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Ball Vase Royal The perfect magic trick for beginners.A ball is displayed in a handsome vase. The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase. No sleight of hand necessary. Comes complete with all necessary props and detailed, professional instru
In stock. $1.88
ball beginner close-up kids production vanish vase
Sticky Situation by Andy Leviss presented by Rick Lax Visual, multi-phase, and the PERFECT ice-breaker. LIMITED SUPPLY. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $14.95
elmwood gum kids rick-lax school
The Magic Sword by Zanadu Magic - Trick An amazing pocket illusion!This classic solid-through-solid effect makes for a the perfect pocket trick - insert the sword through the hole, and watch the other sword pass right through it, before your very eyes!Instantly repeatable, you can do it over and over again. The illusion is so perfect, you
In stock. $2.44
beginner close-up kids penetration street sword
Card-Toon #2 An all new and improved handling making it an effect easy for almost anyone to perform. It�s a blast!
In stock. $11.25
3 Way Coloring Book POCKET Royal Effect:The magician takes out a mini coloring book and as he flips through it, he shows them images of black and white line drawings. He then says a few magic words and flips through it again to reveal the images magically colored in! Then to top it off, he flips through the book one last time and r
In stock. $2.81
close-up coloring-book kids kids-show
Mystery Ball by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricks A ball appears and disappears mysteriously from the inside of an attractive vase!Easy and amazing!The item measures 7cm (2.76").
Out of stock. $1.39
ball kids vase
Floating Matches by Uday - Trick The magician places an ordinary match onto the back of a playing card. When he bends the card down the match remains floating in mid-air!Very easy to perform.
In stock. $3.75
float kids match cyber-monday-2017
King Tut by Pyramid Gold Magic - Trick After being off the market for decades, this classic novelty is back! King Tut comes to life and refuses to be kept in his sarcophagus when handed to another. Yet, when YOU place him in his coffin, he rests comfortably. A fun trick that all ages can enjoy. Instructions included.
In stock. $4.46
kids puzzle
Professor's Nightmare (Instant Download) A powerful classic in magic is now available instantly! Ordinary ropes change lengths right before your spectator's eyes!
In stock. $5.95
kids kids-show
Pizza Paddle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Rob Thompson - Trick One of the biggest challenges for kids magicians is finding powerful CLOSE-UP effects for children. The Pizza Paddle is the newest, best solution we've ever seen. With nothing more than the simple paddle move (learned within minutes on the instructional video) you'll be able to interact with kids up
In stock. $25.00
kids kids-show paddle pizza
As Real As It Gets by Losander (DVD + Gimmicks) The perfect magic kit. Why? POWERFUL magic that transcends language, culture and age.
In stock. $24.95
beginner kids levitation magic-kit p3 rick-lax vanish
Buddha Mystery by Uday - Tricks An object vanishes or changes when wrapped in these papers.
In stock. $1.50
buddha kids cyber-monday-2017
Color Changing Silk (China Silk) by Uday - Trick Two brightly colored 15-inch silks tied together. By simply stroking the silks with an empty hand, the color changes visibly.
Out of stock. $5.96
change kids silk
Kidtrix (Magic for Kids) by Paul Osborne - Book An all new book by Paul Osborne geared to the kid show performer! Hundred of illustrations along with never-before-seen, audience tested routines and props. Stuff you will want to perform - Wristnosis, Giant Crayon, My Pet Frog, Ear Cleaning Machine, Insurance!, Magic Tables, Stratospheres, Poor Man
Out of stock. $20.96
book illusion kids parlor stage
Rope to Silk (15") Do you enjoy performing super-visual magic? Do you like astounding your audience by showing them the impossible? If so, imagine this: A piece of rope seems to defy gravity by standing up on end. Then, in an instant, it changes into a silk handkerchief! Your audience will gasp with wonder and delight
In stock. $5.63
beginner kids rope silk
Ball & Vase (Plastic) by Uday - Trick A pedestal vase has a lid, which fits snugly over the ball inside. This ball can be made to vanish, re-appear and penetrate the pedestal vase.
