Take a mysterious object, imbue it with mind-reading powers, and then... https://t.co/bj4sb..

Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel (Instant Download) We've never seen reactions like these. Gasps, groans and screams of horror are THE NORM as you dislocate your fingers. SALE PRICE ENDS FRIDAY. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $14.95
bizarre geek
Wayne Houchin LIVE (Instant Download) Learn stunning illusions and baffling effects from this masterful con-man, street magician, and daredevil! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
bizarre geek illusions magic mentalism penguin-live stunts wayne-houchin
Penny Dreadful Detective by Christopher Taylor A reenactment of the 'famous' Edwardian parlour game.
Out of stock. $39.95
bizarre download halloween living-dead mentalism pendulum prediction
The Family by Max Vellucci - Trick Five pictures of a nineteenth-century family that will allow you to create different effects of extraordinary and bizarre mentalism.FIND A DEADThe mentalist takes three photos and mentally chooses for the spectator. After a few steps the mentalist will be able to identify the spectator's thoughts. T
In stock. $18.75
bizarre card halloween mentalism cyber-monday-2017
Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink (Download+Gimmick) CUT and RESTORE your skin using ANY sharp object. No trick knives. Just pure shock, then immediate AWE. LIMITED SUPPLY. PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN.
In stock. $59.95
bizarre geek halloween knife
Pincushion by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD This book is not for the squeamish or for those with a weak stomach. The feats described in this book have been known to cause people (both men and women) to faint while watching them! You have seen people such as David Blaine and Criss Angel do these feats on television. You may have even seen peop
In stock. $6.00
bizarre download geek
The Devil Always Knows (Seven Deadly Sins) by Christopher Dearman - Trick The performer lays out seven cards on the table, each one representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. After explaining that the Devil uses these sins in order to tempt his victims, the performer chooses a vice that would personally be tempting. Instructing the spectator to do the same, they then have
In stock. $24.95
bizarre packet-trick prediction
Power Word: Fall by Matt Sconce (DVD + Gimmicks) Make objects FALL with the power of your words alone. You can face the other way, and stand COMPLETELY STILL. A powerful reputation maker and perfect for parties.
In stock. $27.95
bizarre close-up dvd mentalism pk
TC's Bizarre Side By TC Tahoe (Instant Download) Bizarre, Storytelling and more.
In stock. $20.00
bizarre download mentalism
Til Death Do Us Part By Jim Critchlow and Alakazam - Trick Jim Critchlow has seamlessly blended magic, mentalism and storytelling to create a unique moment of astonishment that leaves spectators truly stunned. When performed at the right time, there is absolutely nothing that can follow this effect.Using some old wedding photographs of married couples from
In stock. $35.00
bizarre dvd halloween haunted living-dead mentalism
Seance with Dixie Dooley (DVD) Do the dead materialize? It's the absorbing question of all time. On this startling new DVD from Las Vegas headliner Dixie Dooley you'll learn to create apparitions and perform S´┐Żances.
In stock. $29.95
bizarre dvd halloween seance
Book of Forgotten Secrets by Stephen Minch (BOOK) A Tour on the Bizarre Side Of Such Things are Nightmares Made!
In stock. $65.00
bizarre book halloween
Note by Matt Sconce (DVD + Gimmick) Modern ghost writing: Simple to do, and ALWAYS ready. The ULTIMATE party trick. Spooky or fun, your choice. NOW SHIPPING (ARRIVED EARLY). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
bizarre close-up dvd halloween mentalism spirit-writing street
Seance by Bob Cassidy (Instant Download) "After 2 Years Of Work Bob Cassidy Reveals His Long Awaited Secrets To The Mysteries Of The Sance..." It's taken a long time but Bob Cassidy, one of the most respected and influential mentalists of our time, is finally revealing his secrets to performing the sance. Within the pages of "Sance" you'll
In stock. $29.95
bizarre mentalism seance
Phoenix Prophecy by Shaun Robison & Shaun Dunn (DVD + Gimmick) Read minds, and reveal thoughts VISUALLY, by causing them to MYSTERIOUSLY appear using FIRE. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $34.95
bizarre bizarre-magick close-up dvd fire mentalism mind-reading p3 revelation visual
Psi Card by Outlaw Effects - Trick Dr. Bill and Outlaw Effects present Psi Card! Another devious weapon for your wallet arsenal! First tested by the international faculty at the Baltimore Institute of Psycholinguistics, Psi-Card will provide proof of your telepathic powers. Carry Psi-Card in your wallet and always be prepared to blow
In stock. $25.00
bizarre mentalism
SCIN (Gimmick) by Phil Knoxville - Trick SCIN: Signed Card in NoseWARNING: THIS EFFECT SHOULD NOT BE SOLD TO OR PERFORMED BY ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. THIS DVD IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY.This is for the SCINNERSPhil Knoxville brings you the ultimate geek effect, Signed Card in Nose.This is SCIN.A card is selected from the deck, signed and ret
In stock. $22.50
bizarre haunted street cyber-monday-2017
Wounded by Robert Smith (DVD) Intense, powerful and a little scary! Definitely not for everyone... in fact, not for most! Just watch the demo, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.
