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Perfect Shell Coin Set by Tango Magic (Half Dollar)

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This is a set that includes a shell and 4 special coins that fit perfectly inside the shell.

Usually we use our own coins to perform magic - it's very rare occasion when the magician asks for borrowed coins for performing. Actually, if you use half or one-dollar coins, nobody has these coins in his pocket, because they aren't current coins used today.

So, if you are going to perform with your own coins, why not use a Perfect Shell Set? This covers all of the coin, hiding 100 per cent of the coin inside!

These coins are perfect to perform any expanded shell routine and they are undetectable.

Tango Magic quality -- you know it's the best in the world.

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Perfect as stated Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 19th, 2019
This is not my first Tango product. I purchased a coin bite that I had to exchange. So I am a little biased. I think Tango genuinely makes good products, but some duds get through. That being said, these coins are exactly as stated the perfect shell.
I purchased 2 sets and will review them here.

The half dollars are great! Just as expected. The shell completely covers the coin. When showing the coin to a spectator,it is nearly impossible to see it is a shelled coin! It looks fantastic. All my coins, including the shell are the same year and match in shininess. These coins were machined very well to be a tiny bit smaller diameter and thinner. Because of this machining you do lose the silvery jingle of the coins. This is a more than fair trade off. Anyone who has used a gaff set will understand this. If not, here is your warning. If you don't call attention to it, no one will know. Most lay people do not have experience with these coins, and the ones that have don't really remember that aspect.
Another aspect of that machining makes the coins thinner. The coin when covered with the shell, is the same thickness as a regular half dollar coin. Be aware that the other coins are noticeably thinner than real coins. Again, an aspect I find that if not mentioned, goes unnoticed. However, if you have experience with half dollars, you will notice the size difference and maybe the weight. I don't think this has to be a negative. The thinness of the set gives them a lower profile and lets them fit into areas requiring less space. Thinking outside the box can make this set useful in other ways. It takes a little getting used to, but ultimately, I like this set. Tango live up to the expectation and deliver a product as stated.

The Eisenhower dollars are Fantastic! After handling these, this is my preferred set for coins across! All the same staments above apply here.
The main difference is since the Eisenhower coins are thicker, the machined thinness is much harder to spot and almost becomes trivial. Again, I will state the lack of jingling when the coins are together, but that trade off is such a tiny downside. Handling these coins is great. The look and feel are great. I highly recommend if you are going to purchase the set, pay a little extra for the Eisenhower set. It is a great tactile experience for the spectator, and showing the shelled as one coin looks so fair!

Final thoughts, this is a great set as advertised. I was impressed with my half dollar set, but after handling the Eisenhower set, I won't look back. If you're thinking of a set for coins across, Eisenhower dollars all the way.
However, if you would like to incorporate the set of half dollars because you already use them and/or perform a coin matrix, then, the half dollars may be just what you're looking for.

I hope this helps everyone, cheers.
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Love them but.... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 27th, 2019
Wonderful set of coins, the edges are nice and rough which makes for nice...sleights. The shell itself fits perfectly over the other coins, damn near impossible to tell the difference. My only issue is due to the process that went into making these, they don't sound like real coins. If that isn't a concern of yours then this is a great alternative to $500 sets
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PERFECT! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 19th, 2021
I am really glad I made this purchase. Quality made and don't know why I waited so long to make this purchase. Buy it you won't be disappointed.
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