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InstaGrab (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Patrick Kun

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Pull a thought-of card right off one's phone screen - looks unbelievable!

A Card From Phone like no other. For the first time ever, you'll be able to pull a thought-of card from Instagram without ANY special apps, leaving the picture altered forever. That's just the start of what is possible with the InstaGrab utility device. You'll learn multiple variations and principles, but in the end, your imagination is the limit! It works with both IOS and Android. It will also make your old mystery card tricks fun to perform again. Oh, did we mention all of this is done on the spectator's borrowed phone?

What you receive:

- InstaGrab gimmick (Red Bicycle Back)
- 40+ minutes of HD online instructional video
- 3 variations taught for both iPhone and Android
- Card from lock screen variation included


"My full review for InstaGrab by Patrick Kun.
"This is incredible. This is extremely easy to learn. The packaging is very nice, you get an envelope with everything you need inside. The files are provided over the download. The instructions are clear and detailed, you get 40 minutes of instruction. The index is very well made out of high quality leather. Seeing as it is leather, it takes a little while to break in. This (depending on the set up) can be immediately posted to your Instagram. The best part about this is IT ISN'T LIMITED TO A CARD TO PHONE, this is a great utility device. The reactions you get with this are priceless. So now my rating (out of ten)
"Set up: 9/10
"Practicality: 10/10
"Video quality and production: 10/10
"The index: 10/10
"Overall: 10/10
"Highly recommended!
"Thank you, Patrick, for this gem!"

- John McIntyre

"Anyone who knows me, knows I have so many methods and effects for phone magic, specifically iPhones, that you would think I'm obsessed with it, so I love a good phone effect.
"Patrick sent me InstaGrab last night. Wow! This is seriously good! The actual pulling of the card is so so magical that I have to say that this is the most clever, beautiful and elegant illusion of its kind that I have ever seen. I was also impressed with the video quality and explanations because they are of the highest quality.
"Thank you, Patrick, for this great effect bro."

- Myke Phillips

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Overpriced...Perhaps I was just expecting something different.. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 12th, 2018
Nothing New

This is very similar to what I was (and I'm sure many of you are) already doing...ok not similar exactly what I have been doing for quite a few years...on MY phone...and for about the last year or so have been doing on FB and IG...I simply use a close up mat for my background. I think ever since, that trick came out where on the trailer they take a drawing of a coin on a business card and "pluck" it off into a real coin...I have been doing this one on the phone...so I guess I was just expecting something different.
Finally, on the lines of nothing new...there is an equivoque used and it is a very common one used...so again nothing new.

Unnecessary Footage with no real value added:

The first 20 mins or so of the video is all you really need to watch, as he mentions the rest is his old version. I feel like the price of this is pushed up to compensate him better for the old version (where he clearly DID put a lot into that previous method.


Again the price is just crazy for essentially a "hey look what you can do on this social medium" type of thing. This should have been a $10 download.

Pros: It looks amazing and CAN be done on their phone.
- It helps build up your followers as well.
- Looks exactly as it does in the trailer.
-you DO get a nifty index but...that is only if you want to perform the mental/equivoque version. Since I've done this for so long, my normal (and perhaps an alternative for you) routine is a "your card was never in the deck, because I keep it here...(point to phone)..folded...and much like Tommy Wonder's ambitious patter.
-It is a Patrick Run product so you pretty much know you are getting a good product, that is visual and do-able.
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Great idea and gimmick card Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 11th, 2017
I think instagrab is a very interesting idea for me to amazing trick and some people will ask after few days ........ hahaa ...
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The Best Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 19th, 2019
the best trick to flirt girl.
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