Our best advice on picking a trick

Get clear on how you're going to use the effect before you buy.

If you're a magic trick inventor, you might decide to invest in a trick just to "see how it works". That's fine, you'll probably do the trick a few times for yourself, get some ideas for tricks you're developing, and be completely satisfied.

But, if you're a performer and you get a trick just to see how it works, you may be disappointed with your investment.

The real value of a magic purchase for a performer comes from performing the effect. It sounds obvious, but many magic stores overlook it. They talk about the trick and how cool it is. We're very proud of our tricks, but we're more interested in the powerful performances you achieve with them.

Imagine the difference: two people buy the same trick for \$30. The first person opens the package, reads the instructions, tries the trick a few times, maybe even shows a few people... it's cool, but not something he's going to do much with. The second person opens the package, masters the trick, and starts performing it for everyone he sees. He takes it with him everywhere, incorporates it into his stand-up routine, uses it as a conversation jump-starter, and even teaches it to one of his friends who is just getting interested in magic. The first person never realized the performance value of the trick. Same trick, but the second person made the better buy.

Most of our customers are performers; all of our tricks are performance tools.

We don't recommend that you buy a trick just because it sounds cool or just because you want to see how it works (unless you're an inventor doing research). Instead, when you look at a trick imagine yourself performing it. Think about the unique audience experience and incredible entertainment value that you will provide with the effect.
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