In stock. $35.00
bizarre dvd geek
Bill Montana LIVE (Instant Download) One of the leading experts of arcane mentalism is coming to Penguin LIVE for a 2 hour lecture! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
bill-montana bizarre charlatan mentalism mysticism penguin-LIVE psychological shiners
BLAZE by Thinking Paradox (Instant Download) An impromptu visual demonstration of modern fakirism. Demonstrate your freakish tolerance to fire.
In stock. $11.95
bizarre download fire
Hampton Falls (DVD and Cards) by Tony Chris - DVD A Macabre Mentalism/Bizarre Masterpiece On June 18, 1969 in Hampton Falls, Massachusetts, eight high school students spent one terrifying night in an abandoned and purportedly haunted insane asylum. Not all of them survived... Tony Chris tells their story through his captivating, macabre mental mast
In stock. $30.00
bizarre card close-up dvd halloween living-dead mentalism parlor cyber-monday-2017
Sanctum 4 by Outlaw Effects - Trick Destination, Montana was where she first encountered Cornelius Hobbs. He came to see her the day the Wonder Tour rolled into town. She thought he was another seeker, but he was different. He didn't need his fortune told. He said he knew his future, and she was there. Hobbs asked her to be part of Th
In stock. $30.00
bizarre close-up mentalism
Ashes On Arm (Instant Download) Get your FREAK on with this impossible revelation. Highly recommended.
In stock. $9.95
bizarre close-up mentalism spirit-writing
Swami/Mantra (Book) Bizarre and dangerous magic awaits!
In stock. $60.00
bizarre geek
Saw by Sean Fields (DVD) A spectacular nightmare from the demented mind of Sean Fields!
Out of stock. $15.60
bizarre dvd geek
Ladybug by Paul Harris The Creation of Life on the Tip of Your Finger!
In stock. $99.00
bizarre close-up dvd knife street
Sick by Sean Fields - DVD One of the most disturbing close up illusions ever.
In stock. $19.95
bizarre halloween
Flesh Wound by Chris Smith The goriest illusion in the shop! Peel your skin back and HEAL YOURSELF right before their eyes. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $40.00
bizarre geek gimmick
CUT by Ran Pink (Download+Gimmick) CUT and RESTORE your skin using ANY sharp object. No trick knives. Just pure shock, then immediate AWE. LIMITED SUPPLY. PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN.
Out of stock. $59.95
backstage bizarre bleed blood close-up cut ran-pink scary street-magic
EVP by Alan Rorrison (Download + Gimmick) "EVP is a genius idea and can be applied in more than one way.... I had to have it on my show!"- Troy "This is the only thing I have ever (and with some embarrassment) uttered the words 'game changer' about. It's a seance in someone else's pocket."- Anthony Jaquin"EVP is the strongest miracle you co
In stock. $99.95
bizarre halloween mentalism
In Lizzy's Hand by Bruce Kalver - Trick EffectLizzie Borden took an axe,and gave her mother forty whacks.When she saw what she had done,she gave her father forty-one."A Bizarre Magick Effect by Larry White and Bruce Kalver The performer explains that at a recent auction he purchased an old trunk, full of miscellaneous items. While rummagi
Out of stock. $35.00
Final Curtain by Borodin - Book In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing repertoire that he has used very successfully as a mental magician, a bizarrist, and a story teller.The secrets here have been carefully guarded. They are the ones Borodin did not want to reveal until the time was right. And n
Out of stock. $37.50
bizarre book mentalism cyber-monday-2017
Gypsy Curse (Sanctum 6) by Outlaw Effects - Trick Only those that believe can see the image of her true beauty, that is the Gypsy Curse. Put upon her long ago by a suitor with great powers who loved her very much. She could not return the love he had, and was made to pay a price for that. He could never harm her, he loved her, but one day he put a
Out of stock. $22.46
bizarre mentalism
Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger - Book Mind-boggling Mysteries!If you've ever wondered what kinds of things went on at spirit seances during their 19th Century heyday, this amazing performance will illuminate some of those mysteries - and leave you puzzling over how the mediums did it.The history of seances, essays on seance performance,
Out of stock. $37.50
bizarre book close-up mentalism cyber-monday-2017