In stock. $2.96
ball beginner close-up kids production vanish vase
Coin Coaster Royal Stunning visual magic!A glass is inverted over a plastic coaster. The magician vanishes a quarter. Instantly, the coin appears underneath the inverted glass. The appearance takes place without cover, and take no sleight of hand to perform.
In stock. $2.63
coin glass kids vanish
Baby Tail Spin by SPS Publications - Trick Printed in beautiful colors on a heavy gloss board, TAIL SPIN will make your head spin! This hilarious prop is guaranteed to make kids snort and bray! They won't be able to keep their laughter "burro"-ed! You show a picture of the cutest little ol' donkey you ever saw. But the poor fellow is missing
In stock. $11.25
close-up kids cyber-monday-2017
Ball & Vase Deluxe by Bazar de Magia - Trick EffectYou receive a gimmicked cup and ball. Easy to do trick. The vase is 3" 1/2" tall and its about 2" wide.
In stock. $6.00
ball beginner close-up kids production vanish vase
Balloon Detective by Devin Knight - Trick A great new tool for both family entertainers and mentalists. You can use this EVEN if you have never made a balloon animal in your life. One of the effects doesn't even use real balloons! Until now, there have been few ways to tie in your magic with balloon sculpturing. Imagine having a child or la
In stock. $15.00
kids mentalism stage cyber-monday-2017
Rope To Silk by Uday - Trick A 16-inch rope is held in the hands, one end in each hand. Suddenly the magician pulls the rope between his hands and a 32-inch silk is seen hanging from his fingers!
In stock. $9.00
kids rope silk cyber-monday-2017
Spiked Coin by Uday - Trick It is a penetration effect - the spikes penetrate through the coin or token without damaging it.
In stock. $1.20
beginner kids penetration cyber-monday-2017
Most Unbelievable Magic Set by Fantasma magic (Gung Ho Box, Cups and Balls, Penetration frame) This is a wonderful kit for young magicians 6 and up who want to learn real magic! You'll learn how to do over 50 Unbelievable magic tricks including tricks with the Cups & Balls, the oldest and most famous trick in magic, The Coin Paddle, show two sides of a small paddle and a coin appears on o
In stock. $15.00
kids kit cyber-monday-2017
Amazing Split Sunflower by Premium Magic - Trick This is another version of Wilting Rose or Dropping Flower. However, in this version the magician holds a bouquet of flowers instead of a single flower.Effect: The performer holds what looks like a bouquet of flowers. He says that the flowers are magical, and never need water to keep them healthy. H
In stock. $15.00
comedy flower kids stage cyber-monday-2017
Pencil to Flower by Mr. Magic - Trick Mr. Magic Pencil to Flower is a great effect that is easy to do AND the magic happens in the spectator's hands. The magician shows a wooden pencil. He places the pencil inside a metal tube, puts the cap on it and gives it to a spectator to hold. After a few moments, the spectator is asked to take th
In stock. $2.96
flower kids pencil
My First Magic DVD by Gary Darwin (Instant Download) A full 2-hour introduction to magic from a true lover of the art. Aimed at kids, but even non-beginners will learn a thing or two! DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $0.00
beginner dvd kids
Multiplying Coin Tray Making change was never so easy!With this clever prop, the magician can multiply the number of coins in a spectator's hand with no sleight of hand. Simply slide the coins off the tray and the work is done! It's that easy. Add gimmicked coins or ordinary change to coins already on the tray.
In stock. $1.88
beginner coin kids
Classic Mysteries/Master Magician's Set {016419} This set is the perfect introduction to magic!The "Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians" magic set makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages. The set features tricks that are magical classics. Professional magicians selected time-tested tricks that are easy to do, yet completely bafflin
In stock. $14.96
kids kit
B. Abbott Performs CU for Kids, DVD For over 18 years professional magician Bill Abbott has been developing and performing the material on this 2-disc DVD set. Witness actual, uncut and hilarious performances shot live on location in a family restaurant with children and their parents. Bill's performance focus is on original presentat
Out of stock. $26.21
card close-up dvd kids mentalism sponge-trick
Appearing Crayons Appearing Crayons...
