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"We sell more magic at than any other shop in the world." - Mandy Hartley, Paper Crane Magic

At Penguin we bring together the best magic products in the world to keep our top-tier customers at the top of their game. Among great magic tricks, the attention we give is what gives best-sellers their springboard to launch.

If you have a great new magic trick ready to publish, you won't find a better platform than Penguin.

Plus, when you publish at Penguin, you get:

50% Royalty if your product is exclusively at Penguin

From our percentage, we take care of order fulfillment, credit card processing fees, free shipping, and many other day-to-day tasks. We make payments on a monthly basis after your "royalty amount due" reaches $100. For more details on partner payments, click here.

Your own private FAQ!

Daily sales tracking

Seeing the impact of your marketing efforts is a critical skill when selling on the internet. Our custom sales tracking tool can help you watch your sales up to the minute.

Tons of customer reviews

We've always known we have the best customers in the world, always giving great, honest reviews with tons of real-world feedback about products. Magic creators love checking out the Penguin product pages for their tricks to learn how they're working out in the real world.

Free order fulfillment

Many non-magic fulfillment companies charge a percentage, and up to $3 per package they send, PLUS rent for warehouse storage. At Penguin, shipping magic tricks around the world is our business, it's what we obsess about. No fulfillment fees.

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Your trick will stand tall right alongside the greatest in the world...

The process is simple:

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Once you're approved, you can add your own products, upload your own demos and customize the product description. Please note that all products are reviewed by our knowledgeable team of magic historians before they're published to our live site. We need to ensure we're selling quality products and make sure we're not selling products that violate our magic community ethics policy.

Got a gimmick? No problem!

Send us your gimmicks, decks, DVDs and anything else you'd like to include, and we'll keep it in our massive California warehouse.

Your trick will stand tall right alongside the greatest in the world.

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For years, Penguin has been quietly bringing partners on-board our global distribution platform. Now's your chance to join.

Your trick will stand tall right alongside the greatest in the world.

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