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The Foxy Wrist Tie - Outdone! by David Hira A Stunning Rope Escape Mystery!
In stock. $80.00
escape stage wrist-tie
The Escape by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD The Escape by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo). Amazo is back and here presents an illusion that can be shown everywhere and in all conditions. Four pieces of chain are shown and, with four real padlocks, the chains are fixed around the neck, around the ankles, along the body and near the hands, and once ag
In stock. $29.00
download escape escapology
Tarbell 68: Magic of the Bambergs (Instant Download) Magic performed for royalty and on the greatest stages of the world.
In stock. $19.95
animal coffee coin download egg-bag escape fish frog paper tarbell
Asylum Wrist Restraint by Blaine Harris - Trick Escape Artists; Magicians... From the archives of Blaine Harris, we present the Asylum Wrist Restraint (Yes. It's the same Blaine Harris some of you may remember from Premier 75 Magic Studio back in 1975). The Asylum Wrist Restraint is completely examinable and can be used as a feature escape or as
In stock. $41.25
close-up escape stage street
Police Handcuffs (with keys)- Trick Standard police handcuffs with a double locking mechanism. Nickel plated steel.
In stock. $18.71
Moroccan Wrist Restraint by Magic World - Trick Imagine... A chosen playing card is lost in the deck. You then proceed to have your wrists tightly locked together using the Moroccan Wrist Restraint. Following that, you then ask the spectators to begin counting down from 5. You don't just escape within that time, but you find their chosen card, wh
In stock. $44.95
card escape
Sack Escape by Uday - Trick Effect: A magician is handcuffed by a member of the audience. He is then placed in a sack, the mouth of which is tied, above his head by any person present. The bag with the magician is placed into a curtained endclosure. The magician's assistant enters the curtained enclosure and at the count of th
Out of stock. $29.25
escape parlor stage street
Escapology with Dixie Dooley Volumes 1-3 (+ Bonus Houdini Lives DVD) (4 DVDs) Learn the stunts and escapes that made Houdini famous. Soon you'll be escaping from handcuffs, straight jackets, rope-ties, milk cans, packing crates, and chains! Get booked as an escape artist!
In stock. $99.95
close-up dvd escape penetration production stage street vanish
Chain Release Handcuffs by Uday Magician's hands are chained and locked. He escapes within no time.
In stock. $28.50
chain escape handcuffs
Escape Jacket PRO with Dan Harlan (Jacket + 5 DVDs) Combining suspense, mystery, danger and comedy. Forget theaters, you'll be rocking STADIUMS. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $149.95
escape escapology straight-jacket strait-jacket
Escape Vol. 1 by Danny Hunt & RSVP - DVD Welcome to Escape, the brand new DVD featuring one of today's leading escape artists, Danny Hunt. For the first time learn the real secrets to escaping from ANY lock or handcuff, as you're taken into a side of magic that has rarely been looked into before. CONTENTS INCLUDE: TORN APART PERFORMANCE LO
Out of stock. $36.00
close-up dvd escape stage street
Comedy Thumb Cuff Escape by Steve Lancaster - DVD Steve Lancaster has performed thousands of magic shows over the last 32 years. Lancaster worked in every type of venue and setting - from Home Parties to Las Vegas Conventions, Close-up, Stand-up, Major Stage Illusions, TV Shows, and, yes, even on the Radio. Steve currently perfo
In stock. $22.50
close-up comedy dvd escape street
Five Keys to Fame/Fortune Calvert After 65+ years of performing, living legend John Calvert parts with his most valued secrets, effects and tips to the magic fraternity!The Five Keys is a collection five different booklets from John's time-tested and audience-tested act! Each effect is a mastered piece of showmanship, enabling you
Out of stock. $56.21
escape handcuffs mentalism production stage vanish watch-steal
Joe Monti's Original Thumb Tie by Joe Monti- DVD The strongest Most entertaining Thumb Tie Routine available.Not just an escape effect but so much more!A Complete turn Key Routine. 25 Years of Development . Solid Stage Time. Great Audience participation Effect. As Strong as any Strait Jacket Routine. A huge stage Effect that fits in your pocket. T
Out of stock. $35.00
close-up comedy dvd escape penetration stage street
Houdini Handcuffs (Chrome) by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricks The magician frees himself from locked handcuffs! Well-crafted chrome. Uses regular padlocks which are not supplied.
Out of stock. $19.69
Harlan Escape Artist Show - DVD The Escape Artist Show on this volume features all of the excitement and compelling mysteries of escape work and packs it into a case that you can bring into any venue and perform it for audiences large and small. Though all of the effects center on the central theme of escapes, there's a wide varie
In stock. $26.21
dvd escape handcuffs rope stage street
Magic Handcuffs - Trick These are trick cuffs - the magician places these cuffs on the wrist of a volunteer and in just an instant he can have them off again.
In stock. $13.46
close-up escape handcuffs street
Handcuffs (With Keys) Standard handcuffs with 2 keys and a special polished finish.
In stock. $11.25
close-up escape handcuffs parlor stage street
Harlan Escape Artist Show video DOWNLOAD The Escape Artist Show on this volume features all of the excitement and compelling mysteries of escape work and packs it into a case that you can bring into any venue and perform it for audiences large and small. Though all of the effects center on the central theme of escapes, there's a wide varie
In stock. $34.95
download escape handcuffs rope stage street
Lock Pick Set by Ronjo - Trick Lock Pick Set - Turning Tool and 2 different types of Picks (one Hook and one Rake).NO Instructions are supplied.
In stock. $14.96
escape lock lock-pick
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