Needle Thru Arm Deluxe (BOX)(With DVD and Props) by Harry Anderson - Tricks Harry Anderson's signature effect! Effect: You roll back your sleeve, and start talking about things like "pain thresholds," "surgical procedures," "incisions," "puncture wounds," and other grisly subjects. What might you be up to? Then, from the table, the spectators see a gleaming, 9-inch-long nee
Out of stock. $74.96
bizarre hazmat needle
Antoninus Pius Version 2.0 - Trick The legend tells that in the year 141 A.D. Antoninus Plus, the Roman Empire Emperor, had to go on a journey due to problems in the borders, while his beloved had to remain in the city. It is said that during the time, the Emperor communicated with his beloved in a very special and unique way: both h
In stock. $45.00
bizarre book cyber-monday-2017
Seance CD by Bob Cassidy - DVD "After 2 Years Of Work Bob Cassidy Reveals His Long Awaited Secrets To The Mysteries Of The Sance..." It's taken a long time but Bob Cassidy, one of the most respected and influential mentalists of our time, is finally revealing his secrets to performing the sance. Within the pages of "Sance" you'll
Out of stock. $29.97
bizarre mentalism seance
Harlan The Bizarre Magic Show - DVD The Bizarre Magic Show performed on this volume is not for every audience as its themes are dark, somewhat disturbing, and sometimes even bloody. However, in the right venue and for the right audience, these pieces can be some of the most memorable magic you'll every perform for any audience. And, t
In stock. $34.95
bizarre dvd
Sanctum 2 by Outlaw Effects - Trick I could not believe my eyes...A box of Sanctum cards, found by chance in the back room of a bohemian bookshop. So it was true, The Sanctum Society did exist! The half whispered rumors of a powerful secret society, hiding behind the cigar smoke in Chicago gambling dens, in seedy rooms above Parisian
Out of stock. $30.00
bizarre close-up mentalism
Kioku by Outlaw Effects - Trick As we go through life, there are people, events, and images that are forever branded into our memory. Moments in time we never forget. A face, a song, a place we long to return to.Let someone choose that moment in time they've never forgotten. Let them travel back, silently in their minds, and revis
Out of stock. $30.00
bizarre bizarre-magick mentalism
Reflections (Soft Cover) by Outlaw Effects - Trick Now introducing Reflections V.2. Now with an additional "test" combined with an additional method created by Prof. B.C.Reflections is even more diabolical.It contains 3 different tests of psychological, emotional and behavioral reactions.The bonus effect is Kioku! In the book! No cards!Reflections i
Out of stock. $45.00
bizarre mentalism
Five Shot by Outlaw Effects - Trick You tell to the spectator that they have a free choice of any one of the 22 major arcana cards and not to reveal to anyone the card that they have chosen.You then proceed to do a one card tarot reading based on their secretly chosen card. You never see which card they have chosen, but are able to do
Out of stock. $45.00
bizarre close-up mentalism tarot cyber-monday-2017
Reflections Hardcover by Outlaw effects - Trick Reflections is even more diabolical.It contains 3 different tests of psychological, emotional and behavioral reactions.The bonus effect is Kioku! In the book! No cards!It begins with a "planetary" personality test, our new addition that has the spec unknowingly reveal the "force" while cloaked as pa
Out of stock. $75.00
bizarre bizarre-magick mentalism
Shattered & Fixed Glass by Anton Corradin - Trick The magician opens by showing the audience a picture frame with a photo of Harry Houdini and comments that besides being famous for his great escapes the illusions had another virtue that was less known.It was the power of his gaze; he could shatter glass or mirrors by just looking at them.Next, he
In stock. $59.95
bizarre haunted mentalism parlor stage
Coin Thru Nose by Tyler Sutter & The Magic Estate - Trick "Coin Thru Nose is the most believable yet incredible piece of geek magic you can do!"- Anton James Are you ready for something truly shocking. A coin is marked for identification, paced on the tongue, swallowed, and moments later, to your audiences shock and delight, the coin is pulled right out of
In stock. $35.00
bizarre coin geek
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