Inversion Card The back of this card looks like the front of a Bicycle tuck box. 1 card included. No instructions.
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52 on 1 Card 1 card. Maiden back. No instructions.
In stock. $4.95 $0.25
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Marked ESP Cards One set of marked ESP cards on Maiden back. No instructions.
Out of stock. $5.95 $0.50
3 1/2 of Clubs Card 1 card. No instructions.
Out of stock. $3.95 $0.25
Spider Thread by Yigal Mesika (2 piece pack) For levitating and animating objects!
In stock. $19.95
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50' Rope Uday (White) Perfect for almost any rope routine, this soft magician's rope is available in: White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue in both 25' and 50' length bundles. Instructions include 10 tricks and knots with magician's rope.
Out of stock. $15.00
Octopalm: Anti Gravity Gel by Jim Bodine (Gimmick + Download) You can now accomplish in your two hands, what would normally take eight. Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel is a new way to stick just about any lightweight object to your skin, without the sticky residue. No more double stick tape. No more glue dots. No more sticky adhesives. No more tacky wax. Octopalm i
In stock. $9.35
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Penguin Monte 2.0 Refill Pack 1 Set of cards. No instructions. Refill only.
In stock. $4.95
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One Red/Blue Double Backed Bicycle Brand Playing Card A powerful but drastically underutilized gimmick. Goes great with "Splash of Color" by Jeremy Luton.
Out of stock. $0.01
Folding Coin Half Dollar (D0020) by Tango Magic - Trick EffectThe magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak and strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it crosses the bottom of the bottle. Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, the magician waves the bot
In stock. $16.00
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The One Way Force Deck (Rider Back) One of the most powerful weapons in all of card magic. You'll be able to fool your spectators more completely with this deck than with almost any other tool in card magic. Highly Recommended!
Out of stock. $5.00
Mesika Wax by Yigal Mesika (Supply) Perfectly suited for use with Yigal Mesika reels and other invisible thread products!
In stock. $9.95
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Thumb Tip Streamer (Zebra - Red & White) by Uday - Trick Beautifully screen printed silk streamers.Red and WhiteLength: 39 inches (1 meter)
Out of stock. $2.81
18 (Red) 18" Silk (Red)
Out of stock. $6.83 $3.02
PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0 by Zane - Trick You will get unbelievable reactions using Zane's very practical and easy to use PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0! Now with even more PK Accessories included! As used by top professional close-up magician Zane in the UK and many other magicians worldwide! This practical kit contains a large powerful PK Ne
Out of stock. $79.95 $61.56
Steel Core Penny (3 Pennies) - Trick U.S. Penny coin you can use with any magnet. Includes 3 coins. No instructions.
In stock. $10.00
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Thumb Tip Junior by Vernet These soft, junior-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines.To learn the coolest, most powerful five to six effects with your thumb tip, buy Hand-Picked Astonishments: Thumb Tips on DVD (HANDPICKED_THUMB) or download (dvhandpicked_thumb).  In
In stock. $2.46
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Happy Santa Blendo Set (36 inches)by David Ginn - Trick Here is the most beautiful SANTA CLAUS silk ever produced for MAGICIANS and CLOWNS to use in their Christmas holiday shows! Four silks - red, white, green and black - crushed together, pop open to reveal an eye-appealing 36-inch Santa Claus on a green background!Graphic artist Dena Wade, under the d
In stock. $35.00 $28.70
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Elite Rope STAGE size Camirand This rope is top quality. The bright white color and the tightness (or rather "looseness") of the weave makes it a joy to handle and very easy to cut. This high quality rope is available in parlor size (7mm diameter) or stage size (10mm diameter). Both sizes come at a length of 32.5 ft (10 meters).
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Folding Coin (UK 10 Pence, Single Cut) - Trick This is the perfect coin for our Blindspot effect. This cut is down the centre of the coin. Comes complete with spare bands.
Out of stock. $29.95 $23.06
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