Over $1,000 in free gifts + TEN new products + FREE SHIPPING + much, much more..

This is by far our best black friday ever. So good that we want to give you early access so we don't kill our warehouse team. This sale goes until Sunday Nov 26th at midnight, or (more likely) until things sell-out. And this year, they're going to FLY.

PART ONE: We're giving you over $1,000 in free magic gifts when you shop today. The specific gifts are down below.


PART THREE: All Tarbell lessons are 50% off today, only $9.95 each! The best way to learn magic in the history of the world, at the lowest price it's ever been!

PART FOUR: Ultimate Choose Five for $99. Add ANY five best-selling products to your cart from this enormous list and the price for all of them will magically become $99. Products range from $25 all the way up to $100.

PART FIVE: TEN NEW PRODUCTS. Some of the best new tricks we've ever seen!

1. DragonScale - One of the most advanced pieces of magic technology ever made. Its patented design unlocks secrets that were simply unavailable before today. Prepare to know everything.

2. The Amazing Johnathan’s Knife Through Arm - Stomach turning reactions - this looks REAL. Yet it defies all expectations. The blade is SOLID, EXAMINABLE, there's no tube of blood behind it. Brilliantly designed to fool and last a lifetime.

3. Executive Pad by Dennis Alm and Dick Barry - An elegant switching pad that is a mentalist’s new Swiss army knife.

4. Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono - Inside your wallet... is another wallet! Inside that wallet there's a ZIPPERED pocket. Inside THAT POCKET IS THEIR SIGNED CARD. They can even pull it out themselves! The easiest AND most powerful CTW.
Vegan Leather: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/19228
Genuine Leather: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/19229

5. On the Rise by Casshan Wallace - Make a SIGNED card appear on a deck you aren’t even touching. And it's immediately examinable! As seen on Fool Us!

6. Magic For Everyone - The best gift magic kit ever. Under $20 and you get the exact same caliber tricks the pros use! Enough to put on a whole magic show. Only great magic, no filler!

7. Houdini King of Cards Classic Magic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle - The iconic King of Cards poster from the golden age of magic is now a large high-quality jigsaw puzzle. 16x22" with 500 pieces.

8. Thurston Classic Magic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle - The iconic Thurston poster from the golden age of magic is now a large high-quality jigsaw puzzle. 17x25" with 500 pieces.

9. Corbie the Penguin Plushie - Jaw-droppingly cute. Mind-blowingly huggable. Completely examinable, no magnets, electronics, wires, or secret mechanisms of any kind! It does use thread though.. lots of thread.

10. Santa's Sleigh Ride Deck - Retro-inspired 8-Bit holiday cheer on an animating deck of cards!

Over $1,000 IN FREE MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! When you place a physical order (one that ships) get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

Orders over $10 get ($10 value) - Sweet by Matthew Johnson - Read minds anytime, anywhere. Super easy to perform, and the PERFECT coffee-shop trick.

Orders over $30 get ($30 value) - Transporter Card by Rizki Nanda - A jaw-dropping illusion you can carry in your pocket! Make the middle of your finger disappear in the blink of an eye, then restore!

Orders over $50 get ($50 value) - EZB by Nicholas Lawrence - The PERFECT opener. You won't believe your own eyes as the box VISUALLY melts away in plain view.

Orders over $65 get ($70 value) - Cryptic Cookie by Dan Harlan - Using ORDINARY fortune cookies, reveal a prophecy hiding in plain sight IN A FREELY CHOSEN COOKIE.

Orders over $75 get ($85 value) - Santa's Sleigh Ride Deck - Retro-inspired 8-Bit holiday cheer on an animating deck of cards!

Orders over $100 get ($105 value) - Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva - Instantly locate selected cards even when the deck is shuffled behind your back!! An underground secret used by only a few magicians is now yours.

Orders over $125 get ($135 value) - Scar Tissue by Seth Race - A FREELY THOUGHT-OF card is revealed on your fingertips! No funny moves, no weird props!

Orders over $150 get ($143 value) - TIES: The Invisible Elastic System - Levitate objects with confidence, this is the secret weapon pros use. Includes 10 TIES and a 2-hour instructional video FULL of tricks.

Orders over $175 get ($163 value) - Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman - Give your audience a free choice to go anywhere in the world, and predict exactly how they get there!

Orders over $200 get ($203 value) - Hand Drawn by Nick Popa - A moving ink effect that looks like it's straight out of a comic book!

Orders over $225 get ($233 value) - Corbie the Penguin Plushie - You can finally hug Corbis!

Orders over $250 get ($263 value) - Ritual by Dan Harlan - At any time you want, hand your necklace to a spectator and magically remove the beads. Everything can be immediately examined!

Orders over $275 get ($303 value) - Classic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle (Thurston) - A classic poster from the golden age of magic is now a high-quality jigsaw puzzle.

Orders over $300 get ($403 value) - Mystery Deck - The only way to get some of the rarest decks that Penguin has ever produced!

Orders over $325 get ($433 value) - Mental Block by Dan Harlan - The best mind-reading block trick for pros. The props look so innocent, and make storytelling easier than ever before.

Orders over $350 get ($463 value) - DUBS Card Sleeves - Turn your collectible trading cards into incredible packet tricks with no arts and crafts. 50 DUBS (double-pocket) and 50 SINGS (single-pocket) sleeves included.

Orders over $375 get ($488 value) - Moneyball by Nathan Kranzo - A quick trick that gets great reactions. Turn a quarter into a bouncy ball, and hand it out for examination AND PLAYING.

Orders over $400 get ($563 value) - Dex by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor - Any card. At your fingertips. As fast as lightning. DEX is the best card index ever made. Two years of anticipation, and it's finally here!

Orders over $450 get ($603 value) - Gum and Get Some by Amanda Nepo - Make a full pack of gum appear in the blink of an eye. Device does all the work for you. Just provide your own favorite sticks of gum. Yes, you produce real gum!

Orders over $500 get ($643 value) - Classic Poster Jigsaw Puzzle (Houdini) - A classic poster from the golden age of magic is now a high-quality jigsaw puzzle.

Orders over $550 get ($683 value) - Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty - A scratch-and-win "bank night" effect that lives in your wallet! Your audiences will LOVE this trick, and it guarantees you a standing ovation!

Orders over $600 get ($733 value) - Flight of Fancy by David Regal - A chosen card travels to a different deck, and it's SELF-WORKING. No palming required. One of the most deeply fooling card tricks ever.

Orders over $650 get ($783 value) - Past Present Future by Rick Lax - Rick's most powerful trick, improved in every way. 3 cards freely chosen tell a personal story, and the reveal gets intense reactions.

Orders over $700 get ($843 value) - Laced Up by Donnovan Mount - The ultimate everyday carry, your shoelaces defy reality with mind melting visuals.

Orders over $800 get ($943 value) - Speakeasy by Dan Harlan - Give psychic powers to anyone, and learn how to openly communicate ANY secret.

Orders over $900 get ($1,093 value) - Letters From Juan by Juan Tamariz (Volumes 1-6) - Written as a personal letter to you from your dear friend, Juan teaches 25 closely guarded tricks for the first time.

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Sunday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!

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