A reputation-making THREE-PHASE pick pocket routine ANYONE can do. https://t.co/HmwwJ..

The Complete Cups and Balls - Book Universally acclaimed as the effect which every magician should study!!! There has never been a more complete or more effective way to discover the fascinating secrets of this enduring classic!!!
Out of stock. $34.95
Cups and Balls (Booklet) Learn to handle the Cups and Balls, and you can truly call yourself a magician!
In stock. $4.38
The Pro PK Kit (a.k.a. The New Micro 5) Your spectators will scream. This REACTION MACHINE will enable you to perform the most powerful street and mentalism effects in the world. Easy to use. Highly Recommended!!!
In stock. $95.00
Make 'Em Laugh by Aldo Colombini - Book Over 200 great comedy one-liners for magicians, emcees, speakers, etc. Highly Recommended!!!
Out of stock. $12.00
Magic by Gosh by Al Goshman (Book) Learn from one of the best close-up magians EVER. Highly recommended.
In stock. $22.46
Psychokinetic Touches by Banachek (Book) A completely impromptu demonstration of mentalism.
In stock. $15.60
3510 by Luke Jermay (Book + Bonus Download) The perfect gift for your favorite mentalist.
In stock. $35.00
Card College by Robert Giobbi Volume 2 (Book) Picking up where Volume One left off, Volume Two teaches such classic and invaluable sleights as the palm, the pass, the glimpse, false counts and much more. Volume Two concludes with a chapter on psychology, misdirection and presentation that's among the best treatments ever done on these important
In stock. $37.00
Card College by Robert Giobbi Volume 1 (Book) The first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, beginning with lessons on the proper ways to hold, deal and shuffle the cards, then progressing through many basic sleights and techniques, including perhaps the most thorough and revealing discussion of the cla
In stock. $35.00
Redivider by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) It has been a few years since Phil Goldstein's last book of magic, Thabbatical, was released. It is now a sought-after work, out-of-print with secondhand copies hard to obtain. So what has Mr. Goldstein been up to since then? The answer is Redivider, a book containing 24 tricks and routines with car
In stock. $15.00
Bisection by Andrew Mayne Vanish Half Your Body In the Blink of an Eye
In stock. $11.25
Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo (Book) 116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks
In stock. $8.96
Banachek's Pre Thoughts (Book) More than a set of lecture notes, this is a complete mentalism act from start to finish as used by Steve Shaw (Banachek). Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in your show!
In stock. $15.00
Twenty Years of Magic by Jay Sankey Four of Jay Sankey's most popular sets of lecture notes in a single coil-bound collection!
In stock. $15.96
Astonishing New Twists with Paul Harris' Reality Twister by Pete McCabe (book) A new accompaniment book to the best seller - Reality Twister! Learn to astonish spectators in their own hands.
In stock. $11.25
Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret by David Williamson A Professional Card Routine in Three Acts, created by David Williamson!
Out of stock. $24.95
Beyond Secrets by Jay Sankey (Hardcover Book) A brilliant exploration by one of the most creative minds on the planet! Are you ready to take your magic to the next level?
Out of stock. $24.00
Laughing Out Loud by Aldo Colombini Laughing Out Loud has over 500 one liners!
Out of stock. $15.00
13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda (Book) One of the classic books in Mentalism.
Out of stock. $27.00
Expert Card Technique (Book) Take your card magic to the next level with SUPERIOR TECHNIQUE taught by the experts.
In stock. $14.95
The Art of Krowd Keeping by Gazzo (Book) Through the words of authors Danny Hustle and Jersey Jim you learn the incredible success story of Gazzo. How he came to America with 50 bucks in his pocket and a dream of warm weather and magical success. He found both shortly after arriving and built a powerful reputation as a street performer. Hu
In stock. $19.95
Street Cups and Balls by Gazzo (Book) World-class street performer Gazzo finally reveals his legendary routine for the Cups and Balls. You'll have the chance to learn every detail and nuance, ensuring that you won't simply learn the methods and sleights, but the subtleties and thinking that make all the difference. Along the way, Gazzo
In stock. $24.95
Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase (Book) For almost a centuury, this book has been considered indispensable to attaining the highest level of card mastery. In it, S.W. Erdnase, a supreme master of card manipulation, teaches card enthusiasts how to perform the dazzling tricks and sleights-many of them how own creations-that made him famous.
