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"I just read the first effect , Charlotte’s mind. This is truly high level Mentalism! I’m going to start using this. Thank you"
Marc Oberon

"I have just given this a read, and have got to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. What you will find in here are very creative ideas that will shed a new light on some classical ideas, using simple ideas to give you the ability to take your effects to the next level. I can really imagine these effect playing out great. Nice work. "
Luke Turner

“I cannot recommend this booklet more. The power each and every effect has on the participant is a performers dream. The effects feel like they should be in 13 steps. The effects are simple to the core, easy to perform and incredibly powerful. I am so lucky that I got to read this booklet. Highly recommended”.
Emma Wooding .

Hello everyone! Welcome to My first release! I am Ali Foroutan and i so glad to share with you my ideas and thoughts on Mentalism.

In "I Miss Charlotte" I share with you 5 routines, ideas, some new principles and techniques to divine your spectators thoughts with no props.
Some of these will use a pen and paper but your spectator never writes anything down! What makes this release different to the rest?

Well, it’s a very quick read, in this PDF you will learn new ways on how to know what letter someone is thinking of with no props what so ever! You will learn how to divine thought of words with basically no process at all! And yes! Most of these principles and routines are 100% sure fire!


CHARLOTTE’S MIND: The spectator thinks of a word, and in literally 20 sec, you know what the word is! Very deceptive, no dual reality or peeking. Nothing written down by the spectator. Multiple variations. 100% sure fire. This one is designed to work in English but can be easily adapted to other languages.

CHARLOTTE’S CODE: The spectator thinks of a word! Then thinks of a random pin code based on their word. Nothing is written down by the spectator. The performer can reveal both pieces of information. No dual reality, no one ahead! You can do this entirely verbally if you want, but that would mean you would have to memorise a few things. But definitely possible.

CHARLOTTLE’S IMPRESSIONS: A way to turn a post it note into an impression device. No carbon paper. Gimmick is very cheap and accessible in lots of places.

CHARLOTTE’S LETTER: A way to restrict letters in the alphabet from 26 letters to 10 without them knowing. Then you can be down to 2 letters.

CHARLOTTLE’S FINGER: A way to have someone think of any letter in the alphabet, and your able to be down to 2 or sometimes 3 possibilities.

21-page PDF detailing every move and subtlety.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 26th, 2019
How best to describe this? Oh, I know! Absolute nonsense. A highly restricted list of words (and by that I mean a mere 30 words). If the participant happens to select one of those, out of the 2,557 five-letter nouns available in the English language, then you will look like a mind reader. So, if they pick "thong" it works. If they select "apple" - a much more likely choice - it wont.

20 pages of utter, laughable,balderdash.
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highly recommend Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 4th, 2019
i was on the fence about this but i am so happy i bought it. the first effect is amazing. i performed it today and got amazing reactions. they think of any word and you reveal it 10 sec! love it. its now my go to effect! highly recommend this!
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Amazing Mentalism! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 4th, 2019
I was on the fence about this, but I’m so happy I this! After reading the first effect, I immediately tried it and got amazing reactions. They thought of any word, and I nailed it every time with no process! And completely propless! The other effects are great as well but the first one is worth double the price.
There is also an amazing way to make an impression device very cheap!
Highly recommend this!
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