They touch ANY card, and your prediction is 100% correct. No secret writing, no sleight-of-hand.

Ignition by Chris Smith (Download + Gimmick) Two things you always have in your pocket (keys and money) come together for an explosive miracle. SALE PRICE. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $34.95
dollar key penetration restoration
Keylicious by Jeff Prace (DVD + Gimmick) A fun, portable, easy to use, visual, gimmick to INSTANTLY switch your key and your key ring. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $24.95
backstage close-up dvd key
In stock. $14.95
halloween key pk rick-lax spirit spooky
Minotaur The Final Issue by Dan Harlan (2 DVD Set) 25 Incredible Effects with everything from Cards and Coins, to Orange Juice, Popcorn and Beer! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $60.00
bill-switch card close-up coin dvd key penetration popcorn street toothpick transposition vanish
Meet The Jack by Jorge Garcia - DVD Jorge Garcia, better known to many as "The Jack," has performed and lectured in over 20 countries. He's a regular face on television in his native Argentina and has also performed at the world famous Magic Castle no less than 6 times! On his first DVD, The Jack shares 8 of his favorite and most powe
In stock. $30.00
blindfold card dvd haunted key mentalism
Tag-O-Magic by Cameron Francis (DVD + Gimmick) Three miracles with something you ALREADY CARRY AROUND. Fully examinable and INSTANTLY resets. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $19.95
close-up dvd elmwood key key-chain key-ring key-tag mentalism torn-and-restored
Skeleton Key - Trick This is a classic has been improved to new heights. You can now perform the following with just one key.Moving Teeth, Card revelation, Blister, and it's also a bottle opener!
In stock. $11.25
bizzare blister haunted key mentalism street walk-around
Dr. Bill's Bend by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) The best key bend we've EVER seen. This is the one the pros use. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $25.00
close-up download key mentalism metal-bending pendulum street
Key Prediction by Richard Griffin - Trick A marvelous prediction effect! You show a key fob with a prediction on it, attached to your keys. This is placed face down on the table. Four objects are borrowed -- a key, a phone, a coin, and a card. The spectator is asked to discard one of the objects -- this is repeated until one remains. You as
In stock. $34.95
key keychain prediction
The Weekly: Episode 3 starring Kyle Marlett (Instant Download) A saver tag instantly grows 5 times the original size while still attached to the key ring!
In stock. $2.95
close-up key the-weekly
Attachment by Brad Addams (Instant Download) Visually push a key THROUGH your pocket and onto your key ring! LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $7.95
key p3 penetration visual
Key Bender by Premium Magic - Trick Bending metals with the power of your mind makes an extremely intriguing and mystifying demonstration for adult audiences. Performers like Uri Geller have used similar demonstrations to get headline coverage like only few other magic tricks can.Like the best magic trick, the secrets are simple and s
In stock. $7.46
key mentalism metal-bending
Leaving Home by Jay Sankey (Trick Only) Visually melt an ordinary key on and off a length of cord.
In stock. $12.00
close-up key penetration
Exit by Peter Eggink A "key flight" like no other!
Out of stock. $49.95
close-up key street vanish
Choose Five for 99 (HALLOWEEN SALE) Purchase any 5 of the special items on this list together and get them ALL for only $99! JUST ADD INDIVIDUAL ITEMS TO CART, DISCOUNT APPLIED AT CHECKOUT.
In stock. $99.00
card close-up coin key levitation mentalism penguin-live stage street transposition vanish
Spookey by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmicks) Two keys are closely examined, immediately linked and unlinked several times, and the last super visual unlink happens IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS!
In stock. $40.00
close-up dvd key
Flexion by Jon Allen (DVD+Gimmick) Flexion bring metal bending to the masses.Two keys are initialled and held by someone in their closed, cupped hands. They concentrate all their energies onto one of them. Upon opening their hands they find their chosen key is now bent and can be kept as a souvenir of a very personal experience.Emplo
In stock. $55.00
close-up dvd key metal-bending parlor stage street
FOB by David Penn (DVD + Gimmick) FOB is the perfect finale to your existing card and mentalism routines. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $55.00
backstage card dvd key prediction quick-reset restaurant signed-card souvenir street strolling
TIGHT SPOT by Jay Sankey (DVD and Gimmick) SPECIAL OFFER: Order Tight Spot TODAY and receive Jay's brain-busting card trick "EVIDENCE" - restore a shuffled deck to factory order AND restore the torn flaps from your card box in the blink of an eye. (This is a download and will appear as Tight Spot in your MyPenguinMagic access area)!The perf
In stock. $22.50
close-up dvd key penetration rick-lax street
Nathan Kranzo LIVE 3 (Instant Download) Nate filled this lecture with a wonderfully diverse group of unexpected effects with unusual objects!SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
bills cigarette close-up coin-bend coin-magic comedy fruit gum key money nathan-kranzo penguin-live
Haunted Key Royal Spooky magic at its best. A large, antique-looking key is removed from the magician's pocket and placed on his hand. With nary a movement or word from the wonder worker, the key mysteriously rolls over on command!There are no threads, wires or other attachments to the key. Complete examination of th
Out of stock. $5.62
halloween key pk
Keymaster (DVD and Props) by Craig Petty and Wizard FX Productions - DVD 1: Two keys are shown to the spectator2: Spectator holds onto one of the keys3: The hole in your key is visibly removed. 1st W.T.F moment!4: Spectator discovers two holes in their key. 2nd W.T.F moment!5: Spectator now holds onto your blank key6: You visibly remove one of the holes from your key. 3r
Out of stock. $33.75
close-up dvd key vanish
Junction by Kevin Parker - DVD BORROW A SET OF KEYS, hold them in full view, and magically bend ONE OF THEIR KEYS! There's no key bend like this. Created by Kevin Parker, it will have you asking for keys left and right. And there seriously is NO FUNNY MOVES involved. The keys are retrieved and held in full view IMMEDIATELY. Then
In stock. $18.75
key metal-bending
Magic of Michael Ammar #3 by Michael Ammar - DVD Immediately upon its release, The Magic of Michael Ammar became one of the fastest-selling magic books in history. Now, for the first time on DVD, you can actually see the magic that made Michael Ammar a world-champion magician performed by its creator at the very peak of his powers. Then, Michael t
In stock. $26.21
close-up coin key penetration stage street vanish
The Key (Gimmick and DVD) by Andrew Mayne - DVD Borrow a bill from a spectator. Stab a key on your keyring through the bill and rip it out. Miraculously the bill is undamaged! The Key is ready on your keyring anytime you need it! Includes 3 bonus effects: Key through Playing Card: Puncture and restore a selected card! Key through Jacket: A versio
Out of stock. $19.46
close-up dvd gimmick key restoration
Keymaster Reloaded (DVD and Gimmick) by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop - DVD Craig Petty (creator of 'Chop') presents Keymaster Reloaded: the most organic moving hole routine you will EVER see. Slide holes up and down keys, move holes on to the stem of a key and even visibly move holes from one key to another, all with the 6 custom designed keys supplied. Your audiences will
Out of stock. $70.00
close-up dvd key
Key Bender by Zanadu Magic - Trick Everyone knows how difficult it is to bend a key in your bare hands! Therefore when you proceed to borrow and key and nearly bend it in half, the audience will be totally blown away and believe you have special mind-powers. This secret device allows you to bend keys and spoons. Instructions along w
Out of stock. $8.96
close-up key mentalism metal-bending pk
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