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Mindsight by Andreu (Instant Download)

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4 years ago, Andreu released his first Mentalism paperback release, MindSight.

As one of the top 10 sellers of it's time, MindSight explained an amazing approach to which hand, a classic effect popularized by Derren Brown in his shows. Although the times have changed, the general principles still apply and have been updated for the present year, 2018.

This brilliant approach allows you to perform which hand with:

No dual reality
No need to ask questions
No truthteller / liar plots
No complicated process
No wearing anything in your hands or wrists

With an amazing approach that is:

Easy to setup and perform
100% surefire
Simple and direct
Powerful and natural looking

Aside from this amazing concept which you can setup in seconds, you also get an incredible divination system which you can use to divine words, zodiac signs, feelings or anything else you adapt to the system.

This is powerful and direct mentalism that looks and feels real.


1. Andreu's Direct Mindreading Masterpiece (D.M.M.)

The mentalist reminds the audience about the popular 20 Questions game, in which a computer asks people twenty questions in order to read their minds. He proposes to do the game with a spectator chosen at random from the audience, who is asked to mentally pick one item among approximately 40.

The participant conceals a coin inside one of her hands, depending on the answer to each question the performer asks her about her chosen item.

Finally, after some rounds, the mentalist is not only able to correctly deduce the correct hand where the coin is hidden, but also reads the participant's mind by divining the exact item!

- Nothing is ever written down or said by the participant.
- No stooges, pre-show or dual reality.
- One card is used.

Every MindSight digital copy comes with printable resources which you can print in order to perform D.M.M. The card looks like it's taken from the "Official 20 Questions Board Game" as to not raise any suspicions amongst participants. It's completely justified and fits perfectly well into the context of the effect.

It includes more than 10 outstanding variations for D.M.M. - among them:

- Impromptu
- Prevaricator
- Heads or Tails
- Any Mindreaders in the Audience?
- Four Spectators
- Mind the Assistant
- Multiple Miracles (read several spectators' minds)
- And More...

2. Real E.S.P.

The mentalist draws 5 ESP Cards on a drawing board. The spectator chooses one of them (it is an entirely free choice). The mind reader asks her two questions that are never answered verbally... yet he is able to read her mind and divine the correct symbol every time!

- Nothing is written down or said by the spectator/s.
- No use of cards at all
- Ultra Direct

3. SentiMental

The mind reader mentions several emotions like Love, Hate, Happiness and others, explaining how as individuals we're able to connect and relate more powerfully to some of them. The participant thinks of an emotion he actually felt few days ago. In an impossible manner, the mentalist is able to correctly deduce the emotion by reading the participant's mind!

This routine is pure power; it may be ended as a guided visualization or a small hypnotherapy session where the spectator claims to feel better about a complicated situation.

- The emotions are just mentioned and the spectator has a free choice.
- Nothing is written down or said by the spectator/s.

4. Secreto Arcano

The entire audience is asked to close their eyes while they start to visualize the properties of their zodiac sign, focusing on several of their personal traits.

The mentalist then invites a spectator - chosen at random - to come upstage. He openly asks a question to the participant, who never replies it verbally; yet, the mind reader is able to call out loud his correct zodiac sign, almost immediately. As a final kicker he's even able to give a reading of his personality (which is 100% accurate) ...and finally reveals his name!

This is an outstanding Zodiac effect on which dozens of modern zodiac divination effects are based upon... for a good reason!

5. Which Hand & Binary Principle

Andreu explains one of his personal approaches to the "which hand" effect, as well as his take on the binary principle and variations (base 3 and base 4) applied to several of the included effects. After you've read MindSight, you will be able to adapt these systems to your own effects!

6. Real Mentalism

Andreu's personal thoughts on mentalism, mindreading, making your ideaslook as real and powerful as possible, propless mindreading, defining your own character and creating original ideas and concepts.


"The high success rate and the clear explanation of binary code effects make this an excellent choice for those wanting to do more mentalism or bizarre magick". - Rolando H. Santos, Linking Ring Magazine

"It has a lot of potential to be that reputation maker you're looking for." - Jeff Stone,

"Andreu puts his own spin on this system and gives you very unique presentations and ideas. There is wonderful thinking behind all these ideas". - Greg Arce

"Andreu offers ways to reveal Objects, ESP cards, star signs. This book comes complete with printable resources and everything you need to get going straight away. A very well presented and thought out work". - Steve Young

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