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Menny Lindenfeld LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)

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"Menny is a great creator with incredible attention to detail." -David Blaine

"Menny is a genius." -Dynamo

"Menny blew my mind!" -Uri Geller

"Menny you have new ideas, things I have never seen before." -Max Maven

What will he teach?

Visual Magic and Mentalism that can be performed on Stage or Close-up.

Alpha Coin- A borrowed coin jumps out of a wine glass into the magician's hand.

Beta Coin (Bending)- Bend signed coins in the spectator's hand. Gimmick and non-gimmick methods taught.

Gamma Coins (Bending)- Then, multiple borrowed coins are bent, while isolated in a wine glass.
15 coins are collected from members of the audience. The coins are collected with a wineglass.
Then a few coins are bent inside the glass. Then some more... until all the coins are fully bent.

Mind over Plastic- A Plastic Spoon Bending Routine that Looks better than a metal spoon bending!
A super visual bending effect, where a plastic spoon, held at the fingertips, slowly and visually bends more than 90 degrees upwards.

Nail Bending Routine- Bend a large solid steel nail that can be given out for examination BEFORE & AFTER or even a souvenir.

Card in Glove- A card through window type effect that can be performed anywhere with just a deck of cards and a latex glove. A freely selected & singed card is lost in a mixed deck. The deck held by a spectator is tossed up in the air. The flying cards are hit with the magicians' open flat palm, causing one card to penetrate the latex and appear inside the glove. It's the selected & Singed card. A very visual effect.

Sleight of Foot- A dramatic signed card to shoe that makes for a powerful show closer.

Who is he?

Menny Lindenfeld AKA "The Paramentalist" (www.paramentalist.com) is an award-winning, international paranormal entertainer, inventor, and magic consultant. He is well known for his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking: blending visual mentalism & metal bending.

Lindenfeld is credited the invention of a large number of new and original magic products such as; The Ox Bender™, "Deformer™, Occultātum™, Blind Man's Wallet - which is considered one of the best peek wallets on the market, , Hollow, Hollow 2, Self Bending Paperclip, Sealed & Sealed 2.0, Mind Over Metal, and many more…

Lindenfeld appeared on many TV shows around the globe, including 'Penn & Teller’s Fool Us' (season 5), on the highly rated international TV show: 'Phenomenon - (The Next Uri Geller)', was one of the two finalists on prime time TV show, 'Fool The Master' with Max Maven and has been featured on MTV, NBC, Thru-TV (USA), Channel 2 & Channel 10 (Israel), Nippon TV & Fuji TV (Japan), Kanal 1 (Turkey), and more.

Back in 2007, Lindenfeld conceptualized and founded "Trixcell" - it was the first company in the world that introduced the concept of mobile magic. In 2009, Lindenfeld’s Trixcell was nominated for “the Oscar of mobile entertainment” - the Meffys Award - for best and most original mobile content of the year.

Where can you see the greatest creators and performers share their professional magic act in front of a live audience and then teach you to do it? Only Penguin LIVE: ACTS!

The world's best magicians spend years developing the perfect act. Magic fans almost never get a chance to learn the real secrets behind what makes the top pros act so amazing. Until now. Penguin Live Acts gives you exclusive access to the biggest names in the industry, as they share how to perform their powerful A-material.

First you'll get to watch the show, performed for a real audience, from start to finish. Then you'll go behind the scenes to learn about the routines, and the real secrets about building an act that can take decades to learn.

Many of the ideas shared have been held back for years, and you can only learn it at Penguin LIVE: ACTS!

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Purchase this product and on December 23rd anytime after 12:00pm Eastern, click the MyPenguinMagic area at the top of the Penguin site. You'll see the "learn" button appear next to this lecture.

This product is for everyone, from the beginner to the professional and for magicians and mentalists alike. Don't miss it!

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One of the Best Lectures i've ever seen Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 27th, 2019
I loved Menny's Live Act Lecture. Great stuff with a minimum of Tecnique. Simple Magic and Mentalism. Perfectly explained and fantastic Trick's you will perform. Menny is one of my favorite Creators.

Please don't buy this download, i would like to keep it for myself:)
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So Menny good ideas Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 13th, 2019
This is by far the best lecture that you're going to see.
Menny is brilliant here...
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Very Strong Routines Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2019
Really enjoyed this performance and lecture. Menny didn't seem to hold anything back, he gave away ALL of the tips he has for performing these routines and went into great detail to explain the handling.

The first part of the show with the coins and the wishes is a really strong routine. The spoon bending and the nail bending is great as well.

The 2 card routines that finish the show are both strong routines that he used to use as closers. The routine with handcuffs makes a pretty standard card trick a pretty big show closer for the right performer.

0 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Consummate artist consummate material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 14th, 2019
Absolutely one of the best acts in the series Menny is an ingeniously clever artist and performer! The material is superb and the sequential order of the phases of his act flow perfectly from one effect to the other * and that's a talent within itself to pull off in terms of assessing and selecting the proper balance of energy the ebb and flow Climax and Crescendo Dynamics of a acts sequential order that feels just right ! I'm shocked He shared this with the circle !!! At the same time it elevates his caliber and status rightfully so as a great artist!bravo well done Menny! That deserves a whole bottle of aged Blended whiskey!
0 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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