Out of stock. $4.50
crayon kids production stage street cyber-monday-2017
Appearing Crayon (RED) from Sorcery Manufacturing (RED) EffectThe performer presents the standard coloring book routine, at the end of the routine he vanishes the color out of the book and dumps out a big pile of crayons. He takes one of the crayons and tosses it into a little paper bag. The performer then reaches down into the bag and produces an extrem
Out of stock. $45.00
crayon kids production stage street
Appearing Crayon (YELLOW) from Sorcery Manufacturing (YELLOW) EffectThe performer presents the standard coloring book routine, at the end of the routine he vanishes the color out of the book and dumps out a big pile of crayons. He takes one of the crayons and tosses it into a little paper bag. The performer then reaches down into the bag and produces an extrem
Out of stock. $33.75
crayon kids production stage street cyber-monday-2017
Big Laughs for Little People book "Big Laughs for Little People gives readers an opportunity to go backstage with a real pro and watch the show from behind the scenes. In a word, the book is tremendous." -Fetaque Sanders This book features 15 complete routines of magic and comedy, guaranteed to get great audience reactions. You'll r
Out of stock. $18.71
book close-up coin comedy kids penetration restoration rope-trick stage
B. Abbott Performs Standup for Kids - Bill Abbott, DVD Bill Abbott has entertained audiences across North America and Western Europe with the magic on this DVD for over 19 years. Now you can experience the original, magical, and very funny stand-up magic for kids that Bill has honed through years of tough experience. Recorded at a resort in front of a
Out of stock. $26.21
card dvd kids levitation mentalism sponge-trick stage
Baby Presto by John George - DVD Colorful Shapes, Numbers, and ABC's with a Magic Twist!Everyone loves the astonishment of seeing sleight-of-hand magic. Enjoy watching this adventure of sight and sound with your child. Classical music accompanies this fun and educational experience.See children play and interact with one another. T
In stock. $11.25
dvd kids cyber-monday-2017
Bill Abbott Performs Magic For Kids (DELUXE DVD SET) - DVD This Deluxe Edition DVD Set includes the re-edited and re-mastered original performances and explanations from the landmark DVDs Bill Abbott Performs Close-Up For Kids and Bill Abbott Performs Stand-Up For Kids plus over 75 minutes of Deluxe Edition Bonus Features! Original Material from Bill Abbott
Out of stock. $30.00
card close-up comedy dvd kids restoration rope-trick sponge-trick vanish cyber-monday-2017
Ultimate Legends of Magic (With DVD) by Fantasma Magic - Trick This kit is already being talked about in magic circles everywhere. It has some of the best tricks we have ever made in it. In fact , many professionals use these tricks in their shows right now, yet they're simple enough for an 8 year old to do! Watch HOUDINI and Other Great Magicians Perform on DV
Out of stock. $48.75
kids kit cyber-monday-2017
Marshall Brodien TV Magic Set by Marshall Brodien The Original TV Magic Set was first introduced in the 70s by Marshall Brodien. Now you can have this classic Marshall Brodien magic set for yourself. Your friends will be amazed with the miracles you will perform with this classic set. Get the original!12 TV Magic Tricks!Bonus: Book of 50 amazing tr
In stock. $29.96
kids kit
My First Magic Set (0C486BL) by Ideal - Trick Designed with little hands in mind, this magic set by Ideal builds the confidence of young magicians with great, easy-to-learn tricks. Make candy appear in an empty box! Watch a picture magically paint itself! Amaze your friends with disappearing crayons, and more! Instructions and supplies for over
Out of stock. $22.46
card close-up kids kit magic-set mentalism production transposition vanish wand
Magic School Vol 1 by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD This download features several tricks that Stephen teaches to children in his magic workshops and in one-on-one magic lessons for adults. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic. Impossible JigsawPuzzle pieces are eliminated until your left with just one, the missing p