In stock. $7.46
Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber (Book) Learn how to deliver maximum entertainment!
Out of stock. $31.16
Find the Stuff That's You by Chris Carey (Book) Shorten the long road to success!
In stock. $33.75
Dai Vernon: A Biography (Book) The last great undiscovered artist of the 20th Century.
In stock. $30.00
Coral Fang by Luke Jermay (Book) He's consulted for Criss Angel, been an advisor to Derren Brown..now check out Luke's third release of sure-fire mentalism effects!
Out of stock. $41.25
Sleightly Magical by Dan and Dave Buck The crazy card duo is back with fancy flourishes and hard hitting effects!
Out of stock. $18.75
Street Magic Magazine - June/July 2007 Issue (Magazine) Featuring a cover story on Peter Eggink with articles written by James Clark, Jamie Grant, Bizarro, and others!
Out of stock. $8.95
Street Magic Magazine Aug/Sept 2007 W/ Morgan Strebler (Book) Featuring our very own Morgan Strebler
In stock. $6.71
Poetry Reading by Alvo Stockman MULTIPLE predictions woven into a beautiful poem. Written, read and handed out right in front of your spectator!
In stock. $19.95
Ascension by Joshua Quinn An EXCEPTIONALLY clean and direct means of divining a zodiac sign while giving an IMPOSSIBLY precise character reading!
In stock. $59.95
Meant To Be by John Born (Book) An entire book devoted to the "Any Card at Any Number" plot! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $55.00
Life Savers by Michael Weber (Book) An incredible selection of impromptu miracles for those times you're unexpectedly asked to "do a trick."
Out of stock. $45.00
Leading Reading: An Approach to Cold Reading by Luke Jermay (booklet) The perfect companion to Emotional Intelligence. Further study on cold reading. Learn Luke's "Marked Personality" routine + 7 stock readings!
In stock. $12.95
Best of All Worlds (Book) The definitive resource on the cleverest card trick of all time. Order today and get Out of this World FREE to download immediately.
Out of stock. $52.00
CLOSE UP: The Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone (397 pages) The professional close-up manifesto. Full of the wisdom David's picked up over years of doing magic.
In stock. $22.50
Cups & balls booklet (Book) For centuries, the Cups and Balls has fascinated audiences and magicians alike. The trick ahs been featured by nearly every great performer in the history of the art, in nearly every venue, from street corners to Broadway theaters. It is likely the most popular magic trick of all time.Inside this bo
In stock. $3.75
The Three Types by Luke Jermay - Book "Luke Jermay is one of the most creative performers I have ever met."- Teller Luke Jermay has performed his Questions & Answers routine throughout the world, including a two-year run on the Las Vegas Strip. "The Three Types" is the result of years of experimentation to create a powerful Q&A
Out of stock. $24.99
The Original Tarbell Lessons In Magic (Hardcover) 60 essential lessons, 900 pages. Covering the core skills for any true professional, and presented with over 3,100 illustrations. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Out of stock. $75.00
Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy (Book) If you want to make money selling magic, this is required reading. Period. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $39.95
Making the Cut by Ryan Schlutz (Book) Close up magic that will entertain and BAFFLE laymen, as well as tricks that will make the magicians you know shake their heads. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $45.00
Approaching Magic by David Regal (Book) Over 500 Pages and 1000 Photographs Bills, beer, socks, envelopes, DVDs, coffee cups, baskets, boxes, borrowed rings, portable darkness, pieces of paper, paperback books, a bulletin board, a glass canister, a wand, a pencil, and a marshmallow...plus Cards & Coins. Magic for Stand Up, Sit Down, Near
In stock. $75.00
The Dr's Billet Tear by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) Imagine discretely learning what's written on a TWICE FOLDED piece of paper with NO props, NO funny moves and NO COVER. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $34.95
T-REX by Ran Pink (Book + DVD) One of the sneakiest, fastest and most natural ways to tear and secretly read what’s written on a folded piece of paper. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $60.00
Full Bloom by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James - Book (2 Book Set) A unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $150.00
High Caliber by John Bannon (Book) A remarkable collection of card magic by a modern master. LIMITED SUPPLY JUST ARRIVED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $59.95
Full Bloom Signed by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James (2 Book Set) A unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $160.00
