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Swami Thumb Writer (Pencil Lead) by Powell Magic - Trick Dave Powell's Swami Writer Trick Imagine being able to predict the amount of change in anyone's pocket, at anytime. Or imagine being able to predict a number that anyone is thinking, at anytime! That's exactly what happens with the help of the Swami Writer!
In stock. $9.00
pencil swami thumb-tip
Thumb Tip Type (Pencil Lead 2mm)- Vernet. These gimmicks are the most powerful tools a magician or mentalist can use. It's really very difficult to believe that with such a little and inexpensive gimmick, you can produce the quality and the quantity of effects that look like real miracles.You can write letters, numbers, check marks, etc.sur
In stock. $13.50
pencil swami thumb-tip
Rising Card by Daryl (Instant Download) A real fooler! Cause a card to rise out of the center of the deck, without even TOUCHING THE CARDS. LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $7.95
card close-up download pencil rising-card stage street
Paul Harris Presents Freedom Writer by Mark Allen and Paul Harris Presents - Trick (Gimmick & Online Video Instruction) Paul Harris Presents Mark Allen's FREEDOM WRITER The Evolution of a Classic Mindreading Device. The Swami Gimmick has finally left your finger. You never have to fumble to find the gimmick. You never stick anything onto your finger or hide anything in your hands. Your fingers and hands are always em
In stock. $59.95
boon mentalism parlor pencil stage street swami walk-around
Micro Writer by Dave Powell - Trick The New Powell Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-up or stage. The Micro Writer holds a replaceable pencil lead that be changed in seconds. You can perform mind boggling effects like revealing a thought of number or shape, predict the amount of change
In stock. $9.00
boon pencil swami
Boon Type (Pencil Lead 2 mm) These gimmicks are the most powerful tools a magician or mentalist can use. It's really very difficult to believe that with such a little and inexpensive gimmick, you can produce the quality and the quantity of effects that look like real miracles.You can write letters, numbers, check marks, etc.sur
In stock. $10.50
boon pencil swami
Bug Writer (PENCIL Lead) by Vernet - Trick The great British magician Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with his invention: the Boon Writer "the greatest smallest gimmick in mentalism".Some performers may find it difficult to write well with the Boon Writer for different reasons: they may find it a little bit unstable, or they feel t
In stock. $13.50
boon pencil swami
Snap by Jesse Feinberg - Trick A regular pencil is shown all around. When you wave your hand over the pencil, the eraser jumps from one end to the other! Give the pencil a shake, and the eraser jumps back to the other side... SNAP the pencil in half and the eraser jumps from one half to the other! You can even cover one end in yo
In stock. $15.00
close-up pencil restoraton
Magnetic Boon Writer (pencil 2mm) by Vernet - Trick The Magnetic Boon Writer model has been specially designed and manufactured to be used with the "Vernet Magnetic Boon Holder".After many years of professional performances in front of real audience as well as in casual or impromptu performances we developed a perfect holder for your Boon Writer.The
In stock. $16.00
boon pencil swami
Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Thread Miracles - Set (Vols. 1-3) - DVD There is more powerful potential in just a few feet of invisible thread than almost anything else in magic. This is magic that becomes the stuff of legends. No matter what type of magic you perform, from the purest sleight of hand to the largest grand illusions, this is the type of magic that create
Out of stock. $91.88
buisness-card close-up coin dvd levitation money-trick pencil penetration ring-trick silk-trick stage straw street
Mark Jenest's No 2 Pencil The best close-up effect to come along in years, you will want to carry this one everywhere! Highly Recommended!!!
Out of stock. $11.99
close-up pencil street vanish
Penciltration by Jesse Feinberg (DVD + Gimmicks) The FIRST bill penetration where you actually SEE the pencil push through a borrowed bill. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
close-up dvd pencil penetration
C.H. Bandwriter (Pencil) World's most secure and stable Swami!
In stock. $25.00
mentalism pencil swami
Appearing Pencil from Sorcery Manufacturing Effect: The performer reaches down into a bag and produces an extremely large pencil that could not possibly fit in the bag! The look of astonishment and amazement from the audience is worth a thousand bucks!!- Great for birthday parties- Great for educational kid show assemblies- Adds a great final
Out of stock. $45.00
pencil production stage street
Blunt by David Kemsley - Trick David Kemsley's brilliant mind keeps surprising us! Effect A brand new pencil sharpens itself instantly and just so you do not hurt yourself you can turn it back to a new un-sharpened pencil. How about that? Very easy to learn and perform. Blunt does almost all the work for you! You can use it in tr
In stock. $14.99
close-up pencil street
Phantom Pencils (REQUIRES Pro PK Kit) by Chazpro - Trick PHANTOM PENCILS - Ala Carte Version. (This version is for magicians who already own a Micro 5 PK Prop.) This item contains 4 complete effects, plus a bonus routine. Includes all items needed to perform each of the 4 main effects. Effect #1 - Rising Pencil. Place an examined pencil on your hand and i
In stock. $39.95
mentalism pencil pk
Magnetic Boon Holder (pencil 2mm) by Vernet - Trick Without any doubt one of the most useful gimmicks in the world of mentalism is the Boon Writer. You can perform plenty of different effects that look like real miracles. One of the main problems is how to have the gimmick always ready to be used at any moment.After many years of professional perform
In stock. $50.00
boon pencil swami
Appearing Pencil (8 ft.) by Wood Crafters - Trick The Appearing Pencil is an amazing 8 feet long! The pencil is a No. 2 pencil so it will be great for those oversized illusions.
Out of stock. $32.21
comedy kids-show parlor pencil production stage street
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