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Skymember Presents Psychobands by Dr. Cyril Thomas ft Calvin Liew- Trick

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This is Psychobands.

A collection of 9 beautiful rubber band tricks all the way from France. Created by psychologist Dr. Cyril Thomas with contribution by Calvin Liew. Cyril is an underground rubber band talented magician who has received a lot of compliments from Dan Harlan, Joe Rindfleisch and Hanson Chien.

After years of hard work, we at Skymember Presents are finally able to share this project with you. Psychobands, a debut and the best of Dr. Cyril in rubber band magic.

What you will learn:

Boomerang: As the name suggests, Boomerang. You visually vanish and make a rubber band reappear in your hand without any cover.

The Gestalt Change: Visibly change the color of the band while you are pulling it!

The Titus Change: Change the color of the band under impossible conditions.

The None Pop: Visually produce a band from nowhere!

The None Change: With no cover, change the band's color!

The None Transfer: Teleportation! You transfer one band from one hand to another.

Syheah Change: Change the color of the band at the moment you remove the band from your hand.

The Rubberbang: If James Bond does rubber band magic, this is how he will do it!

The Rubberbang Change: Change the color of the band in hand-gun pose.

What you will receive:

- Crystal clear downloadable Instructional Video.

- One starter pack of authentic rubber bands.

  • 10 x Joe Rindfleisch's rainbow rubber bands.
  • 15 x Calvin Liew's rubber bands.
Note: tutorial by Calvin Liew with English subtitles without voice over.

"The vanishing, appearing and color-changing bands are the best I've ever seen!"
- Dan Harlan

"Dr. Cyril Thomas has created some of the most amazing and visual rubber band magic that is an absolute must have!"
- Joe Rindfleisch

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So awesome Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2020
So coming out of the gate I should admit that I really like rubber band stuff. Psychobands does not disappoint.

Some of the stuff is definitely knacky and even after watching the tutorials, I still had to play around with certain positions a pretty good bit to actually get it.

Initially I was a little disappointed this wasn't an instant download, but I am actually glad it wasn't. You get a bag(purse?) full of rubber bands in varying sizes and colors and plenty of them. There will be a card in your package that has a link to a website and an access code. You can download the video or stream it on their site. The good thing about using the site is you can switch from trick to trick without having to go through an hour long video while looking for a specific minute mark to see an explanation.

Every effect has a performance, an explanation, and a walkthrough that really gives you the details you need.

Pros: Super visual band tricks that I personally haven't seen anywhere else, multiple effects, a ton of rubber bands, high quality tutorials, and some material that your spectator is pretty much guaranteed to love.

Cons: This isn't as much a con with this product as it is with band magic in general. Getting cleanly into certain positions in front of spectators seems pretty difficult(looking at you None Transfer). It would have been nice to show some clever ways to get into a few of the starting positions with a spectator watching you. Specifically the transfers. The Pops you will be able to get into quickly and easily with just a tiny bit of misdirection.

Ultimately, it's a super awesome project that is well worth the money if you're into doing some unique and new things.

Random Tip: use the None Pop to go into Rubber Thru Hand by Hauss and Vogt and you have a pretty solid band routine on(in?) your hands?
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Luke, I am your Father Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 17th, 2020
I have a Luke-warm response to this. First the good news. The subtitles work well as opposed to Dr Cyril Thomas’ heavy French accent in Banderaction. The bad news, the effects here are the father effects to Banderaction which are superior and more mature.

Many of the effects require a ring in the setup. No ring is required in the Banderaction effects.

A separate loss of a star occurs from terrible packaging. The bit.ly link to the tutorial didn’t work. Thankfully, the other link did work BUT it was printed in such a small font AND it used silver text on a white background it was VERY difficult to read. Finally, the password was printed in an ambiguous font making numbers look like letters Such that it took me many frustrating tries to access the tutorials.

One thing I did find interesting was the use of black gloves to provide high contrast to rubber band effects. I don’t know if Calvin or Dr. Cyril deserve credit for that presentational touch. Kudos for that.

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