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He's Not Here (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jamie Daws

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He's Not Here is the third installment in the Jamie Daws Dark Series. While a haunting story is told, your spectator is drawn to an image of a man in an old photograph. As the story unfolds, the full dark legacy of the tall man is revealed. The man appeared to many, and his appearance was always followed by death. Yet no physical evidence of the stranger was ever found. Was your spectator staring at a ghost??

He's Not Here is a clever yet haunting effect with a chilling tale, beautifully weaved throughout.

It's easy to perform and will certainly send a shiver down your spectator's spine!

He's Not Here comes complete with all props and full instructional DVD. As a bonus, the DVD also includes a full explanation and routine for Jamie's highly regarded Torce Force.

"I was stood in the room. The painting haunted me. I recognized the faces but they seemed unfamiliar to me. Each time I turned back, it was like each person was standing differently, strangely, glaring down at me. Five months living in that house, in that room, and I snapped. That's when I took it off the wall. I couldn't take it anymore. Something was in the picture. Something not of this world. Something I couldn't see. All I keep saying to myself is... He's Not Here..."

EFFECT: Have you ever had the sensation that the eyes of a photo are following you around the room?

Years ago, when we first moved into our current house, there was this small family photo hanging on the wall. Weird things started to happen. At first, they were little things like the photo not being straight. Then one day, the photo was on the table even though no one had touched it.

Then things started to move about IN the photo! One morning, we swore that the table in the photo was on the left - but when we came home, it was on the right. It was only when one day, somehow, the photo was thrown against my head and the frame cracked that I couldn't take it anymore!

I took it off the wall, ripped it from the frame tore it up and threw away the pieces. Things seemed to get better past that point. However, a week later, there was a parcel delivered to us. Inside was the cracked frame with the pieces of the photo perfectly aligned like a jigsaw puzzle. We have no idea who sent it to us or why.

The magician takes out the pieces of the photo and places them on the table like a jigsaw puzzle. He asks the spectator to look over the pieces and have a good look at the photo, and to notice where everyone and everything is.

The pieces are collected and the spectator is asked to select a piece of the photo and to focus on one person in that piece of the photo.

They then hold onto the face-down piece. You ask them to put a name to the face as you read through a list of random names.

It was only after these things happened that we began to research who the people were in the photo. We found out years before, one of the people in the photo had gone missing just a year before this photo was taken. His name was Robert (the spectator's thought-of name). They never found him or his body and to this day, no one knows what happened to him.

The magician asks if she remembers who was in the piece of the photo she is holding. She explains what he looked like. However, when the piece is turned over, the person in the photo is now missing. When the photo is reassembled, the piece fits perfectly as before, but no Robbie...

...He's Not Here.

"A stunning performance piece that I can't wait to try!"
- Alan Rorrison

"A creepy, emotional plot with a kicker ending. Brilliant stuff!"
- Rus Stevens

"Jamie's done it again! The same clever thinking that's built Mr. Daws's reputation over the years for his card work, now applied to a performance piece. Recommended"
- Dominic Reyes

"Jamie's effect is a great, off-beat and spooky piece of magic! If you like something a bit different, check it out!"
- Liam Montier

"He's Not Here is the best and scariest photo effect I've seen in a long time! I was expecting Robert to be behind me! Love it!"
- Kieron Johnson

"Great hook, lovely story, wonderful props and the moment of magic sends shivers down your spine. I love this and will have it in my wallet at all times!"
- Chris Congreave

"Looks amazing! A real performance piece that has emotion, this is a real-world storyteller's dream!"
- Wayne Goodman

"I love it, love it! I only give quotes to stuff I like and this is a great blizzard effect that can be played anywhere. A worker for sure!"
- Stephan Leathwaite

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 20th, 2017
Here we go Dark Series #3! He's Not Here:

I recently had the honor of being in Jamie Daws Tackling Terrifying Taboos - ALAKAZAM Academy Special October Course. I'm not bringing it up in promotion of Alakazam, although you all should know they create the most incredible experiences you could ask for if you have purchased their products or looked into the academy - nothing like a lecture. The reason i touch on this is Jamie shared many things during the Academy course I cannot reveal or discuss especially on a product review here - but he did perform this effect for two people sitting down , also played the trailer and finally - most importantly went through every aspect of this new Dark Series #3 HE'S NOT HERE. It is so well though out, designed and created in a way that you will be spinning and racing with patter ideas, props to add, creating a horrifying experience for everyone you perform this for.

You either like bizarre/ haunted effects or you don't. However; I do expect to see the typical Penguin Magic comments of people complaining about how it doesn't do this, or that - its too long... well I hate to break it to all you complainers, it is NOT about the props. This kind of magic is all about the storytelling, the vibe you give the setting, think of the sound/ music you want to give the moment. You want to create a setting, and set the scene as if you are taking place in that moment. Don't just rely on the photos you see in the video. YOU have to be creative. If this sounds like too much work, OR you don't like sit downs creating a nice haunted atmosphere then I would say this or any of haunted bizarre effects are NOT for you. I buy knowing that this is just the story, the props may do some cool things - but it all goes back to your presentation.

He's Not Here, is another 5/5 straight into my bizarre repertoire! If you love haunted things then you will love this. Don't hesitate, just order before Penguin sells out. I did purchase this from Alakazam as I check Penguin Magic's New Arrivals daily, and saw they got this in stock after I already ordered it from Alakazam. I can't recommend this highly and strongly enough. And if you want to have something even more of a horror effect to check out, look at FREAK by Dave Forrest Full52. Just released and I wrote a review for that as well, which is a 3 principle phase combining a T&R kind of card routine but with photos, and then a color changing - except turning that concept into photo changing , similar to hes not here and a kicker ending.