Seeking The Bridge by John Born (Book) A collection of 31 methodological card effects and tools within an elegantly cloth bound book. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $55.00
The Approach by Jamie D. Grant (Book) A Complete Guide to Becoming a Working Magician. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $75.00
Do Not Disturb - Thoughts on Heckling by Thomas Heine, Rainer Mees (Book) Thoughts, experiences, insights and advice on managing heckling in mentalism and magic performances. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $64.95
The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy VOL. 2 (Book) The first volume of THE ARTFUL MENTALISM OF BOB CASSIDY hasalready been acclaimed as one of the best books on mentalismever written!In this follow-up second volume, Bob Cassidy has collected ten more of his e-books and created yet another must-have masterclass in mentalism! Included in this volume o
In stock. $65.00
Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz (Book) The Most Important Book On Magic Theory Since Strong Magic!In Designing Miracles, Darwin Ortiz continues the task he began in Strong Magic: to explore and raise the level of craft in magic. This time he presents a groundbreaking study of how laymen think and what it takes to amaze them.Darwin has ea
In stock. $33.75
Isabella's Star 2 by Peter Turner: The Star Goes Supernova (Book) Reveal a participants star sign or even their EXACT DATE OF BIRTH without any pre-show. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $64.00
Zodiacus by Michael Murray: The Isabella's Star Companion (Book) Zodiacus was designed by Michael Murray to accompany David Sena and Pete Turners Isabellas Star effect along with its latest variations which were detailed in Isabellas Star 2.At its heart this is simply a subtly marked set of number cards but in reality this is so much moreHoused in a beautiful dra
In stock. $16.00
Divine by Colin Mcleod (Book) Secrets to unique mentalism methods and creations shared for the VERY FIRST TIME. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $105.00
Performing Magic by Tony Middleton - Book Performing Magic: A Handbook on Performance for Magicians"I've been reading magic books for almost 50 years, and I can categorically state that Performing Magic by Tony Middleton is the most important magical publication of them all to date. It's a masterpiece, and long, long overdue. Congratulation
In stock. $29.96
Al Koran The Unique Years by Martin Breese - Book This new book - compiled and edited by Martin Breese - gathers together all of Al Koran's magazine articles from the magic Wand, the Gen, the Wizard and Pentagram. It also features virtually all of the commercial effects that Al released via the Unique Magic Studio in London. Included as well are th
In stock. $35.25
The Newsletter Tricks - Regular Edition by Mathieu Bich (Book+DVD) The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and never-before-published bonus effects and 2 hidden bonuses ! You'll blow away both spectators and seasoned magicians. This DVD (for the demonstrations) / Book (for the exp
In stock. $26.25
The Newsletter Tricks - COLLECTOR'S EDITION by Mathieu Bich (Book+DVD) This Collector's Edition is signed and numbered (out of 200) by Mathiew Bich and includes prepared gimmicks for all 10 tricks and the 5 bonus effects!The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and never-before-publish
In stock. $85.00
How To Handle Hecklers - By Keith Fields - Book The complete guide to dealing withevery performer's worst nightmare.One day you will be heckled.Will you know what to do?Keith Fields' amazing book will teach you theart of self defence against hecklers."Since turning professional 25 years ago Keith Fields has worked more comedy clubs than just abou
In stock. $22.50
A Lifetime of Magic by Charles Gauci - Book Make no mistake, this book has the perfect title - A Lifetime of Magic is a life's work composed by one of magic's most innovative thinkers and equally brilliant performers. Charles products have sold in the thousands! Why? They are practical, powerful magic that in most cases are easy to perform al
In stock. $150.00
Beyond Imagination by Norman Gilbreath (Book) More than 30 routines from the creator of the famous Gilbreath Principle
In stock. $55.00
A Piece Of My Mind by Michael Murray (Book) "A Piece Of My Mind" is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period. Known the world over for his unique approach to mentalism plots this is sure to become a classic text upon this subject.This book will contain all of the following
In stock. $74.96
Conversation as Mentalism by Mark Elsdon (Book) Would you like to have in your repertoire some killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, any place and without any props?Well good news! Conversation As Mentalism contains tried an tested material that you can start to use immediately.The Participant's experience of what occurs during t
