora Magic Company has designed the dice to be
In stock. $93.60
Appearing 4 CD player from Frame by Tora Magic - Trick The magician shows an empty frame to the audience and then puts it on the table.Then produces four big CD Players one by one.This item includes two special folding tables and 4 PCS - big appearing CD Players in different colors.
In stock. $1875.00
Balloon/Fire & Dove Tray by Tora Magic - Trick This ingenious piece of apparatus is designed for 2 very different presentations:You can either have a balloon burst causing 2 doves to appear.In the second version, the 2 doves appear from a burning flame.This item is produced with high quality.
In stock. $150.00
Book to CD Player by Tora Magic - Trick At first the magician has only a book in this hands...He shows its dimensions, and then he opens the book and turns through the pages and shows audience. So the spectators may see that it is a normal book.He then draws a CD player on a page in the book and then places the book on the table, then mag
In stock. $234.00
Cages and Dice from Paper Bag by Tora Magic - Trick This production will transform your stage act!Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and immediately produce three big dove cages from it. Show the paper bag empty and then produce three big dices. These brilliant big dices and cages, filling your performance table! The dices and dove cages can
In stock. $280.80
Everything to 4 Dove Cages by Tora Magic A large cube (30 cm X 30 cm X 33 cm) is displayed and shown to be completely empty. You then place into the cube, silks/balls or even a small rabbit! Amazingly all these items transform into four large cages that hold artificial doves. This amazing prop is hand crafted and painted to the highest sta
In stock. $780.00
Transformation of Dice to Crystal Cube to 4 Cases by Tora Magic Tora Magic Company introduces another new amazing item!Firstly a large dice is shown on all sides. The dice is placed into a cube which is closed. The cube is then opened and in place of the dice is a crystal casket full of colored balls! The crystal casket which is full of balls is then placed back
In stock. $750.00
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