Over $1,000 in free gifts + EIGHT new products + FREE SHIPPING + much, much more..

This is by far our best black friday ever. So good that we want to give you early access so we don't kill our warehouse team. This sale goes until Sunday Nov 27th at midnight, or (more likely) until things sell-out. And this year, they're going to FLY.

PART ONE: We're giving you over $1,000 in free magic gifts when you shop today. The specific gifts are down below.


PART THREE: All Tarbell lessons are 50% off today, only $9.95 each! The best way to learn magic in the history of the world, at the lowest price it's ever been!

PART FOUR: Ultimate Choose Five for $99. Add ANY five best-selling products to your cart from this enormous list and the price for all of them will magically become $99. Products range from $25 all the way up to $100.

PART FIVE: EIGHT NEW PRODUCTS. Some of the best new tricks we've ever seen!

1. Sonata by Juan Tamariz - A timeless collection of magic that has made its way into the repertoires of pros. Enhanced, updated and newly edited. The Deluxe edition is hand-signed by Juan!!
Standard: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/17875
Deluxe: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/17876

2. Laced Up by Donnovan Mount - Relace your shoes in the blink of an eye!

3. Die-abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence - This may become your favorite trick. A die passes through cards into a glass, and it's repeatable! Not only that you're going to love the sucker ending.

4. Blizzard by Dean Dill - "I hate to admit how badly Blizzard fooled me — even when I knew what to expect." -Gregory Wilson

5. Hand Drawn by Nick Popa - "The most exciting release this year. The first time I saw this trick my draw literally hit the floor! Honestly if you could really do magic this is what you would do! I know that Hand Drawn will become a part of my EDC for life. It's awesome!!" -Craig Petty
"It feels like a real life Cartoon! I can’t believe my eyes, everything just looks like CGI" - Jeki Yoo

6. Real Viewer by Mandy Hartley - Read minds in a creative new way, with a toy everyone loves!

7. Axis by Rizki Nanda - Balance your pack of cards in IMPOSSIBLE ways. Hyper visual, and super practical.

8. Winter Star Playing Cards - A beautiful new classic-style deck of cards with a holiday theme, featuring elements of pine trees, presents, snowflakes and stars.
Blue (Limited 3000): https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/18046
Green (Limited 500): https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/18047

Over $1,000 IN FREE MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! When you place a physical order (one that ships) get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

Orders over $10 get ($10 value) - Hellophane by Dan Huffman

Orders over $30 get ($20 value) - FIVE tricks from Doug Conn, Steve Mayhew, R Paul Wilson, Nathan Kranzo and Ryan Plunkett using a secret gimmick you probably don't even know about. All in the November Penguin Magic Monthly.

Orders over $50 get ($40 value) - Axis by Rizki Nanda - Balance your deck in IMPOSSIBLE ways with this hyper visual and practical trick.

Orders over $75 get ($50 value) - Winter Star Playing Cards (Blue): A beautiful new classic-style deck of cards with a holiday theme, featuring elements of pine trees, presents, snowflakes and of course, stars.

Orders over $100 get ($70 value) - Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax: A stunningly, visual change triggers this impossible teleportation miracle.

Orders over $125 get ($95 value) - Split Ends by John Shack: Visually distort a card in MID-AIR. Unlike anything you've seen before. You can then give away the card as a souvenir.

Orders over $150 get ($115 value) - The Hoff by Josh Burch: A spectator FREELY cuts the deck, and the card they cut to teleports to your hand -- all with ZERO difficult moves!

Orders over $175 get ($123 value) - TIES: The Invisible Elastic System (10-Pack): Levitate objects with confidence, this is the secret weapon pros use. Includes 10 TIES and a 2-hour instructional video FULL of tricks.

Orders over $200 get ($143 value) - Stroop Test by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis: A stunning demonstration of influence, wrapped up in a fascinating psychological phenomenon. A perfect mentalism routine.

Orders over $225 get ($168 value) - Sticker Kicker by Jamie Williams & Roddy McGhie: Unlike anything you've seen. A sticker your spectator sticks on themselves DISAPPEARS, and what happens next fries their brain. A crazy kicker ending.

Orders over $250 get ($268 value) - Winter Star Playing Cards (Green): The ULTRA-limited-edition version of the Winter Star deck. Only 500 made, and each is individually numbered. A true collector's item.

Orders over $275 get ($298 value) - Easy Aces by Martin Braessas: After a spectator GENUINELY shuffles, you find the 4 aces in a DAZZLING demonstration that makes you look like a card master, and it's SUPER EASY to do!

Orders over $300 get ($328 value) - iBalance Plus by Mark Elsdon: Levitate a borrowed phone IMPOSSIBLY at your fingertips then hand it back. The perfect anytime trick. Works with both iPhone and Android.

Orders over $325 get ($358 value) - Universal Sudden Deck by David Regal: The best opener, and best way to produce a deck of cards just got better. Now you can print any deck design.

Orders over $350 get ($388 value) - Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega: Straight out of Adrian Vega's professional act, a freely named card is the only one face-up, and blue-backed in a completely blank red deck. 3 huge reveals.

Orders over $400 get ($463 value) - Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher (Genuine Leather): A devious secret weapon that's on you all the time -- use it as your every-day wallet! The best modern peek wallet we've ever seen.

Orders over $450 get ($503 value) - Treasury by Derek Ostovani: An impossible transformation of the signature on a BORROWED dollar bill, revealing a chosen card. Repeatable with different signatures.

Orders over $500 get ($543 value) - Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence: The best card levitation of all time, now better than ever before.

Orders over $550 get ($583 value) - Boom Box by Andrew Neiner: This device changes everything. Literally. It transforms the card box you already carry into a powerful weapon.

Orders over $600 get ($643 value) - Ring in the Bell by Reynold Alexander: A shocking finale you can add immediately to your show. A borrowed ring appears in a bell they've been holding and using!

Orders over $650 get ($703 value) - Keymaster by Craig Petty: The ultimate everyday carry.. it's an entire act that lives on your keychain! Move and vanish holes IN YOUR SPECTATORS hands and MUCH MUCH more.

Orders over $700 get ($783 value) - Blind Man's Wallet by Menny Lindenfeld: Read what's written on FOLDED pieces of paper. A game-changing new device.

Orders over $800 get ($1,023 value) - Osterlind's 13 Steps to Mentalism by Richard Osterlind (4 DVD SET): A lifetime of experience distilled into 12 hours of instruction. The ultimate mentalism masterclass from a living legend.

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Sunday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!

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