In stock. $26.25
CEREBRATE (with Gimmicks) by Marc Salem & Richard Mark - Book Do you want to provide powerful entertainment and astound audiences with your mentalism? Become a Mindreading Phenomena using the incredible CEREBRATE!Close up, platform or stage this secret system provides a mystifying experience as close to real mindreading as you can get. It can be customized to
Out of stock. $65.00
The Art of Switching Decks by Roberto Giobbi and Hermetic Press - Book The strongest card tricks most often depend on a stack or special deck. Unfortunately, if you start with a gaffed deck, as soon as you have accomplished the impossible feat, its very strength causes audiences to say, "Let me see those cards!" With a deck switch, they can, because you just switched t
In stock. $55.00
The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase (Book) Unequivocally, the most renowned book of its kind. The Expert At The Card Table has often been referred to as the Bible of card magic by magicians and gambling experts alike. Due to its content, it is still today one of the most relevant referrals on sleight of hand card techniques in the world.The
In stock. $50.00
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive by Bill Herz (Book) Contents:xvii Introductionxxi How to Use This BookChapter 1 The Soon-to-Be-Astonishing Executive 1 The Rapid Response Resume6 The Forget-Me-Not Business Card Handout #111 The Forget Me-Not Business Card Handout BonusChapter 2 The Astonishing Office 13 The Extra-Special Client Mind-Reading Rolodex18
In stock. $22.00
Magical Arts Journal (Regular Edition) by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer - Book The Art and Business of Magic The Magical Arts Journal is a ground breaking magical publication devoted to both the art and business of magic that was published and edited by FISM world champion magician Michael Ammar and magic publishing and event production innovator Adam J. Fleischer. You'll find
In stock. $69.95
Limelight by Mark Elsdon (Book) One of Mark Elsdon’s most prized routines is finally available.
In stock. $65.00
Blister Book by Jack Kent Tillar - Book Once or twice every century, a new principle is discovered in our mystery field. In 1972, Jack Kent Tillar's Blister Effect was first published in Tarbell Volume 7. Harry Lorayne wrote, "As far as I know, this principle is new to magic." The effect is that a performer mysteriously makes a blister ap
In stock. $37.50
By Forces Unseen by Stephen Minch - Book Rarely does card magic come along as strikingly original as that found in this book. When it first appeared in 1993, Ernest Earick's name was little known, and some questioned if the ground-breaking sleight-of-hand described could be done deceptively. The answer, of course, was YES, and By Forces Un
Out of stock. $35.00
Standup Card Magic by Roberto Giobbi (Hardcover) The most anticipated book of the year. Take your card magic to the next level. LIMITED FIRST EDITION NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $59.95
The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch (FIRST EDITION) The treasure-chest of a genius. 56 highly original tricks taught for the first time in stunning first edition, second printing hardcover.
Pre-order. $65.00
Smile for a Change by Guy Bavli (Book) How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect your Life
In stock. $14.95
Basic Cups & Balls Technique book - Ron Bauer This short but sneaky version of the Cups and Balls is a good way to get acquainted with the essential handling and presenting of this classic of magic. Although the following is designed as an introduction to Cups and Balls for the student of magic, it is a complete and audience tested performance
In stock. $7.50
Card Trips book Aldo Colombini This fantastic manuscript contains 25 card effects that will force you to get off the couch and learn some magic! Each one of these effects is thoroughly explained, including all the moves necessary to do the routines. Effects Included:-Action-Numbered-Dancing-inside-Eastbound-Isolation-Lasting-Open
In stock. $20.00
A Last Look at Leech book by Anthony Brahams During Anthony Brahams' early child and youth years in magic he was never happy with the card magic available for newcomers. Then, in his twenties, he bought an Al Leech book and at last felt he was performing 'good' magic. All the more so when all the more he read, avidly buying each new Al Leech b
In stock. $15.00
Handbook of Super Powers Andrew Mayne Magic tricks that make it look like youpossess super-human abilities! For the first time ever, mysterious Magician X has agreed to let outsiders learn some of his secrets for duplicating the powers of superheroes.- Bend metal with your bare hands!- Shoot webs at your enemies!- Read minds!- Burn o
In stock. $9.00
