Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

Free gifts + Free shipping + combo deals + 50% off 2,000 products There are FOUR parts to our biggest black friday sale ever. Expires Sunday Dec 1st at midnight.

There may actually be TOO MANY deals in our biggest black friday sale ever. This sale goes until Sunday at midnight, or until things sell-out. And this year, they're going to FLY.

PART ONE: We're giving you (yes you!) over $1,000 in free magic gifts when you shop today. The specific gifts are down below.


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PART FIVE: 50% off on 2,000 products, many of which won't be reprinted.


$1,000 IN MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! Get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for, over $1,000 in free magic gifts. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

1. Orders over $20 get a free DVD of Penguin LIVE, a best-of featuring several of the top magicians we've ever hosted, including Harry Anderson, Daniel Garcia, Jay Sankey, Dan Harlan, Woody Aragon, Eric Jones and Kenton Knepper! ($20 value)

2. Orders over $30 get an INCREDIBLE new prediction by Josh Burch using emoji cards which comes in the limited edition November Penguin Magic Monthly! Almost sold out. ($30 value)

3. Orders over $40 also get a free pack of Loops by Yigal Mesika, the #1 way professional magicians float stuff. ($40 value)

4. Orders over $50 also get a free Zombie Monte by Alvo Stockman, a huge hit with audiences. Rave reviews. Plus a bonus routine by Dan Harlan included. Even if you already own a set, you'll want a spare with how often you'll be performing this. ($50 value)

5. Orders over $60 also get a free soft case for your cards, Sockman's Original Playing Card Socks.($60 value)

6. Orders over $70 also get a brand new Bicycle Elite deck in red. You need to feel these cards, they're the best card playing cards ever. ($65 value)

7. Orders over $80 also get Instant Psychic Mind Reading Gum, a marvelous prop to enhance your mentalism. Stick any popular gum in this box and you're ready. ($75 value)

8. Orders over $90 also get a free Magic Mints! A linking mint trick that you've probably seen a famous magician do recently. ($95 value)

9. Orders over $100 get Contact by Rick Lax. A trick you'll never leave home without. Find out why.. ($115 value)

10. Orders over $150 get a free Play Money by Nick Diffatte ($130 value)

11. Orders over $200 get a free Sharp Turn by Matthew Wright. This is a must-have prop, and one of the best releases of the year. ($155 value)

12. Orders over $250 get a free Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey (sold out) Taken by The Other Brothers. They do EVERYTHING, they write a word, then put it in their pocket, you could go to another room and STILL read their mind!! ($180 value)

13. Orders over $300 get a free Mint Box by Daniel Garcia. ($240 value)

14. Orders over $400 get a free Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation by Jeff Sheridan. The BEST course in classic card manipulation available, from the father of card manipulation. ($310 value)

15. Over $500? You get Fist Full of Dollars by Gregory Wilson (Half Dollar version). A 3 coin routine that packs a punch only Greg Wilson could create. His timing alone makes watching him on video a learning experience. ($360 value)

16. Over $600? You get Freeform Mentalism by Peter Turner ($50) -- Bleeding edge mentalism. Peter Turner exploded on the scene by breaking all the rules, and this is his best collection of material. ($410 value)

17. Over $700? Escapology by Dixie Dooley ($100) The ultimate escape artistry course. A rare opportunity to learn unpublished secrets of escape artists. A FOUR DVD set full of close-up, stage and stunt escape expertise from a full-time escape artist who has done it all. ($510 value)

18. Over $800? Osterlind's 13 Steps ($240 value). A mentalism masterclass from one of the world's leading mentalist. A lifetime of wisdom and tricks distilled. ($750 value)

19. Over $900? Speakeasy by Dan Harlan. ($100 value) You could build an entire career around this one routine. Many people have. ($850 value)

20. Over $1,000? The Penguin Cups, Gazzo Cups and Balls AND Carl Andrews Table Hopping Cups and Balls ($180 value) These cups have been called the best cups under $500. They're SOLID copper, spacious and the older they get, the more beautiful they become. They're worker cups. If you're spending a thousand bucks, you obviously love magic, and we want you to have these to say thanks. ($1,030 value)

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Sunday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!

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