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Amazing Acrobatic Knot w/xtra knot Red and White (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Daryl

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This incredible routine begins with you holding two separate ropes. One red rope and one white rope. A knot is tied in the white rope. Then, like magic, the white knot JUMPS OFF of the white rope and onto a red rope! Next, you slide the knot COMPLETELY OFF then VISIBLY toss it back onto the red rope. Just as your audience is picking their jaw off of the floor, you untie the white knot from the red rope... The RED Rope NOW has a permanent white section from where it was untied! To top things off, you toss the ropes out to be inspected!! For decades, DARYL has featured this incredible routine in virtually every show he's performed. In dedication to this esteemed master Magician and teacher, Gregory Wilson has added his personal, updated routine, insight and handling to this classic effect!

  • Can be performed anywhere and everything can be examined!
  • No angle issues!
  • Includes new brighter, thicker ropes!
  • Includes an EXTRA Knot for multiple routines!
  • Daryl's Original Instruction (Online)!
  • Gregory Wilson's personal routine and full handing instructions(Online)!
  • Packs very small & plays HUGE!

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Daryl’s Acrobatic Knot Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 26th, 2021
I’ve been performing this effect for at least two decades. This is an AWESOME effect, if performed well. It has great comedy potential. I’ve performed it mostly for kids audiences, and I’ve had great success with it. Daryl’s rope magic was fantastic, and I personally learned TONS about rope magic from him. This effects, along with his 3 rope routine, have been literal godsends for me.
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Charming, Visual Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 16th, 2020
It comes in a cardboard presentation box which has the instruction download code printed on it. It comes with two thick, knitted ropes (yellow/blue or red/white) and three knots. The yellow rope is bright like a tennis ball. The blue rope is a deep blue (royal blue?). I went with these colors so the effect could be seen regardless of performing on the street or in front of a red curtain.

Greg and Daryl are in a studio and well miked. There is also a live performance by Daryl and the quality is fine. The effect is a re-release and, obviously, Daryl’s footage is from a previous tutorial. There is background music during transitions, but not during performances and instruction. In the 40 minute video, Daryl performs the basic routine and multiphase routine and Greg Wilson performs his version. After each performance, the routine is taught. There are multiple camera angles, and it is crystal clear what should be done and how. Daryl and Greg are clear teachers and cover the basics and their subtleties.

Set up and reset takes as long as it takes you to tie a knot. In walk around situations, Daryl even resets in front of the audience as he’s thanking them for watching. The angles are wide if not 180*. You end clean and the ropes are inspectable. I doubt many people would ask to see them and it does not add to the effect if you do pass them out.

It is easy to perform and I hesitate to call any of the moves sleights. It’s more like acting and pantomiming with a rope in your hand. It’s a wonderful effect for close up, parlor, or street. It’s a charming piece which takes up little pocket space, is visual, easy to follow, and resets quickly. I highly recommend it.
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