Card Fictions by Pit Hartling - Book Imagine....You sense the colors of playing cards through a solid table.You stack four Poker hands in less than ten seconds.You kick any named number of cards off a tabled deck.You put chaos to order.You magically move cards to any positions in the pack at will. You transpose a card from between a sp
In stock. $33.75
Antinomy Magazine #8 - Book There are four issues per year, with 40 to 48 pages per issue, each in an oversized format designed to enhance your learning experience by more easily lying flat when open. Each issue will include commentary and conjuring from some of the sharpest minds on the magic scene. Antinomy is looking to set
In stock. $15.00
Z-6 Book Only (No Wallet) by Wayne Dobson - Book This booklet includes six fantastic routines hatched from Wayne Dobson's slightly Z wallet obsessed brain. Wayne has come up with a host of effects designed for the extremely versatile "Z wallet." Each effect is explained thoroughly, detailing; materials required, Set Up, and Performance. Effects In
In stock. $16.00
Vis a Vis by Jack Avis - Book With hundreds of tricks published in magazines over the past forty years, Jack Avis is one of the most prolific creators of modern close-up magic. Jack's classical, thoughtful magic with cards, coins, mentalism, ring and rope, and assorted objects will impress you with its simplicity and elegance. T
In stock. $29.96
Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 - Book Further Lost Inner Secrets This third volume of The Vernon Chronicles offers another generous serving of superb magic from the repertoire of magic's most revered Professor, Dai Vernon. The book opens with a special essay, which surveys a cross section of the close-up magic being done by New York Cit
Out of stock. $29.96
Vernon Chronicles book- #1 In 1963 Dai Vernon was invited by The Academy of Magical Arts to move to Hollywood, CA and become the resident "living legend" at the Magic Castle. Upon hearing this news, two young close-up artists packed up and moved cross country to Hollywood, just to sit at the feet of "The Professor". These two
Out of stock. $39.95
Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic includes three treatises put together by Dai himself, Vernon on the Pass, Vernon On Table Passes, and After Peeking. Other Vernon highlights are his incredible Slow Motion Card Vanish, the much imitated Matched Spellout, Running the Scale, Pre Mathematics,
Out of stock. $39.95
Robert Olson's Ultimate Bill in Lemon by Jon Jensen - Book Borrow a dollar bill and have the spectator rip it in the half. The spectator keeps half and the other half magically vanishes. A lemon that had been in sight during the whole routine is cut in half, revealing the half bill.
In stock. $11.25
Twilight Coin Magic book Twilight Coin Magic book...
Out of stock. $5.25
The Pass Book - Gary Ouellet Finally a practical and discerning handbook for all lovers of card magic wishing to read about, learn, and master the pass of the most legendary card sleights. Gary Ouellet has analyzed the pass in all its forms and brings you the result of years of study: which passes to learn, why some arches are
In stock. $22.50
Street Monte book This book is meant to teach you how the Monte was performed on the street where there is no room for error. This is not a book on how to hustle people out of their hard earned money. Instead, it is intended to teach you the"real" Three Card Monte as it is meant to be performed.Table of Contents: His
In stock. $14.96
Street Magic Book Whit Haydn Thirty-six pages of fascinating accounts from Whit Haydn's street performing career during the 1960s and '70s-including stories from the streets of New York, Washington, DC, London, and Paris.Whit explains how his philosophy of magic changed through his experiences and gives the first in-depth descr
Out of stock. $14.96
Still Ringing trick Colombini Still Ringing by Aldo Colombini (STILLRING) We welcome Aldo Colombini`s follow-up to Ringing Around Too- Still Ringing."I`m very excited about this routine for a number of reasons. As you will see, each phase blends into the next smoothly with an economy of moves that should appeal to every performe
Out of stock. $14.96
Stanyon's Magic by L & L Publishing - Book One of the most influential and fully-packed magic periodicals NOW in One Complete Hardbound Volume, All 177 Issues. Stanyon's Magic contains THOUSANDS of tricks which form the basis for (and in some instances are) many of today's miracles. Published during 1900 to 1914 and 1919 to 1920(with time ou
In stock. $93.75
Slydini Book, Annotated Magic of Long unavailable, Lewis Ganson`s The Magic of Slydini is, perhaps, one of the most influential magic books ever. Many of its routines have now become classics in magic, including Flight of the Paper Balls, Helicopter Card, Coins Through The Table, Slydini`s Knotted Silks, The Paper Balls in the Hat
Out of stock. $44.96

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