You can add Hauntings and Bizarre touches to all of your magic and every trick you pick up. It is how you present it. If you buy something, don't just get the effect - listen to what they say and go out , perform it prematurely because you want to perform it (not saying what the routine of anything may be) However I am saying if you sit with the magic you are using even the 52/1 deck, Double Cross, Coin effects - think of a story or a patter you want to go about and see what other props you might need, less may be the best! Though give it some time and that is my strongest advice with this kind of magic, especially with He's Not Here, as I am tired of hearing the complains about things not being "not haunting enough or theres too much storytelling", that is the genre of magic you are looking at right now. It isn't for everyone, but it is something that people are not doing every day. If you like it, Buy HES NOT HERE & Stop reading my review ! After you see my teaser I give you if you are a Jamie Daws Dark Series Fan - for the upcoming #4 that was performed & explained, going to provide a larger outreach i predict to more than the bizarre/ haunted magician as the props are amazing and that alone people will love... but don't forget the presentation!

P.S. On the Alakazam Online Academy, when Jamie went through the course - I will not reveal, but only say that there is a DARK SERIES #4 already on the way and it will bring more people who arent big "storytellers" Into Jamie's work because of the props, what it does and the theme. It is brutally horrifying and I cannot wait for that one to release as well :)

Enjoy, Thanks Penguin Magic, Alakazam & Jamie Daws !
- Andrew
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Will not work everytime!!!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 26th, 2018
Seriously, watch the instructions and tell me if you think this will work every-time. They also say there is no switch, there is a switch!!! They don't seem to understand what a switch is, they even say in the video I just switched it but I didn't really switch it...

If you don't believe me watch the instructions, they say it will work every time and there is no way in hell that is true. At best this is a 3-1 shot if you follow their instructions.

They are seriously deluding themselves if they believe this will work every time, there is no way I would ever perform this I want my money back and will be asking for it.
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Ghost Story on Steriods Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 29th, 2017
This effect is a creeper. The methodology is so simple allowing for a focus on presentation. It's a great ghost story with visual appeal and a great ending. Daws is brilliant at this type of effect.
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Strongest Recommendation UPDATE Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 11th, 2017
I wanted to update my review as I have worked on this a bit more over the month, in addition to the ALAKAZAM ACADEMY where Jamie taught some more cool things to go with this, and how to dig in with everything you receive. If you are wondering "What you get?".. well,

You not only receive the product itself, you get duplicates of photos. Well taught out everything as far as how to make it extra spooky. You also get a SECOND trick, as this is really called "He's Not Here ... and The Forgotten". The Forgotten, is a separate effect. Jamie not only gives you several photos for that one but you get a teaching within a minute or two to learn the TORCE FORCE FREE with this for that effect. You also get a huge PDF file that is ON THE DVD, so when you put that DVD into your computer - drag that PDF onto your desktop/ folder as it has not only all the photos you receive; but more photos to make it even more crazier that the spectator would get it right that adds so much spookiness to this Dark Series installment. Do not hesitate. This is KILLER! The story is something just like Jamie's others where you get a basis of what happens and you make it your own and develop your own patter. I strongly recommend this effect - especially if you love the TORCE FORCE with a little haunted magic on the FORGOTTEN as you dont see that with the trailers as this is advertised for mainly the He's Not Here which (by the way... You can also have a SECOND OUTCOME! Using "She's Not Here") So if you are in a place around people you can perform it twice if asked and do the man, or the lady depending on your choosing, + The Forgotten a complete separate effect.

This is a BARGAIN, as you are getting so much especially added on the PDF I cannot cover with the amount of content they provide. Alakazam always puts out the very best, and am glad Penguin supplies this. It isn't something I would say is a Halloween only effect at all. IF you are into this kinda thing with haunted magic, or want a little break from cards T&R effect and such, pick this up and stop hesitating! I give this #3 Dark Series effect my strongest recommendation

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Very Good/Creepy Effect Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 15th, 2019
I'm putting together a Bizarre Magic show for my friends and bought this thinking it would fit in. While I agree with the one reviewer who says the video shows a switch but says there's no switch...I'm fine with that because the DESCRIPTION of the effect BEFORE you buy doesn't say..."No switches." Now THAT would be worth 1 star.
I've never been a fan/confident enough to palm/switch things so not sure if I'll use this trick but it is a very clever and creepy effect. I agree that the "selection/force" is really a 1 in 3 shot so if I do it I'll simply talk about the main figure...give some disturbing background...and make him the focus. I don't see a need to have the spectator select one person from the photo...especially since they can pick 2 other choices and there's no way out.
The bonus trick and force I think are just as strong or stronger so all in all a great purchase.
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Great effect, confusing presenation Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 16th, 2019
I saw the trailer for this and felt it was creepy enough to pick it up as a possible Halloween performance option. The printed pieces in the pack are of nice quality, and the included PDF has source images to print more, as well as extensive notes on the presentations. The DVD however seems like more of an afterthought that the actual main course. Despite this being a very solid trick, there is NO ACTUAL PERFORMANCE of the trick on the disc. This feels like a very odd choice, especially when the mood and presentation for something like this is really awful. We know they filmed one, since it's in the teaser video!

There is a second effect in the package, and overall I think they're good. However, the product itself suffers from odd production choices. If you think this is something you'll use, it's a worthy purchase, but be prepared to create your own story to make the routine really work.
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best magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 18th, 2017
fu**cking good. you also get a wonderful bonus in the end.
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