In stock. $19.95
beginner kids magic
Illuminatrix Kit by Fantasma Magic - Trick Introducing the Fantasma Illuminatrix Magic Set. An amazing selection of 100+ easy-to-perform magic tricks for kids with an instruction booklet and DVD. It's a box set of professional magic that's easy to do. A superb introduction on how to be a magician, your child will be thrilled to enter the fas
In stock. $29.96
kids kids-magic magic-kits
Magic Hat Show by Fantasma Magic - Trick Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Step right up to the Fantasma Retro Magic Hat Show! Spectators will gasp in amazement as you make handkerchiefs change colors, rabbits multiply, and much more. Ready to go out of the box, this set has everything you need to get started today. It includes a
Out of stock. $24.95
kids kit magic-kits
Retro Classic Magic Kit (Tin of 35 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic The Fantasma Classic Magic Set is part of Fantasma's Retro Magic line! Over 35 classics of magic in a sleek metal tin! Pass solid through solid with The Linking Rings! Fool 'em again and again with the Jumbo Three Card Monte! Show off your psychic powers with ESP Dice! Astound them with Magic Rope!
Out of stock. $8.10
kids kit cyber-monday-2017
Retro Invisible Deck Kit (XRAY) (Tin of 25 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic With this amazing deck, you can show 52 blank cards and have them all magically turn into a regular deck! But that's not all! You can: Print just one face or one back Print only the spectator's chosen card while leaving the rest of the deck blank and more! You will learn more than 25 great tricks an
In stock. $6.26
beginner kids kit
Retro Phantom Deck Kit (Tin of 25 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic From Fantasma's Retro line comes the Phantom Deck! There are countless tricks you can do with this amazing, versatile and easy-to-use magic deck of cards. More decks of this type have probably been sold than any other special deck made, yet we were able to add a feature that allows you to perform ev
In stock. $5.36
beginner kids kit
Retro Psychic Deck Kit (Tin of 25 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic The Fantasma Retro Psychic Deck allows you to easily find your spectator's card with the deck behind your back! A secret gimmick allows you to pick out the black cards from the red cards in an instant. With the deck's secret markings, you'll be able to fool your audience by telling them what card th
In stock. $5.36
beginner kids kit
Tuscany Twister by Big Guy's Magic - Trick Recreated from a series of drawings recovered by archaeologists from an undisclosed site in central Italy, and suspected to have been created by a cousin of Leonardo da Vinci, the Tuscany Twister appears to have originated as an early attempt to develop the world's first ultralight aircraft.CAUTION:
In stock. $12.95
Soc-O-Magic set- #1 Soc-O-Magic #1 by Loftus International A perfect gift for the children of any age on your gift list. They`ll learn how to entertain their friends and develop fun new skills. The Soc-O-Magic Set #1 includes:Magic Cup and Ball (Ball Vase) My Favorite Rope Trick (Professor`s Nightmare) Fan-ta-stik Secr
In stock. $11.25
kids kit cyber-monday-2017
Soc-O-Magic set- #3 Soc-O-Magic #3 by Loftus International The perfect gift for the children on your gift list. They`ll learn how to entertain their friends and develop fun new skills. The Soc-O-Magic Set #3 includes:Ball and Vase Penny to Dime Snapper In and Out Crazy Cube Magic Taper Cards 40-page booklet 110 Unbelie
In stock. $9.00
kids kit cyber-monday-2017
Jumping Gems (2) by Mr. Magic - Trick Show a plain black plastic stick. With a quick motion, a glittering gem appears on the front side, while the back is still blank. With another wave, another gem appears on the back as well. Now the stick has two gems -- one on one side and one on the opposite side. Pass the stick through your closed
Out of stock. $2.21
dots jumping jumping-gems kids
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