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IceBreaker (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Francis Girola

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"The principle is super clever!"
- Peter Turner

"IceBreaker is fantastic! The principle is ingenious, the artwork is gorgeous and the cards handle like a dream. IceBreaker went straight into my walk-around mentalism set. Highly recommended."
- Mark Elsdon

- Colin McLeod

"I'm having a lot of fun thinking about how I might slip this into my act!"
- John Archer

"With IceBreaker, Francis has created an absolute killer! Not only is this a hugely entertaining piece of mentalism, but it is also incredibly deceptive yet easy to perform. Great job Francis!"
- Roddy McGhie

Become an instant expert in lie detection and reveal personal pieces of information about your spectators.

IceBreaker is based on a classic get-to-know-you activity: players tell two lies and one truth about themselves. The object of the game is to determine which statement is correct.

The effect is comprised of 88 poker-size cards having different sentences on the face.

For example: "I have been to New York", "I have a tribal tattoo", "I don't like math", "I can play guitar", "I am a Libra", "My favorite color is blue" ...

During the performance, your spectators are asked to select a card relating to a personal fact that is true for them. They then read out their selection amongst a list of other cards in the pack, in any order they wish. You instantly know their true statement!

  • No stacks
  • No marks
  • No force
  • No memorization
  • A simple yet undetectable method, allowing you to perform the effect in seconds
  • Suitable for close-up and stage
IceBreaker comes with a downloadable PDF manual comprising several ideas for routines and presentations catering to all styles of mentalism.

"Psychological" mind readers may use IceBreaker to showcase their talent in body language or voice intonation analysis.

Yet, those cards can also enable you to reveal some star signs, favorite colors as well as more precise pieces of personal information useful for readings.

Finally, IceBreaker has been specifically designed to ensure that its principle is universal. In other words, literally everyone will find a statement that connects with them, no matter what.

This is due to the great variety of sentences comprised in the pack as well as a failsafe principle. It enables you to perform the effect with up to 6 spectators at once, without any problem whatsoever.

Get IceBreaker now, and add this stunning piece of mentalism to your repertoire right away!

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Great tool for some amazing reactions. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 19th, 2017
I've had a lot of fun with John Morton's Baby Book and IceBreaker is going to be even more fun. Obviously both use an ingenious idea from Steven Young, and they use it brilliantly!

Looking for a simple lie detector style routine that you can use one to one, to multiple participants in a group or even on stage? IceBreaker is a VERY simple principle that will make you look like a human polygraph.

The really well designed cards look like the kind of game you might buy for some fun with friends in a pub, the principle is invisible to the participant and the 'one truth/two lies' concept is easy to understand.

They pick a card that means something to them, they read out three or more statements and you unlock the truth... or the lie.

Solid BUY.

I'll be using this a lot, socially, on stage and even in company training sessions.
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Unique and Stunning Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 25th, 2018
I really love IceBreaker -- it's a refreshing middle ground between card tricks and mentalism. It's also a nice way to transition between them in a show. The ability to tell truths from lies with no physical interaction is really stunning to spectators.

- The cards are high-quality with beautiful designs, and you get a ton of them. The price is cheaper than some products that basically send you a standard deck of playing cards.

- The truth-or-lie concept is made much more engaging by making it about the spectators (really participants) themselves, rather than asking people to lie about whether they're holding a coin or the like.

- The plot motivates the use of the cards, which come off as a store-bought party game and not a contrived magic prop.

- The method is at once insanely simple and completely undetectable. I gave the cards to a couple of professional mentalists for three hours, and they couldn't figure out the secret. But once you know it, it's impossible to forget or screw up. It applies knowledge you already have in a very, very clever way.

- There are no gimmicks, forces, shuffles, stacking, rough and smooth, smoke, mirrors, or other shenanigans. The spectators can handle the cards for as much and as long as they want, and make whatever choices they want. You don't ever have to see or touch the cards. You could literally hand the unopened box to a spectator and go call them from another room. The only reason you're encouraged to ask the spectator to pick the first truth that applies to them is so they don't take an hour to choose their favorite card. All that said, you can actually combine the IceBreaker method with other shenanigans to create even more powerful routines.

- You can apply the method to make your own cards with any truths and lies in almost any language. If you get some double blank cards (http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/810) and a Sharpie, you can create a themed effect for a particular group or gig.

- The creator hosts an active Facebook group for owners, which has lots of great ideas about how to expand and adapt the effect.

- I'm disappointed that the name of the magic product is printed on each card as part of the design. It would have been better to sell the product under one name and make up a different name for the spectators. It will be easy for spectators to find the product, and therefore the method. Still, very few actually will.

- For as nice as the cards are, they come in a plain white tuck box. If this is supposed to come off as a party game, it would have been nice to have a corresponding box.

- The English grammar and spelling is European, which creates a few oddities for American spectators. The truths and lies also leave off "I" at the beginning, so whereas an American would say "I am good at math," the cards say "Am good at maths." The line spacing of the lies is also a little confusing. None of this is a major problem, but it means your spectators might take a little longer to catch on to what you're asking them to do. You can always say you bought it in Europe.

All in all, IceBreaker is a really great effect that adds a whole new approach to the sometimes overdone magic and mentalism routines we're used to.
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Icebreaker - Review Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 4th, 2017
I received Icebreaker yesterday and after reading the 19 page download instructions and learned the Secrets - well, what a great "system" to add to my mentalism routine. So clever and many ways out. It is easy to perform (but of course must be practiced). What clever system and No, the spectator will not figure it out. Highly recommended.
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Great effect Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 2nd, 2017
I would give this 5 stars had the instruction been a little clearer (could just be me) but I think a video instruction would have been very useful. Otherwise it fools the hell out of people
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