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Black's Magic PK Ring CHROME (Size 13)

A PK ring that looks like a ring AND let's you accomplish amazing feats of mentalism!
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A History

You may not know it, but the word "magnet" itself is said to have been derived from the name of a Greek shepherd who was called Magnes, and is said to have first discovered rocks that attracted iron. Now called "magnetite", these iron ore deposits were known as as lapis vivus or living stones to the Romans, Heraclean Stones to the Greeks, and as lodestones in the UK.

Magnetism has always intrigued scholars and ordinary folk alike with its mysterious, seeming magical. In fact, many people around the world believe they also have healing powers. As far back as Aristotle and Cleopatra, magnets have been fashioned into jewelry to treat aliments of all kinds.

The Black's Magic Magnet Ring (also known as a PK ring in magic circles) got its start much in the same way when the guys at Black's Magic Group met a well-known engineer who they found had, for many years, produced rings made of pure Neodymium that he marketed to the alternative health community to treat arthritis.

Though they had originally approached him for strong magnetic bracelets, which was inspired by the writings we found in one of the manuals produced by Chazpro (the idea of strapping a magnet to your wrist), they immediately recognized the potential of the ring. In fact, it was this engineer who first introduced them to the concept.

After considerable discussions they were able to convince him to manufacture several rings based on his original designs. The first prototypes were too thin and broke easily but had tremendous strength to them. After a period of trial and error they were able to get just the right combination that gives the rings a considerable gaus rating yet the strength and durability to wear all day long; they are strong, look great, and can be used to produce the desired effects they were looking for.

Since that fateful day, Black's Magic Group has signed an exclusive deal to have four types of rings produced: double gold plated, silver plated, nickel plated, and two varieties of onyx rings (one smooth and one etched and carved). Because they produce in bulk they are also able to keep the prices down, which spells out considerable savings to you!

Possible Illusions

The possibilities are endless with this product.

One of the best examples is the blindfolded coin or key find. It goes like this: you have several non-ferrous keys or coins on a table. One is chosen by the spectator and marked or signed. All of they are placed and sealed into coin envelopes and mixed up in a bag. You are blind folded, reach into the bag, and "find" the coin or key by "feel" to the utter amazement of your audience.

If you are into "watches", you can blow a spectators mind by making the watch stop while you concentrate on it or even have them do it. This has been used by lots of magicians with hand held magnets, using the Black's Magic Magnet Ring for this effect allows you to do it without "hiding" the gimmick.

Manufacturer Says

This note is directly from Black's Magic Group regarding the recent discussions on competition and rip-offs:

Note on Competition & Rip-Offs

There are a number of products on the market that can serve you well just like our ring. After all, your goal is to produce wonderful PK effects for your audience. In this respect, what you need is the best ring that suits you and your act.

One, which you may already be aware of is called the Wizard PK Ring. Without question, it was the first 100% Neodymium ring marketed for the magic community, but obviously not the first magnetic ring of its kind.

To suggest that we or indeed Jim "invented" these rings would be an illusion at best. What Jim deserves credit for is his foresight to bring this product (one used in another area) over to the Magic community. For that, we are grateful and we wish him and others like him well.

But the fact is that the alternative health community has been producing, marketing, and using these rings for over a decade and EVERY product can be improved upon. Our particular manufacturer has been producing variations of our models for over FIVE years and still we made improvements.

Yes, we did directly challenge the PK Wizard Ring because it is the most visible one in the magic market. That is business and it is also the reason why you might drive a Porsche instead of a Ford, wear Calvin Klein jeans instead of Levis, use Dove soap instead of Coast, and drink Pepsi instead of Coke.

To suggest otherwise is not only myopic but hypocritical. You deserve the best product at the best price coupled with phenomenal customer services. Our goal is to do just that regardless of politics. Competition is a good thing.

Why settle for the status quo? If you demand the best quality at a great price with wonderful customer service, someone will rise to the challenge. We have and we challenge Jim and every other magic manufacturer to do the same thing: make improvements, grow, build on ideas, and the Magic Community will be the benefactors.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
Black's magic the best PK rings on the market in my opinion. They look and feel great. Most importantly the magnetic power of these rings is strong! Some PK rings lack enough power, but the magnets Black's Magic use are very strong. That means these rings can do all sorts of effects which is very useful!

Highly recommended!
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