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This Week's Top 10 Tricks Under $10

1. Newark LIVE MAGIC EXPO: Sunday, March 29th - Lyndhurst, NJ: The best parts of a magic convention... without the travel! RESERVE TODAY AND GET A $10 VOUCHER AT THE DOOR.
$9.95 - Avg customer review:(24)
2. Tarbell 26: Selected Card Mysteries - Awesome, brain-busting card tricks that will leave your audience wondering. Rock-solid, modern magic. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY
3. Melt 2.0 by Matthew Johnson - The perfect bar trick. Borrow a dollar, take out a card and create a SURREAL moment of wonder. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$9.95 - Avg customer review:(202)
4. Invisible Deck Red - Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect is simple to perform... It's almost TOO POWERFUL!!! Highly Recommended
$7.50 - Avg customer review:(394)
5. Loops by Yigal Mesika - "I never leave home without it."-Criss Angel.
$7.50 - Avg customer review:(173)
6. Placebo by Mark Calabrese video DOWNLOAD - Placebo is a rare miracle in card magic which allows the spectator to do all of the work! Imagine a named card, from a shuffled deck to be found by th...
$9.00 - Avg customer review:(4)
7. Vuja De by Rick Lax - An awesome multi-phase matchbox MIRACLE where each trick gets better and better! LEARN INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$9.95 - Avg customer review:(140)
8. NOC V3 Deck
9. Pen Through Finger by Matthew Johnson - Learn every subtlety and master this JAW-DROPPING, original pocket illusion and FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$9.95 - Avg customer review:(87)
10. Prison Break by Ilyas Seisov - Coin magically disappears from closed hands and appears in your fist

This Week's Top 10 Tricks Under $30

1. TAG by Chastain Criswell and Mark Mason - A bullet-proof card miracle that happens IN THEIR HANDS. As fooling as card magic gets. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
$19.95 - Avg customer review:(44)
2. P'INK by Ran Pink - The most anticipated release of the year. Redefine what's possible, reveal anything, reburn matches, even rewrite history. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. LIMITED QUANTITY.
$29.95 - Avg customer review:(21)
3. Changeling by Marc Lavelle
$22.46 - Avg customer review:(5)
4. Laptop Lecture by Rick Lax - 20 mind-expanding tricks from one of magic's most creative inventors! SPECIAL INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$29.95 - Avg customer review:(50)
5. What Tha by Rodger Lovins
$19.95 - Avg customer review:(10)
6. David Regal LIVE 2 - Putting together a complete act filled with fantastic magic!SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
$29.95 - Avg customer review:(5)
7. The Matrix Pad (DVD & Gimmicks) by Richard Griffin - Trick - A small note pad is shown. Four spots are drawn in each corner of the pad with a sharpie. One by one with the rub of a finger the spots are visibly mo...
8. Ultimate Marked Deck - Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of!
$29.95 - Avg customer review:(7)
9. Blacksmith by Tim Trono presented by Rick Lax - MELT A COIN with your bare hands, glowing red hot. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.
$19.95 - Avg customer review:(3)
10. Luca Volpe LIVE - An amazing, full time mentalist with a unique, charming style. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
$29.95 - Avg customer review:(11)

This Week's Top 10 Tricks Under $50

1. Moments (DVD and Gimmick) by Rory Adams - DVD - "I wish I knew these tricks when I was at school!"- DYNAMO Three Days. Two Magicians. A road trip to Vegas and 12 freakin' sweet tricks. Embark on a j...
2. Bandwidth by Greg Wilson - Trick - Renowned for his creativity and off-the-cuff performance style, Gregory Wilson's BANDWIDTH is his latest seemingly impromptu miracle that allows you t...
$39.95 - Avg customer review:(9)
3. Doc Eason Card Under Glass (2 DVD set) by Kozmomagic - DVD - A classic Bar trick brought to new heights...With its origins in the magic bars of Chicago, the card under glass idea was popularized by Heba Haba Al ...
$49.95 - Avg customer review:(3)
5. Fire Wallet 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick) by Theatre Magic - Trick - A portable BONFIRE that lives in your WALLET. A must-have for anyone who wants to turn heads. LIMITED SUPPLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$44.00 - Avg customer review:(52)
7. Tarantula (With DVD) by Yigal Mesika - Trick - Tarantula is being called: The most incredible levitation device of ALL TIME.
$37.46 - Avg customer review:(198)
8. Destination Zero by John Bannon - Self-working card magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
9. Pasteboard: SansMinds Workers' Series (DVD and Gimmick) - DVD - Pasteboard from the SansMinds Worker's Series is a project designed to serve the working magicians. Every piece in this card magic collection is selec...
10. Against all Odds by Alakzam Magic - Trick - If there is one thing we all have in common it's that everybody wishes they could predict the Lottery and with odd of almost 14,000,000 to 1 it seems ...
$38.10 - Avg customer review:(1)

This Week's Top 10 Tricks Over $50

2. EVP (DVD and Gimmick) by Alan Rorrison - DVD - "EVP is a genius idea and can be applied in more than one way.... I had to have it on my show!"- Troy "This is the only thing I have ever (and with so...
3. Jermay's Mind (DVD Set) by Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. - DVD - Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era. He is a virtuoso, and he conveys the illusion of real mindreading better than anyone. When h...
5. Double Deception Deluxe by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling - They don't just FEEL the magic.. THEY DO IT THEMSELVES. Precision so fine, these coins can actually be examined. EACH UNIT HAND-MADE BY BOB SWADLING. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
$99.95 - Avg customer review:(57)
6. Vapr by Will Tsai and SansMinds - Trick - A new smoke device with several nice improvements. Remote control, small size, quiet operation, and lots and lots of smoke! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$179.95 - Avg customer review:(40)
7. Destination Zero by John Bannon - Self-working card magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
8. Telethought Wallet (VERSION 2) by Chris Kenworthey - Trick - Telethought Wallet is one of the most diabolical utility devices in magic... AND IT JUST GOT BETTER!! Chris Kenworthey and Tony Curtis are providing t...
$50.70 - Avg customer review:(10)
9. Spider Pen Pro (With DVD) by Yigal Mesika - The best levitation device ever invented. Redesigned from scratch to exceed ALL expectations. NOW SHIPPING. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
$75.00 - Avg customer review:(102)
10. Super Cup by Johnny Wong - Trick - Super Cup is the latest product from Johnny Wong in 2015, It is the most brilliant and multifunctional combination design of a coin gimmick and a magi...
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