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European Coin Magic Symposium: Coin Magic Symposium Volume 2 (Instant Download)

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On November 26 & 27 2010 the first European Coin Magic Symposium brings 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic, with Lectures and Performances. Private sessions and Gala shows. The routines in this issue choices among the best and shot live at the symposium, are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are the best names in the Coin Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation. This is the content of this publication, one of the best in the history of coinmagic, with the others in the same series:


GIACOMO BERTINI: "Magnetic Coins".
One of the best coinbox routines of his repertoire, presented by one of the most and famous creative coinman.
Amazing routine for standup workers. Intermediate/Advanced level.

DAVID ROTH: "Winged Silver & Chink A Chink" "Shuttle-Pass".
One of the greatest of all time in coin magic, presents some of his most famous routines from his repertoire.
Beautiful routine to work at the table.Intermediate level.

CURTIS KAM: "Extreme Spellbound".
one of the best coinmen in the world perform another beautiful and original routine, shot live at the symposium. Very beautiful routine to work at the table. Intermediate/advanced level.

SHIGEO FUTAGAWA: "Everyday Life Of Birds " .
Student of Shigeo Takagi, Shigeo is now considered the dean of japanese coinmagic. Beautiful routine to work at the table. Beginner/Intermediate level.

ALEX CONRADI: "Emotional Memory" .
An original and magical coin across routine presented by one of the best professional magicians. you only need 4 coins and 1 cup.
Professional routine for standup workers. Beginner/Intermediate level.

ERIC ROUMESTAN: "Short Close-up".
The well-known French magician presents a very easy and magical routine with his original invisible gimmick: the vanish of a jumbo coin. For standup workers. Beginner level.

LAWRENS GODON: "Ubicointy ".
A beautiful "one coin routine", presented by one of the best French coinmen. For standup workers. Intermediate/advanced level.

TONI CACHADINA: "Integral 3 Fly ".
A Fism champion presents one of the beautiful professional routines of his repertoire: An visible and amazing flight of three coins. Professional routine for standup workers. Beginner/Intermediate level.

The creative italian magician presents its original and magical gimmick that allows you to magically make 1 to 4 coins appear or disappear at any time during the show.
The gimmick works both at the table and standup. beginner level.

BEBEL: "Cards and Coins!" (Performance only)
one of the most famous cardicians in the world, presents his wonderful and famous routine, where he plays first with 1 coin, and then with his 54 cards. Amazing...
Amazing routine to work at the table. Advanced level.


MICHAEL RUBINSTEIN: "Coins Through Table ".
A coinmagic classic, here masterfully presented by the famous American coinman.
Routine to work at the table. Beginner/Intermediate level.

A fantastic and masterful interpretation taken from the work of the famous American magician "Nelson Down". Presented by the young and surprising Greek magician. Absolutely a must for fans of coinmagic

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